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To read "The Case for Racketeering," scroll past this section to the article.


-Number of insiders admitting that the case detailed in the pages of this project is and has been "bad" from the start has increased exponentially.

Read: WHISTLEBLOWER ARTICLE-Newsweek An insider from Justice Department speaks with Newsweek about "the Program."

-Number of corrupt agents now admitting to attempting to use "homeless" as their excuse for spending enormous amounts (millions? Hundreds of millions?) of taxpayer dollars in FBI/Homeland Security/Law Enforcement coverup.


STOP fishing for your numbers, paychecks, targets, and guinea pigs by mislabeling, sterotyping, outright corrupt and illegal actions against those persons you think will not be able to "fight back." STOP defrauding and robbing the taxpayers, ruining innocent lives, families and livelihoods and rewarding parasitic, low-class, criminal behavior with paychecks, promotions and permissions. There are still organized crime organizations out there. Not on our tax dollars or innocent lives.

It has been my honor to do this project. I have been happily the owner of a business I enjoy and love and that has helped many persons over the years. A chance to "give back" is a way to respond to spirit's request to do something about the system: clean up the act of those who need to reexamine their lives by raising awareness and "showing" what is happening; and, clean up a system that for too long has been sinking to the lowest common denominator. I hope this is received in the right spirit - some are jealous, I hear - but at any rate it is "all good" in the end.

The next time one of the corrupt ones asks, "Who knows?" - tell them that thanks to all of those who reported it to Congress and the press, to the television and to the public - the answer to that question is: "too many people know for you to continue to cover this up."In fact, the continuation of the response is: "Evidence shows that those in charge - insiders - not only knew but accepted all that taxpayer money - from the beginning (years and millions of dollars ago). That's who knew and when. Any more comments?" Thank you to all who have learned to recognize the language and games of cover-ups and those who perpetuate them. It's YOUR money and lives. If you become vulnerable will someone profiteer off your life and livelihood? Not if we decide that now is the time to take a turn for the better.

In "Rippers in America" spirits requested my assistance in revealing the nature of those who passed as "Jack the Ripper." The ripper's victims represented a group that often finds themselves the easy target for profiteers. Why? An easy target is one defined as poor, better still, homeless, without proper funding, and best if there are no visible family members to defend them. A person in this position can easily be "set up," lied about, defamed, imprisoned, killed or institutionalized for profit. At the same time, those profiting from this practice can present themselves to the community as charitable benefactors or protectors, "helping" the victim or "protecting" the public from him or her, while growing the wealth.

Wondering how extensive this practice was in today's America - a country supposedly more liberated and educated now - a country with greater oversight, I asked,"How vulnerable is that population today? What I found was that the cottage industry of recycling the homeless was burgeoning. Profiteering was alive and well.

What other types of profiteering, in addition to the corrupt system in place, could be found? How might I find out?

"Just "be one," I heard. "It will find you."

Sure enough, it did.

When you read about the Target Project, certain things come to mind. One of them is racketeering - one of the mothers of financial crimes, a scheme. If you will take a moment to contemplate the financial aspect(real motive?) of the case of U.S. versus Asha (and if you know or have read the facts), you can see the obvious financial advantages to tcertain government agents' and their co-conspirators' continuation of the storyline they were perpetuating. While leaving out exact numbers which are not available to this writer, let's take a generalization to begin.

After 2001, the government announced that there was a huge budget for homeland security but that a city would need to show a "need" in order to have that money flow in its direction - along with contracts, etc. One way to show such need is to show that there is a person whom you have "listed" as either a terror suspect, spy, financial supporter of either or "apparent" one, foreigner who cannot do business in this country, etc (terror watch list, for example). Once you do this, the money flows in (BIG MONEY). Every one who is employed in surveillance, detection, hacking, tapping, security, spyware vending, techs, you name it, has employment. Money flows from them to special interests or daily needs (hotels, restaurants, etc.) Some of it gets put into building skyscrapers, bars, going to Super Bowl, etc. Do you get that picture? Pockets are being stuffed and paychecks cut. Government contracts are given out.

There are losers in this scenario, though. First, the target, if it is an artificial one. That is where the racketeering part comes into play. In this scenario, a target is selected, knowing full well that they do not qualify for such an important listing. Then the lies and the coverup begin. The target is ruined financially (freeze their assets; no one can assist them; classified). This can lead to homeless or prevent leaving the homeless lifestyle by blocking assets/income. Sometimes, they are jailed, institutionalized, or die somehow (shootout? suicide?). Some government insiders may know, but many of the employees are not told the truth about the target. It is just their job or their school lesson. The money flows for as long as possible - two to three years is not unusual. Six months seems to be the minimum. There is no financial incentive to stop the "game." If it is continued to completion, many persons made money, some quite a bit, for periods of time (three years?). It pays for the SUV, the travel, the clothes, the McMansion. In the worse-case scenario, in which the "target" catches on, gathers evidence, witnesses, whistleblowers and takes the racketeers to court, the pattern has been - to date - to write a check - two million dollars in several cases, now. Many others are not so lucky as to be paid anything at all. On the other hand, if the targeting is STOPPED IMMEDIATELY or at any point along the way, the ones with contracts could potentially sue and the target could sue as well. This represents financial loss to those who would have benefited from the money. Perhaps it represents career problems for some of them, too. And, at worst, it may be decided that there is no need to look for a target - no need for that job position. That could eliminate the job altogether. Finally, if it were known that the target was random and the money brought in deliberately, someone or many persons, should be arrested and/or fired, no?

