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AKA The Homeless Project


An Asha Of Antares Embedded Project

{Special Note to Readers: "homeless" was used as a term to distract from a more legally destructive word: "Stateless - a person without a country" in the related legal case (a href = "http://ashaofantares.com/target.html"). This case surely illustrates the vulnerability of anyone once they are labeled "homeless," whether the term is appropriate for that person or not. "Vulnerables" is the series. Rippers In America (Part I) and Racketeers In America (Part II, the follow-up to Rippers) were desined to illustrate whether times have changed from those of prior centuries. Are we safer now if we can be, even temporarily, called a "vulnerable" person?}

At the end of Part I, Rippers In America, it was brought to Asha's attention that such practices and forms of racketeering, fraud and corruption might still be happening today in the vulnerables community - those who were too poor, too isolated, too apparently disempowered or too uneducated to fight back against a system.

Stepping into the role of temporarily homeless or transient person and using the reason, "financial," Asha began the steady balancing act of two earthbound worlds for the documentary "Target," spending part of her time using different parts of the dependent system - emergency shelters, day shelters, long-term shelters, armories, backyard outdoor shelters, soup kitchens, overnight church sleepovers... a good mix on each coast. Additionally, Asha traveled the independent system route - sleeping under trees, in parking lots, using the car-converted-to-camper. By March 6, 2006, Asha no longer used Atlanta Day Shelter services; by end of March, 2006, she ended My Sister's House services; and by end of June, 2006, she ended the final (shower-only) shelter, Gateway, resorting only to the "campmobile" and outdoor sleeping. California shelters were ended by Aril, 2005. Asha made certain that it was KNOWN that she had her own business which had been geared down temporarily in order to accommodate the time and locations which would be required for the experiment. It was to be a short term project. She also made no secret of the fact that she was wrapping up Part I - Rippers in America, the documentary from which the follow-up sprang, even flying to New York to film McGurk's Suicide Hall with Actuality Productions for the History Channel and returning to complete the stay at the shelter being used at the time.

If I, your psychic, applied-psi expert, and normally not "homeless" U.S. citizen, enter the system as a homeless person - a vulnerable person - will someone try to racketeer off me? Will someone try to get their numbers quota by using me? Will anyone try to use me as a guinea pig or target practice or school training target? Anyone of us can become vulnerable ovenight. Asha decided to use the most populous and broadly represented group of Americans: those labeled as "homeless" or "transient." Why? Because there are literally millions of persons today who would be categorized as such. They represent all races, nationalities, sexes, religious and non-religious, healthy/not healthy, educated/not educated, "good" backgrounds/"difficult" backgrounds, addicted/alcoholic and not, mentally ill and not: in other words, they represent all types of people across the board. Some are there by chance, some by choice, some by the treachery of others, some by political imprisonment, some by weather or other disaster, some escaping abuse or danger, many are artists or other free spirits or backpacking for a while to travel or experience changes while not encumbered with high rents, some are natural gypsies. Whatever the reason, they are citizens, taxpayers, and voters if they choose to be. They have civil rights and human rights. They are not available for exploitation. And, yet, reports are heard every day of fraud, exploitation, abuse of rights, and even organ harvesting or other death-dealing profiteering using these persons because they are seen as "easy targets." Were those who were going through these systems becoming easy victims for racketeering, those needing numbers, guinea pigs, target practice or fraud? Were there safeguards in place? Asha would now find out herself, first-hand. For those of you who have been to Asha's home or seen her at the office, you would find her during this documentary doing "homeless."

"Technically" homeless:
Not showing (or sleeping at) your permanent home address; therefore, sleeping somewhere else. You may sleep at the Ritz, the White House, your mother's house, or your former residence... anywhere. No other criteria. Traveling all the time? Did you give up your permanent home address while on the road? You are homeless.

"Completely" homeless:
There is no such thing. See above. You fit the definition or not.


This is a separate situation and not part of the description of "homelessness." It may be due to being the victim of crime (robbery, for example) or economic issue, death, or act of God, other humans or governments, or by choice.

