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-Number of insiders admitting that the case detailed in the pages of this project is and has been "bad" from the start has increased exponentially.

Read: WHISTLEBLOWER ARTICLE-Newsweek An insider from Justice Department speaks with Newsweek about "the Program."

-Number of corrupt agents now admitting to attempting to use "homeless" as their excuse for spending enormous amounts (millions? Hundreds of millions?) of taxpayer dollars in FBI/Homeland Security/Law Enforcement coverup.


STOP fishing for your numbers, paychecks, targets, and guinea pigs by mislabeling, sterotyping, outright corrupt and illegal actions against those persons you think will not be able to "fight back." STOP defrauding and robbing the taxpayers, ruining innocent lives, families and livelihoods and rewarding parasitic, low-class, criminal behavior with paychecks, promotions and permissions. There are still organized crime organizations out there. Not on our tax dollars or innocent lives.

It has been my honor to do this project. I have been happily the owner of a business I enjoy and love and that has helped many persons over the years. A chance to "give back" is a way to respond to spirit's request to do something about the system: clean up the act of those who need to reexamine their lives by raising awareness and "showing" what is happening; and, clean up a system that for too long has been sinking to the lowest common denominator. I hope this is received in the right spirit - some are jealous, I hear - but at any rate it is "all good" in the end.

The next time one of the corrupt ones asks, "Who knows?" - tell them that thanks to all of those who reported it to Congress and the press, to the television and to the public - the answer to that question is: "too many people know for you to continue to cover this up."In fact, the continuation of the response is: "Evidence shows that those in charge - insiders - not only knew but accepted all that taxpayer money - from the beginning (years and millions of dollars ago). That's who knew and when. Any more comments?" Thank you to all who have learned to recognize the language and games of cover-ups and those who perpetuate them. It's YOUR money and lives. If you become vulnerable will someone profiteer off your life and livelihood? Not if we decide that now is the time to take a turn for the better.

If you have read the pages of the Target Project from Vulnerables Series, the concept of a cover-up in the domestic spying case in Atlanta can not be hard to fathom. Lying and spying go together, as seen in scandals like Watergate. One of the versions (of the MANY VERSIONS, I should say) for the reason that Asha was put on the list and subjected to all manner of Constitutional rights violations and serious crimes by those being paid to do so with tax dollars - one of the reasons given - was that "she was homeless" (see Target character description). As you recall, over the past several years, numerous serious reasons were given which later turned out to be false. Finally, the fact that she was targeted because "she was homeless" is given. Is this a confession or simply another diversionary tactic? One can either take this explanation at face value and realize the huge amount of money - in a desperate economy - that was wasted down the pockets of criminals aka government agents or one can probe further. For example, ask yourself when you can last remember the "government" ever admitting wrongdoing without a lawsuit or proof being presented against their objections first? In the example given on this site, one can accept the latest version of the justification for this horrendous crime at face value. It is certainly a class action lawsuit in the making, (there are millions of homeless persons) as well as a personal suit which ought to be followed up with prosecution of those knowledgeable ones involved. OR, one can ask, "If the government agents are using this reason as a diversion away from the REAL REASON, what have they done that is so bad that they feel that the best way to cover it up is to plead guilty to another crime? Is it the lesser of two evils? Are they still covering something up? What could it be? Shall we borrow the spies' own diversionary words for a moment and ask, "who knows?" It would seem that The Foundation knows, for example. And many other persons, apparently, since Asha has numerous times overheard, "she's close." Close? Close about what? One must know the exact answer in order to know if someone is close to it or not. What is the exact answer and, if Asha is close, why not tell her so directly? Is it a secret? From whom? The citizens of your own country, who by the way, employ you with their taxes? If you consider them the enemy, then WHO ARE YOU and WHO ARE YOUR FRIENDS?

Coverup of the coverup which was covering up something else? At the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars?

It has been well worth taking on the role of the homeless American vulnerable (despite the apparent distress of those who feign concern for my mental state - apparently they fear I may be sane.) For too long those who are vulnerable become pawns and used for profiteering. That was, after all, the original intent of the project. It has morphed into a larger one, but as they say, it's all good.

So, which is it? Which version of the lie are you buying? And buying and buying and buying, by the way, in case you wondered where all that money went.

"Target" is part two of a series. To read some of the many actions Department of Homeland Security (FBI, NSA, CIA, local, state and federal law enforcement, military, neighborhood watch, business and charitable organizations, etc.) illegally brought against Asha, see Asha's preliminary list for lawsuit on LISTCASE

To get some idea of why such a fraud on the American public would occur and to ponder it along with Asha, read: TARGET ARTICLE: WHY?

A followup article to "Why?" mentions some more unconscienable events - on our tax dollars: Why? The following days.

A glimpse at Asha's notes on 2007 TARGET DIARY and LETTER will give you a feel for the mood of the early period.

TARGET ARTICLE FORM   will help give you an idea of what YOU can do to help.

THINKING POINTSSome thoughts to ponder before paying your taxes and before voting.

TARGET.FISHING  Fishing for targets at McDonald's?

NSA wiretapping citizens illegal: NSA ILLEGAL HACKING.

If you missed part one, you can read part of the presentation on this website. Part one was called, "Rippers In America."

Brought to you by the world of spirit: always watching.


Asha of Antares, known in the field since the 1980s, is a well-known and respected walk-in who uses mediumship abilities to assist clients with phenomena that is outside the "box"... hearing ancients explain the beginnings and endings... staying in front of NOW. Asha has worked with thousands of persons over her nineteen years as a professional and in the years as a non-professional prior to that. She has given seminars and workshops and spoken in numerous states across the country. Most well known throughout the late '80s and '90s for her connection with extraterrestrials and ufo's and the concept that we have never been and are not now "alone," Asha has also been working in everyday form to assist landwalkers.

Asha has been filmed for cable TV and CBS local news, Time Warner's "Mysteries of the Unexplained" Series, and for Actuality Productions' documentary for the History Channel about the infamous McGurk's Suicide Hall in New York. She has also appeared in magazines and trade shows. Traveling nationally and internationally whenever she can, Asha provides lectures, classes, and consultations using applied PSI. Research, investigations, and searches offer opportunities to apply PSI to mystery-solving.

Ancients is the result of years of applied-psi contact.

Target is Part II of the Vulnerables Series, a give-back series.

PART I of the Vulnerables Series

Applied PSI allows communication in the meantime and the way to structural healing.

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