Look at the math in this: if you put someone randomly or otherwise on the list and keep it going, millions (tens, hundreds of millions?) of tax dollars come in for the group. If you're caught you cut a small check for the target. The return-on-investment (ROI) must be phenomenal. So there is incentive to get greedy and keep it going. As the case runs down, a new target must be found. That is where "the appearance of a crime" comes in as being mighty handy. It can be stretched to the extreme in its interpretation at the target's expense. What is appearance?

If the project is stopped, there is financial loss. Do you follow the math with me? Big profit versus financial loss. One victim (and/or family) per project, who loses everything. The one livelihood for the many. That, in this writer's opinion, is racketeering or profiteering. Remember, the target did not volunteer for this. They had no choice at the beginning, the middle, or the end. Unless they catch on and get cooperation in exposing what is happening to them. The other victim is the taxpayer who pays for all of this. The target, a U.S. citizen, does not become tax exempt and so pays for his/her own demise or does not pay at all and the profiteers send the IRS after him/her.

Where is the Constitution in all of this? Theoretically, Constitutional rights trump protocol, trump contracts, trump rules, trump schemes and plans. Realistically, money - financial gain - has been hiding the Constitution under the rug.

How many people have been targeted wrongly. Would you, as the ordinary citizen, ever really hear the truth? Coverup? Or would you hear spin? Excuses? Rationalizations? Blame? Classified?

The racketeering ones in the case listed on "Target" have attempted to lie to Congress, Inspectors General, the FISA court, the press, and the public. They have covered up a web of lies so that they did not lose money. Period. Frankly, the fact that they are not in prison speaks to a real question of "why not?" It is theft, plain and simple. On a huge scale and repeatedly. This is most definitely NOT a unique case. Worse than the money, it is a theft of a person's life and/or livelihood and potentially that of their family and descendants.

Asha has been proud to take on the role of "the homeless one" as one of her business projects. You have probably read about "Target" as part of the Vulnerables Series, her "give-back" series. The other projects and her normal psi work are "for profit," but Vulnerables Series is not. The payback has been more profound and important.

Asha represents three groups of people here: the homeless (or disenfranchised in some way), which number in the millions in America; the taxpayer who is being defrauded with this scheme - again millions of people; and the often marginalized (psychics or fringe persons).

The point made here on this page is that once a decision is made to begin or to continue to target a person and get paid to do so - knowing that the person does not qualify for the particular type of list he/she has been placed on - constitutes racketeering, at the least. What about accountability in this? Do you know that, as of this writing, there are those ones who were part of this, who think that the target should NOT have a problem with this plan? Or that by offering a small amount of money, the target should say all is well? If you find that disturbing (This writer finds it beyond the pale and totally criminal in it full coloration, as well as, revealing of that speaker's character, education, and lack of sophistication. Do we, as a nation, want that lack of common sense and integrity in our decision makers or government? Where is the future for our country in this? Time for change? Recognizing a good racketeering plan is the beginning of this. Profitability for some versus the Constitution? Victimization of some citizens for the financial benefit of other citizens? Target Project asks that those in positions to think about this and to initiate change do so. The racketeers are not likely to volunteer change. But that, of course, would always be welcome... and our wish.

There are millions of Americans who sleep in alternate arrangements, such as cars, vans, campers, recreational vehicles, tents, boxes, boats, cans, lean-tos, under trees or bushes, on sidewalks, in parks, on porches, on couches or in closets or rooms of friends, relatives, strangers, with boyfriends or girlfriends, etc. They have that right. It is not against the law to be "homeless." You probably do not know how many persons you deal with during the day who would be classified as such because they dress, act, and speak just like everyone else (that is because they ARE like everyone else) and continue to hold jobs or businesses, go to school, social clubs, events and still continue to have a life which they live. Choosing to not live in a house, apartment or standard arrangement does not preclude the remainder of one's life nor does it require that the person stop using their brain/mind/spirit. As such, discrimination such as that shown on the Target Project should represent a class-action lawsuit, representing all of these varied people. Additionally, co-conspirators included employees of such publically funded places as libraries where the homeless are openly disrespected and attempts are frequently made to exclude them by placing restrictions on items or access for which their tax dollars pay, too. Think about it!

"Target" is part two of a series. To read some of the many actions Department of Homeland Security (FBI, NSA, CIA, local, state and federal law enforcement, military, neighborhood watch, business and charitable organizations, etc.) illegally brought against Asha, see Asha's preliminary list for lawsuit on LISTCASE

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If you missed part one, you can read part of the presentation on this website. Part one was called, "Rippers In America."

Brought to you by the world of spirit: always watching.


Asha of Antares, known in the field since the 1980s, is a well-known and respected walk-in who uses mediumship abilities to assist clients with phenomena that is outside the "box"... hearing ancients explain the beginnings and endings... staying in front of NOW. Asha has worked with thousands of persons over her nineteen years as a professional and in the years as a non-professional prior to that. She has given seminars and workshops and spoken in numerous states across the country. Most well known throughout the late '80s and '90s for her connection with extraterrestrials and ufo's and the concept that we have never been and are not now "alone," Asha has also been working in everyday form to assist landwalkers.

Asha has been filmed for cable TV and CBS local news, Time Warner's "Mysteries of the Unexplained" Series, and for Actuality Productions' documentary for the History Channel about the infamous McGurk's Suicide Hall in New York. She has also appeared in magazines and trade shows. Traveling nationally and internationally whenever she can, Asha provides lectures, classes, and consultations using applied PSI. Research, investigations, and searches offer opportunities to apply PSI to mystery-solving.

Ancients is the result of years of applied-psi contact.

Target is Part II of the Vulnerables Series, a give-back series.

PART I of the Vulnerables Series

Applied PSI allows communication in the meantime and the way to structural healing.

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