Having been exposed as a massive case of fraud, one can only be amazed to find still another, prior case of apparent fraudulent material being dredged up for use in defaming the victim - the U.S. citizen. The funding system for shelters, the hours available (night only, days only, limited number of uses per year), and ratio of numbers of beds available to the numbers of those who need them (shortage) lends itself to fraud. In this instance, the fraud was generated by staff at the shelter and not the applicant. Entrance forms which are required to be completed in order to apply for shelter can be altered. Data entry at the computer offers another chance to alter the information. Often the applicant is asked to check a box that applies to them. Options commonly include (but are not limited to): alcoholic, addict, abuse physical or mental, mental illness, physical disability, felon, senior citizen, pregnant, teen, veteran. Each box represents potential funding for the shelter. If a person marks "none of the above" or "just financial," then no funding box has been selected in most shelter cases. In Asha's case, she marked "financial" but found that at at least one shelter they wanted to mark the box "alcoholic" because many of their clients were alcohol or drug addicted and the funding would be made available if that category were checked, even if it did not apply. That incorrect information would then have been entered into the computer and subsequently shared (even if illegally) across agencies, law enforcement and credit bureaus. Future employment, character references, rental applications, and credit applications would be endangered. Asha also heard stories about social security numbers being entered for people who were no longer there because it represented money. In all situations, Asha observed that, in a disagreement over facts or events, the word of the shelter worker was always upheld over that of the resident, which was most unfortunate in corrupt circumstances. After three years of investigative work and a large budget, why was this paperwork/computer work not tested for accuracy before being presented as factual? Is this another case of suppression of evidence?

In Asha's case, shelter workers' prejudice against psychics, racial prejudice, paranoia and greed likely conspired to begin a process that would ultimately lead to the waste of millions of tax dollars, three years of false imprisonment, defamation, theft, and a host of crimes when her name - that of a known American citizen, public speaker, and owner of a small business, born and raised in the U.S., was placed on lists of foreigners who could not do business in the U.S. and terror watch lists - enemies of the state! Now an army of individuals - homeland security, the spies, FBI, military, security, police, neighborhood watch, informants, moles - would spend 24/7/365 on assignment to destroy Asha and her business.

This is a documentary of parts of that experience - when one normal American citizen - usually respected, well received - becomes the target for coverup and corruption - for BIG taxpayer dollars - for YEARS - because whe entered a shelter for a night's sleep.

Poor women became the victims of organ harvesters in 1888-1891. More than one hundred years later, being "apparently poor" or "homeless" can result in death, prison, weapons target practice, mental institutions - worse "Enemy of the State."

Read on for more details of the Target Project. It is now in the wrapping up stages and will soon be in the final filming process. Asha's regular business remains open and the public is invited to participate as usual once again.


In "Rippers in America" spirits requested my assistance in revealing the nature of those who passed as "Jack the Ripper." The ripper's victims represented a group that often finds themselves the easy target for profiteers. Why? An easy target is one defined as poor, better still, homeless, without proper funding, and best if there are no visible family members to defend them. A person in this position can easily be "set up," lied about, defamed, imprisoned, killed or institutionalized for profit. At the same time, those profiting from this practice can present themselves to the community as charitable benefactors or protectors, "helping" the victim or "protecting" the public from him or her, while growing the wealth.

Wondering how extensive this practice was in today's America - a country supposedly more liberated and educated now - a country with greater oversight, I asked,"How vulnerable is that population today? What I found was that the cottage industry of recycling the homeless was burgeoning. Profiteering was alive and well.

What other types of profiteering, in addition to the corrupt system in place, could be found? How might I find out?

"Just "be one," I heard. "It will find you."

Sure enough, it did.

"Target," the project, had criteria. Some of them are shown below:

Clothing: sensible for walking distances; allow to be larger or less stylish

Hair: Darken for Phase I, Redden for Phase II, back to Blonde for final steps.

Auto: Get a late model car and put items visibly inside it.
*1984 Toyota Camry LE - dark blue with visible rust... PERFECT!
(Editor's Note: Project car was destroyed and then impounded during the time that all of Asha's property was being stolen or destroyed or purged by government agents and contracted employees - see You'd Be

Locale: Limit places where customers and owners already know you and your business. Locate to site as advised by law enforcement for "homeless," i.e. shelter neighborhood, public library, McDonald's, etc. Use both bank and check cashing locations.

