1. Forgery >$3K (in order to create "probable cause". First attempt to frame Ms. Aleia.)

2. Obstruction of justice - suppression of documentary evidence of Ms. Aleia's U.S. citizenship and supporting documentation..)

3. Obstruction of justice - theft of registered mail addressed to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and associated records at USPS. (Other supporting records remain elsewhere to support claim.)

4. Perjury - two counts: Lying about reason for placing U.S. citizen on OFAC list on U.S. Soil twice.

5. Patriot Act ruled unconstitutional (no probable cause) and National Security Letters ruled not legal.

6. DeFacto "theft of U.S. Citizenship" by government officials insisting that A. Aleia was not a known citizen, placing her name on list of foreigners and suppressing evidence to support her citizenship and violating rights.

7. Civil rights violations (search and seizure, probable cause, due process, etc.)

8. Illegal wiretapping (more than 1.5 years) and attempts to continue after being told to stop by court.

9. Illegal 24/7 "locked" surveillance without probable cause using persons and devices; de facto stalking, illegal filming, and breaking and entering, per court ruling.

10. Racketeering - via kickbacks, taxpayer funded accounts and payroll and all means available to them as co-conspirators (government agents and representatives, volunteers, businesses, and individuals) - in amounts exceeding $1 million. 11. Collusion with Bank of America to divide savings/credit card and create the illusion of credit card abuse/fraud in order to "frame" for use as probable cause (second attempt.)

12. Conspiracy with numerous agencies and organizations, companies and John Does, Jane Does in above crimes over period of 1.5 years, continuously.

13. Conspiracy (see # 11) to defraud U.S. taxpayers of the funds which come with the designation of Ms. Aleia as a national security threat. (see # 10)

14. Electronic theft and unauthorized physical distribution to private and government persons of hundreds of pages of Ms. Aleia's copyrighted material prior to publishing (hacking during creation of files and after completion of them) Value $4 million.

15. Violation of oath of office (uphold the constitution," "protect and defend," etc. by government agents and officials.

16. HIPPA violations (March 2007) involving medical institutions and DHS and private individuals.

17. Illegal sharing of information between departments and agencies and individuals - personal and business information for Ms. Aleia.

18. False imprisonment - "Worse than house arrest," according to one official. 1.5 years.

19. Second False imprisonment - Medical health arrest based upon officials lying to family (two sisters) by saying that there was no investigation or surveillance of Ms. Aleia and Cobb County judge who knew or should have known that Ms. Aleia was on the official list of national security threats but let medical arrest stand. 5 days. Eternal record of event which will financially and otherwise damage background checks on Ms. Aleia and her descendants. Ms. Aleia is sane and healthy.

20. Theft and manipulation of Ms. Aleia's blood against her will. (CBC drawn for use to determine racial makeup.)

21. Damage to automobile: Mirror broken off by one surveillance person (Christmas, 2006) and inside panel cut open by another surveillance person in attempt to remove bugging device. Auto's system strained by other devices placed in electrical box, etc. Agent's own admission to damaging automobile in manner designed to render it inoperable so that "she can't get away." Antenna, weather stripping, undercarriage, etc. also broken or removed either in process of removing "bugs" or as part of the plan to disable it.

22. Cell phone tapped illegally. Also, cell phone was used as a microphone and receiver so that "spies" could listen to conversations in auto.

23. Invaded privacy while Ms. Aleia dressed, washed, slept by having unidentified, strange males and females surveil 24 hours without break every day for 1.5 years.

24. Ms. Aleia's clients expect confidential sessions. The illegal "spies" listened to their sessions against both the protests of Ms. Aleia and the clients.

25. Stole client addresses and telephone information and there are incidences of these persons being surveilled and contacted. Some were asked if they could "identify" Ms. Aleia, etc.

26. Opened and/or stole first class mail to clients (this is separate from the charge of stealing Registered Mail; see above.)

