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"Words... Journaling Thoughts... Visions... Dreams... Transmissions...
For 2007

December 27, 2006, a prelude to 2007

"Blessed Be. And that which is written defines to be one with that of a nature provident. One bespeaks a tide, a turning of events intertwined with the fortunes whithhad. One speaks of Simons and Pauls but makes a subject more circuspect. Tell them that I am at hand at all times and within the spokes. Bearing all, will be well enough soon. And such is the judgment at hand."

"And in the end all will be given as before when there were the ones of the given. We traverse many fields, many flamnes. We make a substance. We make a beginning, a delight. A bright beginning is always possible again. Albatrosses learn to swim. Big change, divine substance, raiment, is always a delight in bearing."

With these encouraging words for strength, the challenging year 2007 began. In the Target notes for that time - end 2006, beginning 2007 - I wrote:

"2007 begins on a Monday, after a very rainy weekend, the Christmas death of the singer James Brown, the death of former President Gerald Ford, the hanging death of Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Life feels unrecoghizable these days: friends flee me, the bank betrays privacy and trust as it allows special interest groups to hack into my bank records, while disallowing my ability to conduct normal account transfers by phone. Yet they still have the nerve to charge me a fee! I am stalked everywhere I go and followed around the neighborhood by bigots or their lackeys, the police or agents of the government or neighborhood watch or any bum on the street who will spy on me for $5.00 so that the lackeys don't have to stand at the bus stop or in the rain.

Resolving: To return to my peaceful, happy center and "conscious" friends." Seeing the blindness here has shown me how fortunate and blessed I am to know what I know - to feel what I feel. What a group of children, students, they are...and thinking that they can govern planets!

I see the challenges. It is like getting them to take bitter medicine when they don't want it.

Resolved: to complete the web site, the return to television and my workspace in beauty and peace.

Resolved: to bring together those of integrity. It is almost a new year now, a little after nine in the evening, almost 2007 - still raining. I'm still being stalked like a criminal. Thank you, Coda. Thank you, Jimmy. Thank you, Guardians...for your support, your guidance, your courage. God Bless 2007. We will need it now."

2007 - January 1

"It dawned as a sunny Monday. I ate cornbread and coffee for breakfast and then had my "good luck" meal for lunch. I spent the day writing, by myself, at a war memorial for the American Civil War, now used mostly as a dog park.

I feel re-centered and renewed; although, I still need to deal with negative followers everywhere. I am more comfortable in the vibrations of love and kindness - thanks so much to my guardians who have been at my side ready to protect and defend me when they were throwing rocks at my car, smashing my car mirror, laying long iron nails by my car door, hanging me in effigy, telling me to "get the fuck out of here" and talking about their "high standards," blocking my ability to do electronic banking yet charging me for it, hacking into all my cyber records and defaming me to the public and robbing me of my privacy, asking everyone I spoke with, "what did she say?" and listening in on phone conversations, bugging rooms and cars. The upshot is that I realize that I am happy with decisions I made long ago. When I walked in, it was clear at first, then confusing when I tried to blend both worlds. Now I am clear again. I can re-center and regroup.

The guardians...and Marvin's legacy of kindness and compassion - his struggle and death - his love of nature and the sea and of every living thing - and nature's love of him, as well (when he was around plants bloomed and the bare pecan tree filled up with pecans) - his humor and risk-taking spirit - his "yes, you can" attitude inspired me. The twins protect me..."

January 7

"It's all very well here, I suppose. I really must decide to take action soon. shall I sit here as though at home in my garden - study - painting studio - listening to classical music, reading one of my favorite books for - what? - the fourth or sixth time, at least. It is called, "The Map of Love" by Ahdaf Soueif. Today, I heard an album called, "Americanized," I think, by William Kimborough. On it, there is a very true song, titled, "I Lie." It is all about how the rich and powerful are so corrupt and can do what they want and do not care at all about the average person and the poor even less so. "I Lie" because I can" is so true in our world.