Phone: MetroPcs, phone calling card or none or alternate.
Note: 5 cell phones and chargers (more than $500 value) were stolen by "homeland guys" (some were "moles.")
Activity: Go about your day normally, but do not:
*consume illegal substances

Note: Previously told by victims to expect the following:

*Automatic labeling as either an addict, alcoholic, mentally ill, prostitute, convict or criminal.

Alternately, expect to be labeled as an immigrant.

*Expect to be profiled, blood-typed and/or urine tested. (For purposes of racial and other profiling).

Expect locations (to which you were referred by law enforcement) to be pre-labeled as "drug corners" or other similar, so that, if you park you car there (i.e. Burger King/McDonald's lot), or stand there (i.e. bus stop), you can be the subject of a warrant for being at a drug site, a common technique used to target innocent homeless and poor, in order to have a convenient "probable cause" to invade their constitutional rights and to justify profiteering ventures (i.e. homeland security venture described below.)

I chose, as part of the exercise, to cash a small check at a check cashing store instead of the bank. This served two purposes. First, it built an established alternative outlet for cashing checks so that I would not be wholly dependent upon banks. Second, it gave me a chance to experience the daily practices of those who have no current other option - whether it be because of homelessness, bad credit, or general poverty.

I cashed the check, took my correct amount and departed.   (Audience, you can take a breath and count to three.) That is the length of time it took to create a "national security threat" - me! Yes, folks, I had set out the bait, fishing for profiteers and caught a large one: The Department of Homeland Security (let's include ICE and other immigration people in this, of course).

Join me as I discuss my journey in the land of spies, informants, moles, disinformation, defamation, cover-up, conspiracy, intimidation, threats, wiretapping, hacking, peeping, snooping, and gossip. Continue to journey with me as I go through the channels of Inspectors General and intelligence courts.

Our journey next leads to research: Am I one of a few? One of many? How many? How many are profiting from this? Income, perks, real estate deals, vehicles, planes, cities - who is paying? You and I - taxpayers - to the tune of tens of billions of dollars.

Who is suffering? The targets, of course. Their families, friends, clients, helpers, taxpayers - anyone who believes in free speech, privacy, right to assemble, religious freedom, freedom of the press.

Finally, journey with me as the pattern emerges before my eyes:

A plan to replace our Constitution-based, Democratic Republic with a police state, headed by one group - not the check-and-balance of three branches of government. A police state, complete with secret police, devices and strong military component with one group on top and carrot-and-stick methods.

A plan designed to plant fear, then obtain the money and permissions to install devices everywhere: That "water leak" is actually another cover for installing devices and/or tunnels on your street. A plan that included placing "yes" men/women in both the Congress and at the head of the Justice Department, so that there would be, in effect, no one to say, "no." A plan that included firing federal attorneys who would not "play ball." A plan that included hiring hundreds of thousands for the "secret police, spies, etc." A plan that continued by placing moles at companies everywhere and using carrot-and stick techniques with businesses to get their participation. A plan that included making an emergency situation in the minds of Americans regarding the borders, so that there would be an opportunity to offer immigrants a path to citizenship by spending time in the military, thus building a strong military complex to be more "guns" for the police state. A plan that created a push to go after "web sites" and other media representing freedom of speech. A plan tht included National Security Letters and an unconstitutional Patriot Act, allowing for the placement of citizens on a list without probable cause. A plan that included payments to companies to spy on their paying clients and which sent millions of dollars into communities (money for real estate deals and other perks) for placing someone on the terrorist watch list. A plan that included "guilt by association" in order to perpetuate the list and the spying jobs. A plan that included pretending that U.S. citizens were foreigners in order to violate their privacy rights and to give the Executive Branch power it did not legally possess on U.S. soil.

A plan that included building lists. Lists of people who were poor or had foreign sounding names, were different religions or activists or psychics or other vulnerable groups or other political parties.

Continue with me as the list lengthened and the word began to get out to mainstream America about people being put on lists.

Follow as those who could see what was developing began to talk and to write and to educate the American and world public about it: writers, website owners, journalists, reporters, teachers, consultants, advisors. They had to be silenced or at least defamed and discredited so that others would not listen.

Stay with me as I contact the office of Senator Leahy and other congressmen and women. And as I stay in touch with the Washington Post and others who inform the public.

