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W H O??

{Names have been changed.}

They were laughing again. Sara and her friend.

"Well, this 'who are you?' business gets a little complicated, Sara said. "Depends on who's asking... I mean, do they understand? Do they SEE? Because, if they don't, it really depends..."

"Depends on what?" her friend asked. "Well, she said, "they need really to clarify their question in the first place. Do they mean 'who am I?' as in my 'normal state?' Or, do they mean that they want me to state the human name I use or do they want to know which entity is using the body at that moment - really it calls for so many possibilities..."

"Why, one day, I recall people were asking morning, noon, and night who I was and where I was 'from.' I decided that it was easier to give them the name assigned to the body; but, really, what do they want?"

"A name," her friend replied.

"Which one? Now you know that we ARE and that's one, and then we take a body form and a name gets assigned. That's two and, well, if many of us share the form or alternate sometimes... if we identify the one that is currently sharing or using the vocals, then, that's three or four and, maybe others switch in .... or out... and, well they each have names or images and..."

"Right. Right. I see the difficulty. There can be many."

"Those who can see - if they're one of us or a hybrid that understands or sees us sometimes - then you can properly identify yourself. But, if they're not one of us or they don't see - or hear - then they only see the body form and they think that it should be one being and no sharing or alternating or trading in one body for another."

"Yes - if you encounter one who doesn't see, then you must give the body form a name. They say you are crazy or lying if you don't. Out of your mind, they say. How can you be out of mind? Out of your body, OK. Out of town... but... you do have to adapt."

"Well, it really gets complicated if you communicate with each other. The other day one of my cousins - one of the twin angels - kept buckling me. You know, when you put your knee or foot into the back of another person's knee and force their leg to buckle? Well, he kept buckling my right leg. So, I turned to say, 'stop it' to my cousin, but I remembered that I was surrounded by those ones that don't see. They would have said, 'what did you say?' Or they'd think I'd said something to them or to myself... so I had to say that my knee was bothering me and that I was fine in case I suddenly collapsed for no reason they could see. Meanwhile, my cousin was laughing - thought it was so funny. Anyway, they were there when I needed them, remember? A couple of years ago when those people were surrounding me everythere and putting up ephagies of hanged witches on their lawns. It really helped to look left and right and, there they were, my twin angels: one on each side of me, standing tall like big brothers, ready to take on anyone that bothered me. I knew that I wouldn't really be left to deal with this alone."

"Good that they came in when they did," she replied.

"Yes, well... I've been doing a little messenger work lately, helping some disembodied ones communicate. And then that gets really complicated. Sometimes one of them will be sharing or borrowing the form for a minute and, if someone says something or irritates them, well - they can react - and then these people who don't 'see' them think it's the same being as me and -"

"It gets thorny?"

"No kidding. I remind them that they may get the form into a problem. The other morning one of them - a male - was borrowing the form to send a message and this non-seer guy was taking forever to fix a cup of coffee and there was a line behind him. So the one who was waiting for coffee in this form started making remarks aimed at getting the guy to hurry up. But this visitor, being male, was also perfectly willing - he was one of the disembodied ones borrowing the form, remember - he was willing to insult the guy - agitate - because he didn't care if the guy wanted to fight him. Bring it on, he kept thinking - I could hear him - hurry up or, if you want to fight, fine. I had to remind him that he'd make a scene in a form I'd need to use again. The non-seer guy looked ready, but confused. No doubt he thought there wa a female with a bad 'attitude' behind him. At least he didn't ask 'who' we were!"

"Well, I told you, it gets me into these complicated scenes.

"If you really gave them an answer..."

"To 'who am I?' Well, the most honest answer would be, 'I AM' or sometimes 'we are' - but I tried that once and the man thought I was being difficult. All I was doing was trying to 'keep it simple sunshine - K.I.S.S. But only some of them even get the photon ref and -"

"Just give them a name. Keep one. We told you it was a long way down to reach this place and so many others had tried before you to come down and then come back but had failed - they get stuck here. Father said not to come, but you insisted..."

Points to ponder...

"Who am I"
What is a walk-in? A possession? Can you tell the difference? Can you SEE?


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