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0. The dog chasing its tail.
That which was before the beginning and will be
after the end. 0. Everything - including the point of beginning and the one
of ending. 0 - inclusion and exclusion. 0. Nothing.

In number systems, 0 indicates rising to a higher cycle each time it is
encountered. We count from 1-9 and then we rise to the next
round of counting: 11-19, by including a 0: 10. We do this
again and again: 20, 30, 40, 50 and so on. With another 0,
we rise to another order: 100. Again we do
this for 1000, 10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000 until we run out of ideas,
not 0s. In the decimal system, it is called "base 10."
But regardless of the base number - it could be 2, 5, 8 for instance -
the rise to a higher level cycle is shown with a 0.

0 is the cycle, the coil, the slinky. We move through
cycles of life and death. We complete cycles
of growth.

In astronomy, an orbit is one word for a cycle. The moon orbits
the Earth, the Earth orbits the sun. The ancients noted
that life has cycles. By observing them, they could understand
trends. By learning from the events and conditions of older
cycles, they could anticipate what to expect and how best to proceed
in current times

Day and night cycle and humans take comfort today,
in the same way their ancestors of 25,000 years ago did,during
the cold of the night, that the sunshine of
daylight will surely return.

Fashions cycle. So do politics. The weather cycles. Our blood
circulates, cycling through our body. That which goes away circles back eventually.

0 is one of the indicators of our perception of time
(see 8 also.) In this case, it is time as a measure of
motion and return.

0 rules those highs and lows of life when we know that,
sooner or later, the situation will cycle - it it has been
"up" it will one day be "down" and for those in the midst of a
"down" period, the moment will return when they will be "up" again -
a matter of time and motion. As such, 0 is one of the indicators
of hope and growth and of anticipating future events
and conditions. Global warming and freezing - are they cyclical?
Magnetic reversals - do they cycle and of what duration are these cycles?

Those born on the 10th, 20th, and 30th or having a destiny
number with 0 in it are focusing on the 0 aspect of
the number preceeding it, the cycles of that experience at
higher levels, rather like multiple level chess.

As an indicator of the alpha and omega - the dog
chasing its tale, 0 represents one of the numbers of that which
preceeded and will follow the "Big Bang-Big Crunch."
It has been called the number of God.

It is inclusive and exclusive: all points
of the circle surround a theoretical center. 0 represents
the atom or its sub-atomic parts. "All-that-is"
and "all that cycles are 0s.

Where 0 is encountered, one asks, "what is cycling?"
What is the motion? A circle, ovoid, coil, spring,
or rounded shape can expand or contract, become concave or convex.
It can rotate. If it is solid, it can
roll and relocate at various speeds: where is it going
and how fast is it moving? What propels it?

Weather cycles a varying rates and crops cycle according to
environmental and growing conditions and adaptations.

Humans are composed of atoms. We are
combining with others who are also energy-in-motion.
Our energy fields repel or attract and our cycles relate.
While one person is in a slowdown or low period, another is
in acceleration and rise. No two will be identical,
but the totality of all the individual cycles will be homeostatic -
the balance is maintained overall. We each are part of
a larger continuum. "Man is made great by his part
in the continuum; the continuum is not made great by man's part in it."
is a 0 concept. We are ants in a much larger
project. Planet Earth cycles and is, in itself, only one part
of an even larger project, which is part of an even
larger one and so on. As we proceed through life, we are really
walking along the edge of life's great "slinky," that coil-shaped
road, that rounds and circles and returns upon itself in ever
increasing spirals, but as we come back to the same point and see a
horizon once more, we are not standing upon the same leval of the spiral.
0 is an imaginary point just after the end of the first turn of the
spiral and before the next one - a return and beginning point but not
the starting point and not the exact same point where we were before,
even though we have cycled back around.

Women can tell you - keep the clothes that are
going out of style in a box. In a few decades they will be
back in style again...but will these same women want them?

Think your love life is dead? In time there will be
a new cycle of opportunity (the return to the same side of the slinky,
but at a different level). Everything has a cycle and a circle of return at a higher order.
(One can argue that in devolution, the slinky is reversed and
every cycle is one that is a level below - either way,
the moment returns and you are at a different level when it does.