Hear me as I tell individuals at every opportunity:


Watch as I tell Congress: Vote NO on spending for it.

See successes along the way:

National Security Letters overturned by a brave judge
the Patriot Act declared unconstitutional
Increasing news stories covering corruption at the Justice Department
Senator Leahy grills Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez about the fired federal attorneys
Attorney General Gonzalez steps down
Carl Rove steps down
a public vote to impeach Vice President Cheney comes close but fails; however, the message is out there: we are onto things that are going on here.
Republicans lose their majority in Congress, restoring a "no" to the voting process.

Listen as corrupt past practices of the FBI are compared to today's cases:

-Evidence of "going after" Martin Luther King because he would be an influencer
Evidence of going after deportation of John Lennon
The author John Steinbeck testifying before Congress about collusion between Bank of America and the FBI in attempts to frame him.

While you sit there paying high gasoline prices, budgeting water, and arguing over school vouchers or losing your home or job, who is profiting?

Where did $43 Billion go?

How do you keep 208,000 homeland security employees working? They need targets. There is no profit to solving a crime in five minutes or of absolving someone. Two and one-half years of income is not uncommon for dragging out a case, regardless of guilt or innocence on the part of the target. Many agents and paid informants and community coffers get paid. One victim's "corpse" feeds the many purses.

Follow me to the edge of the fight. Follow me as the immigrants are encouraged to fill the military. Follow me as the government attempts to stop websites from disseminating information freely without being vetted first for acceptable-to-the-government content.

Progress is being made: attempts to get money spending bills passed have been met with "no."

Watch with me as we receive subtle warnings of "next steps" in the "form a police state" plan: Declaring a "state of emergency," which would allow for suspending the constitution and delaying (forever?) the vote for President of the United States. That would be followed up immediately by rounding up anyone that would object vocally. The stage has been set for it: fear of "open borders" can escalate into a state of emergency plan or the global warming theme can be exploited to declare a state of emergency at any moment if it becomes convenient. We have the benefit of watching Pakistan do this. We have watched the Soviet government do it and the current government in Russia and Georgia, as well. Nipping that plan in the bud is easier than dealing with it afterward.

Follow me as I hear folks say that they will fix the problem with the next election. If you think that the vote was tampered with for the last election, ask yourself this: Why would they bother to have an election the next time? And a state-of-emergency would conveniently fill that bill, allowing elections to be postponed indefinitely. Sounds like a bad movie? Of course. And yet.

Ask yourself this question: when they have taken their victims from the vulnerable and move on to the remainder of the population that includes you, how will you stop it then? If it were not slowed down while the chance to use common sense, votes, budgets and anti-corruption methods; if it were allowed to become a completely installed police state, how would you reverse it? Remember this: you can vote yourself into a police state, but you cannot vote yourself back out of it. Traditionally police state governments do not retire. In the past, the only way to get back to a free country has been either by intervention by another power (war) or internal revolution, an unfortunately bloody solution. Completely unnecessary if those who want freedom do not allow it to get there. Where does it start? Fear. Greed. Ignorance. Corruption. Profiteering.

In the past, the vulnerable population was a target for greed by means of things like organ harvesting and other experimentation at their expense; increasingly they became the target for all manner of profiteering. Now this group is the target of spies and gossips and taser-happy individuals.

Join me as the most vulnerable population becomes the vanguard for saving a country, saving what this country has valued the most: the Constitution. One person. One vote. And a whole document's worth of rights.
Are you a target? Is your neighbor making money spying on you or your business?