Now I listen to spanish strings and Beethovan and read my book to get through this winter day. Will this next week bring more suppression by the police, working to hide the corruption that I might reveal, purposely or by accident, on my website? You see, I'm psychic - quite so, actually, and speak to a variety of beings, many of them the dearly departed ones of various eras and races and species, human earthlings being only one such. They often like to tell me what happened - why something failed or fell through or went to the corrupt. They tell me of their mistakes and corruption, their hopes and earnest efforts, whether political, social, military, or personal. And, they tell of their endings. It is usually enlightening and often a lesson, as the truth usually is. And it is many times revealing and "there lies the rub," as they say. After all the lies, the spin, the treaties, the cover-ups, the deaths - in order to put a different face to the lie - here come the dead back to life to do a bit of editing, re-writing. Inconvenient, politically uncomfortable for some, territying for others and death for yet more if those who want the lie perpetuated are willing to go so far as to have one killed or imprisoned for repeating their tale. What turn of luck, after having buildings torn down, contents burned and persons intimidated into silence, to have the dead - how does one "kill them" AGAIN? - come back and start spilling the beans. Why, such a task seems downright impossible, so it becomes necessary to silence the messenger. If they can just "have an accident", "kill themselves," "disappear into a hospital, asylum, or prison, then the dead will at least be required to find another voice. But one must discredit the messenger first, so that such inconsistent behavior as killing one's self or going to jail will be more easily accepted by their peers. The ones of that mold will be motivated to put an end to the "inconvenient messenger."

This messenger would say to all listeners: the tales were repeated as told - there were many and only a few are on the site. The messenger is quite sane and has become weary from the lowly machinations of those who checked their conscience at the door, who count on their physical accounts - homes, cars, financial and social networks, hypocritical riligions, hate or power group (or both) to measure their worthiness in fashionable clothes or possessions...

There must be a long list of the good on the other side by now...

With that, the first week of 2007 ended. In 2007, I would be held under 24/7 locked surveillance (described as a form of imprisonment worse than house arrest by one law enforcement representative -under house arrest one can make a phone call and I could not do that), my cyber records hacked, all phone calles tapped, correspondence intercepted and some of it stolen, my earnings virtually brought to a standstill, my reputation ruined by lies and suppositions and attempts at humiliation. I would be forced into a mental hospital, imprisoned for five days without contact with attorneys or outside assistance (incommunicado) because investigators "covered up" the nature of the investigation to family members. I was "persona non grada" all year, with no one allowed to render assistance or material support and my civil rights non-existant. I would be watched by strangers as I bathed daily, without my permission. My electronics and auto would be searched and bugged. My original works ("Ancients," "Real-Life Ghosts' Stories," and articles on autism, and the duodenum, and schizophrenia, etc.) were stolen electronically and given to special interests without my permission. Stores, libraries, restaurants, my place of business and all locations I went were using "moles" to spy on my purchases and activities and contacts. Spies traveled to other cities to find information on where I had lived and persons I had known in the past and, mostly, in search of money (their apparently constant search). Fortunately, I have lived privately and they found and will continue to find, only what I have left deliberately to be found and project related facts and places. I anticipated folks like that in my life! There are many locations, events and persons that they will not and should not find. (IT'S NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!)

Resolved...I am resolved...

"Target" is part two of the Vulnerables Series, dealing with the issue of those who profiteer from the lives of those who are homeless, poor, mentally or physically disabled, newly immigrant, less educated, or otherwise vulnerable. To read some of the many actions Department of Homeland Security (FBI, NSA, CIA, local, state and federal law enforcement, military, neighborhood watch, business and charitable organizations, etc.) brought against Asha, see Asha's preliminary list for lawsuit on LISTCASE

Part One of this series was called, "Rippers In America."

Brought to you by the world of spirit: always watching.

PART I of the Vulnerables Series

Applied PSI allows communication in the meantime and the way to structural healing.

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