0 brings about new births and old departures in continuity.

Eclipses can be found to occur in Metonic cycles...
19 tropical years = 6939.602 days or
235 synodic months = 6939.688 days
What were you doing 18-19 years ago that is similar
to what you are experiencing at this point? What will you be
experiencing 18-19 years from now?

Are we simply fated to repeat the same things over
and over again? Each time the energy returns,
recycles, the point of origin has altered, if only slightly
and may have altered greatly. That which was so desired when it was
cycling away, may no longer be wanted or needed by the time
it returns. "Be careful what you wish for. For you will surely get it"
could be said by a 0 who finally gets the offer they no
longer want.

0 asks us about opportunity and return of opportunity.
0 asks us about new pre-beginnings - what will
we start with the 1: who will we be? What choices and decisions
will we make with the 2? Peace or war? A mate
or not? Who will our reflection (2) be?
What will we create (3) and do (4)? What will change
and where will we go (5)? What about love
and family, community and universe (6)? Will we
dare or be dared (7)? Will we face our physical karma or will
we create more (8)? Will we be financially comfortable or
penniless (8)? Will we forgive, understand, spread wisdom,
complete and let go (9)? Will we be ready for the next
cycle (10) and the next (20) and the next (30)?
The great circle of life is represented by 0.
"It's not over 'til it's over" is a 0 expression.

0 as nothing represents the moment the
hole is made available for filling; it is empty.
It has been said that nature hates a vacuum
and a hole soon is filled. Empty moments in our
life will fill with something. We need only allow the flow of life.

Is life digital? 01010101? On/Off? A toggle?
Toggles are patterns and patterns are controlled cycles. Is the
continuum of life a controlled cycle? Entire careers
have been spent debating this question. That there are
cycles is easily determined. Were they set in motion at the Big Bang
and will they expire at the Big Crunch? Is a larger
control behind it all? Meditations on 0 can be very inspiring.

0 is inclusion and exclusion and is represented by the circle
As such it encloses all and creates a boundary of that
which is within and that which outside. Cliques, clubs,
social groups are governed by 0.

0 is the multiplyer and expander and lends the alpha-omega power
to numbers: 10, the teacher, having learned, now begins
to show others. 20 - will enter a world where the lessons of
the other, the reflection, are amplified, where choices affect larger
groups; 30 takes creativy and begins to take it to the masses.

Some things ruled by zero: circles, holes, tires, orbits, planets,
sun and moon, seasons, ages, lifetimes, menstrual cycles,
eclipse cycles, birthdays and annual events, wheels, returns,
round-trips, spirals, coils, the atom.

For professions, see the specific number, 10, 20, 30 and so on.

Those who deal with 0 directly:

quantum physicists, mystics, planetary scientists,
farmers and fishermen, obstetricians, great thinkers,
writers, artists and philosophers.

When thinking of 0, remember that

"The road of life is a Slinky."


Your birthday is on the 10, 20, 30th of the month

Your month, day and 4-digit year add up to a 10, 20, or 30.

You were born in a 10, 20, 30 year.

Your name (one of them or all of
them combined) adds up to a 10, 20, 30.

Your address has a 0 in it or
adds up to 10, 20, 30 (this will be an influencing location).


Special note for 0:

There are no 0 years, regardless of calendar system.
0 is before the first. However, there are multiplyers of 10,
which is one of the numbers of the cycles, the 0 as multiplyer:

1890, 1900. 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950,
1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010, 2020.


If your birthday has more than one 0,
you are a double or triple 0.
If the 0 is combined with a 22, 9, 5 or 7,
you are specializing in the lessens of this vibration
and will feel "larger than life experiences"
or feel the need to turn to a spiritual/creative
solutioin for such an intense program.
If a 12 or 15 is combined with the 0,
take good care of your health, especially with
alcohol and sex, speed and timing.


SEE PAGES FOR 10, 20, 30.

Remember, as with all experiences, spirit is given that
which it can handle and the guardians to assist!


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