It was the purpose of Racketeers In America (aka: Target Project) to expose those who racketeer, profiteer, or otherwise exploit vulnerable citizens. To that extent, it has been a resounding success. After spending millions of tax dollars (and continuing to do so at this writing), agents who stalk Asha are now saying, "She is homeless," which would not be illegal in any case and would be privacy protected under HIPPA. Of course, they fail to acknowledge the business or the project (too much criminal and civil penalty for them?), while simultaneously following Asha to her business and observing her as she works and spending tax dollars to steal supplies, equipment, product, clothing, transportation used for it and telling clients and associates that they cannot do business with Asha or suffer penalties (jail or the "mafia" coming after them, too). Remember that this case started when Patriot Act and the National Security letters and exigent letters were being used and continued after they were declared unconstitutional or illegal. It continued as paid forgers attempted to frame her (they got caught) for "the program," which allowed for placing American citizens on lists for which they did not qualify - RANDOMLY. This was a secret program (read whistleblower article). Also, agents fail to acknowledge that it is not illegal to be homed or without home, i.e. homeless, for a U.S. citizen. To do so would invite the immediate prospect of arrest: "No crime, no probable cause. Why are you - government agent, enlisted or voluntarily contracted accomplice - stalking, imprisoning, and stealing from this citizen? Why are you defrauding the taxpayer - as we speak." That is unfortunate for the taxpayer, the vulnerable citizen and to those who value the Constitution, human and civil rights and who abhor those "officials" who are thieving or otherwise corrupt. Time to close the cookie jar and be rid of them - that is the message. And time to recognize that, in this case, it is not illegal to choose alternate living arrangements. It cannot be allowed that others profit by stealing from those who do so or from their families.

To the spies: "Homelessness" of a U.S. citizen is not a crime and certainly is not probable cause - especially probable cause for spending millions (tens of millions, hundreds of millions) of taxpayer dollars to spy on, steal from, and prevent them from earning a living or receiving aid. What is the "appearance of homelessness?" Millions of Americans live by alternate means, some by choice, some by chance. They represent all age ranges, sexes, races. They represent all education levels and states of mental health and mental illness. Some of them have incomes and some of them don't. They dress in fine clothing. They dress in rags. They sleep comfortably. They sleep uncomfortably. Some are sober all of the time. Some are sober some of the time. Some are almost never sober. Some are felons or addicts. Many - most - are not. They are single. They are married. They are divorced. They are healthy of body. They are unhealthy of body. They are spiritual or religious or not. In other words, millions of Americans represent an entire underground of persons - an entire voting block - who still, many, pay taxes and go to work or school or both. They still have family to care about or they are artists or explorers who have missions or statements to make. They are intelligent and not so. They are conscious and alert and not so. They are U.S. citizens and, remember, choosing to live - or finding one's self living - in alternate situations is not a crime in and of itself. They live by sleeping on mom's or dad's couch or spare room or their boyfriend's or girlfriend's bed or couch or they sleep in the car, van, truck, trailer, boat, camper, RV, tent, sleeping bag, or other creative arrangement. They still have a life. They are not "targets." Many of those you work with on a daily basis are homeless, a word which is defamational in its current useage. Would you know unless they told you or someone broke their confidence or right to privacy? If one finds himself or herself living alternatively does he find himself suddenly categorized as "one of THEM," whatever that means?

Asha, for example, was a known citizen, known businesswoman, known public speaker, and had been doing the "homeless" project long enough to be registered as a known "homeless" prior to the targeting. She continued to work, still had her mind, her health, her projects and creative ventures and a life to live. Racketeering, however, is a crime. Defrauding the taxpayer also is a crime. Stealing cell phones (four of Asha's were stolen for this since mid-2008) is a crime. Law Enforcement - the feds - stealing from the homeless and the taxpayer? Law Enforcement - the feds - racketeering? Government contracts gained at the expense of innocent citizens targeted randomly or for special interests to fund schools for spies and colleges/technical institutes, while research is stolen and given away to private interests? These are crimes. (Someone tell that redheaded female - the one who has known everything from the start - that she needs to tell the truth.) And please tell the others at the school and in the field and in other cities. Tell the press. (They know, but keep telling them). Tell the Military Justice System - attacking and guarding ( and killing or trying to kill) an innocent U.S. citizen (or citizens) on U.S. soil and declaring them an "enemy" of the government or pretending to think they might be a foreigner or creating the illusion of them being a "foreigner" who cannot do business in the U.S. is tantamount to illegal acts of war on America - is that not conversion/diversion of the military and its assets - a crime? Maybe someone should call the feds. Get the picture?

To the homeless or to groups that are "fringe" groups (such as "psychics") and other vulnerables: Warning: Certain locations are notorious for "fishing" for targets (innocent or otherwise). McDonald's and MetroPCS are two of these. (Stolen cell phones and spy clerks are very common combinations at these locations.) Careful!

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