27. Active campaign to alienate the affection of 19 years' worth of clients who had come to Ms. Aleia by referral by other clients originally. Agents frightened away large numbers of clients, putting business in jeopardy.

28. Civil lawsuit will pursue loss of income and cost to rebuild reputation and business.

29. Alienated potential home owners and business persons who would otherwise have rented home or office space to Ms. Aleia.

30. Fulton County sheriff named as attempting to use "volunteers" to continue the illegal hacking and surveilling after the activity was orderd to be halted.

31. Evidence of coverup in progress now.

32. DARPA (military) experiment used Asha Aleia as target (see Georgia Tech involvement). 1. Bees 2. Birds of Prey 3. Atomic/electronic device (twice minimum. Fall 2006.

33. ATLANTA FULTON PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM, CO-CONSPIRATOR with above agencies: Use of malicious server (, etc.) and techniques of extortion in this manner: either allow us to use malicious server to hack your paid business account and original materials (and get paid to do so) or we will block your access to your own paid site. (Not only is site paid but also the library and its computers and employees are taxpayer funded.) It is opined that this constitutes extortion of Asha Aleia by the AFPLS and government agencies.

34. It is impossible to use the Constitutional Right to legal representation (for criminal or civil suit) because of the nature of the racketeering design and the methods of the Department of Homeland Security. For example, all attorneys fall into one class or another: involved directly, representing companies, individuals or governments involved, fear retribution, not qualified for this level of suit. This renders legal representation impossible. In the event of attorney being appropriately matched, spying devices, etc. would render private counsel impossible. These are violations of civil rights and shred the Constitution at taxpayer expense.

35. Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Process - can this not fall under the category - YEARS of continued surveillance (24/7), hacking, tapping, etc. without bringing formal case. "Persecution rather than prosecution" is one of the direct quotations overheard. 36. Malicious Destruction of Property - Damages to automobile. 37. Involuntary Servitude - Length of time of the entire case. I bill clients for my time based upon time spent with me either online, by phone, or in person or by mail. 24/7/365 accessed by various spies who used information, hackers and tappers who accessed telephone and computer of business website. Information in Ancients and Applied Psi accessed, reprinted and distributed. 38. Violation of Universal Declaration of Human Rights (12/10/1948), several articles, as agreed to by member state, the United States of America, and the United Nations. 39. Electronic crimes, various, including creating phishes and sending amounts of phishes in quantities designed to get my email/website address designated as spam on customer's and associate's site; therefore, subsequent mail from my site would be diverted to spam folder or rejected prior to viewing by computer watchdog tool. Also including using my name as the sender is falsely representing words as spoken from my mouth or pen. This is in addition to electronic theft of copyrighted material (hundreds of pages) and the distribution of this material to special interests for their publication or use as their own, without credit to its original owner or permission for the use. See above for other wiretapping/hacking offenses. *Three cell phones, wallet, drivers license, social security card, ATM, student IDs, cash and numerous other items stolen, 2008.

Evidence and witnesses available. It is all true.

To be continued..

**Racketeering = After target was selected, all evidence to indicate the inappropriateness of that person being "listed" was suppressed; large amounts of taxpayer dollars were then brought in; agents from FBI, CIA, NSA, contract spies, and various individuals and agencies were put on the payroll; other contracts were given out or the money brought to bear; financial kickbacks and favors in kind were given to businesses who participated (in amounts much larger than the target would pay them as a customer/client), "immunity" was granted so that the wronged target could not sue those involved, basically creating a band of thieves who then "got each other's backs." In one conversation with an agent, it became apparent that, to end his involvement in the case by stating the target's innocence, etc., would be to lose his paycheck - conflict of interest-financial. The bottom line of this is that it benefited the parties involved financially to continue to investigate, hack, tap, and otherwise surveil Ms. Aleia indefinitely. To end the case would result in loss of money and the risk of having to repay/restore, to admit wrongdoing or mistake and, additionally, to risk unemployment, loss or partial loss of income or jail. By additionally blocking the target's ability to seek legal assistance by attorney, a complete picture of racketeering was formed, complete with "cover-up" and intimidation of those who would reveal the true nature of the case.


