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"... When she was good,
She was very good indeed,
But when she was bad she was horrid."
(Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

    Lone Raven sat atop the fence. No doubt could have existed in the mind of that being in the car as she sat making charcoal drawings of the pond and the geese: Raven was meeting this morning with her. There was a message: The Morrigan. She was here. Why? Death. Death was following her. She would have to begin NOW for the showdown. "You will need to show them that there are two sides to the Morrigan. There are two sides to Hathor."


"Death has arrived. Death follows you. Those of all races, continents and nations who have stored their resentments, their hatreds, their greed will combine their energies. Magnetic fields will enhance this and many will die. The dark side will take its turn at the ascendancy before the wheel turns again and the cycles of life and of creation and renewal and peace begin again with the aid of the lightbeings. The peaceful will feel anger, distrust, distress, even hardship. The concept of revenge will later edge away as compromise. One day, the light side will again emerge to ascendancy, ruling the horizons upon which all gaze."

"You have spent your time here showing them the light side of your heritage. Beings of light will become centers for attack by dark side forces who must try to destroy them first. You will be all right. Around you, others will perish from these attacks aimed at you, but your place is guarded and you will be kept alive to restore and to help those who cannot help themselves. Father was not happy that you chose to come down here. Why would you be so foolhardy and go despite his sentiments? He said, 'no.' Your companions pleaded with you that it was not a good risk. Others had tried to come back and failed. Once they went down they were lost. But, oh, you said, 'I will just skim the surface. Like a high dive executed correctly, I will descend to rescue the others and then arise'" Of course, he sent your guards to follow you. So now, it has arrived. Death. The dark side. It is time."

She replied,

"For millenia light side has helped mankind in ways that could be understood - love, peace, positive visualization, miracles, calmness and breath - controlled breath. Light illumined the dark side and kept humanity alive."

"Did this mean that light beings were weak? Meek? Unable to defend themselves and others? Of course not. The sun banishes darkness, does it not? The smallest candle lights the darkest closet... But what is often not understood is that there is that quietude of spirit that reflects a nature gentle and bespeaks a calling of life as a flute - breath blown gently through reed producing music in high notes."

"Spirit entailed to harmony reflects might of cause. We 'bright.' Once spirit calls into play its resources and accords with nature and the elements, the result can be tremendous physical power. Can one draw in to one's self too much power? NOW one calls for a little WIND - a mighty tornado, a cyclone, the music is a roar."

And so, in the time that followed, there were many deaths, even her Earth mother died, as did her roommate, one of her business associates and the young man who moved her furniture. The daughter of her business assiciate was murdered. Rabbits lay dead in her path ("Dead Rabbits," she remembered). The mountain lion (in another incarnation, he'd spent quite a long time attempting to look inside her open eye sockets for the one he knew was still inside the skull) - the mountain lion stalked her now. Humans with no understanding of the nature of things would find themselves assigned to track her... to prevent her... she must be held back, be held down at least - could she be destroyed?

And so she remembered - Hathor, the goddess. Time to awaken the others to the other sides of this being - to the abilities that were usually not shown to humans. Harmony, music, creativity - light - those were the sides of spirit usually shown and encouraged. Humans were not able to contend with the more intense - even destructive - aspects that powered life. They ran from lightning, feared fire, held on very tightly against the wind. Humans, however, were not the only entities to be dealt with here in these times...

The harp, the sistrum, would become the raven for a time. The flute's high lovely notes would roar as tornado. She would outlive mountain lion, stare down Death, awaken the humans with wind and lightening. She would take upon herself a humble disguise and walk among them. Gradually, she would stir the minds and awaken the lightworkers. It was time. The years of standing up to the darkness were here - of traveling the vortices and black holes without being absorbed within them. The time for doing her work - without openly revealing too much - had arrived.

"But others didn't make it back," they'd said. "I will. We will. It is time." And so began the journey of the forces of light and the forces of nature and the forces of darkness. She would use her abilities for good in ways often frightening to some. They would remember the odd changes in weather, disoriented drivers going the wrong way on one-way streets, odd happenings... Others would remember the multi-sided goddesses and reflect on the nature of lightbeings:

"... When she was good,
She was very good indeed,
But when she was bad... "

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