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W H Y?
By Asha Ariel Aleia

In the days since I reported the illegal activities mentioned in the article, a campaign designed to smear my reputation and to deflect attention away from those who broke the law and financially profited by it appears to be underway:

A gossip-type campaign technique in which the public and other agents or employees are told by an operative that "she's crazy." Untrue of course and defamational.

Alternately, the campaign operative insinuates and speculates on the ways in which I receive income other than by my normal business income, inheritance, insurance claim, loans or gifts by stating that "they" (referring to "vulnerables everywhere" but looking at ME) use "sexual means" to gain cash!!! In my case and with a large number of other vulnerables it is entirely untrue. Not only is this an untrue statement but insults my business, all of my clients and associates of twenty years, a list which includes judges, doctors, attorneys, real estate developers and agents, bankers, secretaries, nurses, artists, singers, writers, teachers and students and business owners. My income is documentable. Obviously, since I was under surveillance, they know this to be an untrue statement. Alienation of affection of clients, friends, associates, supporters, the public, voters and law enforcement must be the motive, as well as encouragement of disbelief of my statements in the legal case. It deflects attention away from the guilty parties.

Many agents involved in the original case have been moved to other cities. Documents, servers and other evidence is not easily forthcoming. Cover-up?

Co-conspiratorial businesses which fear a civil lawsuit are actively fighting in Washington, D.C. for immunity. If given immunity, that would encourage free reign for anyone to randomly choose a victim, receive payoffs to allow that target to be ruined financially and socially, and after profiting financially from this, to be immune to civil or criminal lawsuit instituted by the victim or group of victims (class action) in cases of illegal targeting, investigation, spying, and procedural violations by government agents or their contractors.

I have contacted both the Senate Oversight Committee for Judicial and the U.S. House of Representatives Oversight Committee for Judicial in order to get to the truth. Why would I invite more attention to my case if I were not certain of this? Why did I stay put? Why were the agents relocated?

Why did the Inspectors General allow the cover-up to continue after they were called in? I overheard one of their agents comment: "When will they ever learn that covering it up only makes it worse?"(2007) I agree. So??

Will we need to wait another year or twenty years before the truth comes out? Those agents will be in your neighborhood next. "I have nothing to hide," you say. Of course not. That, apparently, means nothing. Unscrupulous agents, lacking evidence, create it. Evidence which negates their claim and supports yours is suppressed. Your tax dollars pay them. When the tax coffers that were filled to provide other services are emptied because the money was diverted to this sort of enterprise, you will be taxed again to refill the coffers and the truth will not be told about the diversion of funds to the public.

Nothing is inevitable. The downfall of countries, of economies, is not inevitable. It is choice. It is more than voting; it is recognizing that which cannot be supported and not lending support for it. False gossip need not be spread. Recognition of smear campaigns, haters and profiteers and letting their unjust causes die on the vine through lack of cooperation is a start. Recognition of corruption in government and weeding out the culprits is another start. Profiteers want profit. Close the cookie jar.

Notice "special interests" at work: Too much attention appears to have focused on the fact that I am a professional psychic. So what? Personal beliefs, prejudices and ignorance appear to be factors in my case. To what extent did anti-psychic sentiments and campaigning contribute to the beginning or the continuance of this campaign? Embarrassment? Is discovery of a cover-up worse?

"Sometimes we have to do terrible things," was a statement made by one of those working on my case early on during the Fall of 2006. I agree. To what end do you practice these "terrible things?" Are you saying that the end justifies the means - the same logic as the criminal would use. It can be terrible. It does not have to be though.

Tomorrow is just minutes away. Will it be another day like today? In an election year, it is on the minds of everyone to think about our country's future... our personal and family's future.

Would you want more of the same of this? Why?

Addendum in later days:
To Ponder: Why would an "All Points Bulletin" be sent out on a known U.S. citizen - sane - sober - healthy - who is not lost and whose whereabouts are already known. This stands not only as evidence of a listing/investigation, but also of the gross waste of taxpayer money used in continuous tracking/surveillance (24/7) of this citizen. It also contributes to the charge of "false imprisonment" of this person. Additionally, this stands as redundancy when GPS is also being used to illegally track this target. You and I would call it stalking and imprisoning. It is also defamatory of the reputation of the known business owner. Officers and other "spies" responding are wasting resources. Now imagine this is an ongoing event for years.

Having spent a year attempting to scare away all customers and associates from the target's business, agents and those with whom they are illegally sharing private information are now venturing into the home and office rental aspects of the target's life. Is this an attempt to create problems in this area? Information which was gathered illegally in the first place now is mixed with incorrect speculation, lies and incomplete histories to paint a portrait of the target designed to discourage those who would rent or sell property to them.

One must ask: It appears that "special interests" would want to: 1) find out the target's sources for information; 2) drive the target out of business; 3) make it impossible to rent offices or homes; and, 4) destroy the reputation and credibility of the target. Again, one must ask, WHY?

Known for accuracy in the information business, perhaps information given out has threatened someone and they are attempting to silence the speaker and the source. Or is it just part of a million-dollar-plus cover-up planned to conceal mistakes within the agency?

This article is posted with the hope of stimulating not only thought but action. It is time to close that cookie jar and hold some people responsible for explanations and for setting the record straight. No more funding for a growth industry in spies, moles, and informants who are targeting folks illegally and then dragging the case out (2-1/2 years?) in order to keep their paychecks coming at our expense and that of the lost and ruined American lives. Nor is it proper to select at random people from the community to be used as a training target for surveillance or tapping/hacking. It is an election year. It is my hope that among those readint this some will ask their candidate to read this and to take a stand - no fence straddling. Vote responsibly. Speak up. Do not be afraid anymore. Now is the time. If this article saves a life your voice will be lifting up your country.

Did you know that we are in a similar energy pattern as that which was surrounding the world during the years 1769-1776? It resulted in the Declaration of Independence, in which all men were declared as being created "equal." The courage men and women showed in that time is once again needed in our time.

"Target" is part two of the Vulnerables Series, dealing with the issue of those who profiteer from the lives of those who are homeless, poor, mentally or physically disabled, newly immigrant, less educated, or otherwise vulnerable. To read some of the many actions Department of Homeland Security (FBI, NSA, CIA, local, state and federal law enforcement, military, neighborhood watch, business and charitable organizations, etc.) brought against Asha, see Asha's preliminary list for lawsuit on LISTCASE

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Part One of this series was called, "Rippers In America."

Brought to you by the world of spirit: always watching.

PART I of the Vulnerables Series

Applied PSI allows communication in the meantime and the way to structural healing.

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