***Think about this: If paid (professional) spies, undercover agents, military, and investigators/hackers are targeting American citizens with the goal of putting them out of business or otherwise freezing their assets or imprisoning them in some fashion and it is known that the person is a citizen innocent of claims and charges against them, then this should constitute "espionage" and "treason." Why not? After all, the agents are doing the physical work that benefits "the other side," the proposed enemy of the country. The spies for the enemy can sit back, have a latte or vodka, knowing that U.S. citizens are being "taken out" for them by their own countrymen and any useable information can be gotten one way or the other by joining in on the hacking/surveillance of theft. They are, willingly or not, assisting the spies of the enemy in taking out American citizens. It can, by extension, bring up the question of double agents. It has happened before in this country. Hopefully this is not the case. It appears to be all about money, greed, and coverup. Perhaps even coverup of something more profound, but being hidden still (what did Asha write about in the earlier days of the website? "Rippers in America", "Ancients", and "Our World Today 2006". Is there something there (well, of course there are many things there. I will let you decide.)

The Foundation
Georgia Tech, Atlanta

Lockheed Martin

Ace Check Cashers (Buckhead location)

Bank of America

Fidelity Bank

Atlanta Fulton County Library

DeKalb County Library

Bartow County Library (Cartersville Library)

Cobb County Library

Barnes and Noble

Metro PCS





Whole Foods

Burger King



Motel 6




FedEx Kinkos

Pep Boys

FBI, NSA, CIA, Military Intelligence (DOD), GBI, Fulton County Sheriff, Fulton County Government, City of Atlanta, City of Sandy Springs, other cities, Neighborhood Watch-Buckhead, Neighborhood Watch-Midtown Atlanta, Neighborhood Watch-Sandy Springs, (others to be added)

Government agents included: NY, VA, FL, CA, AL, GA, TN and NC at least.

It has been learned that the government has paid at least some (maybe all) of these establishments and agencies to participate in the above actions.

Individual names will be withheld for later date. For now, what will be given is the partial name: Arthur. Need the last be used? Georgia Tech, additionally, benefited materially by conspiring in the process, through the theft of Ms. Aleia's research notes of 10 years' duration, web pages and hundreds of pages of text; the distribution of this copyrighted material to "special interests"; theft of emails and other documents, as well as the use of this material in the training of "students" and the advertisement of Career Day NSA recruitments, etc. All of this was against Ms. Aleia's wishes expressed or in writing and is considered to be theft.

It will be established that FBI and Georgia Tech knew from the outset that Asha Aleia was a U.S. citizen, an established business person of 19 years, having clients and business associates in Fulton County and the State of Georgia and the United States of America, and that Georgia Tech knowing participated, benefited financially, and attempted to "cover up" its involvement. In fact, when Asha Aleia stated her objections to being "targeted for NSA secret wiretapping" and other hacking, she was written up for "disorderly conduct" although her behavior was quiet, as shown on supporting film footage on surveillance cameras. This event followed having heard one security guard say, "We've got to get her out of here." Ms. Aleia was a regular user of the visitor computers at Georgia Tech from Fall, 2006 until January, 2008. She was not an employee of Georgia, a student, nor under any contractual agreement to allow Georgia Tech to take and distribute her copyrighted material. Nor did she agree to the use of malicious servers, such as P.Click, at Georgia Tech. Not only did she file her objections on the campus, but also with her website provider,
--Challenge their accreditation.
--Notice to consumers and potential students and monetary donors.
(example: would the parents of student object to secret spies and military and use of animals for destruction of human beings under pretence of looking for landmines? What if they were researchers - would they want their research stolen? If they were peace lovers or animals rights persons, would they want their children at this school? Would they contribute?)

To be continued...

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