A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
Advanced PSI SINCE 1988

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now

F R O M   T H E   F I L E S  O F
A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
R e a l   L i f e  G h o s t  S t o r i e s

T H E  W E D D I N G

We make great things to be one in spirit with you. A bride-to-be, extravagant... sally... forth. Ronson. Blades of steel.
Honeycutt... Alfred... Lord Lawrence... Philbert (filbert?)... Reginald Wilson... Lord and Lady Alcott, Reginald Warner, Winslow Homer
Dining tonight will bring many of you together and he will bring a thirst for quenching to spiritual tastes.

Lord Wallace... Lady Ann... of Pennington (Farms?)... Harrington... Hall of Wonders - Prescott... daisy chain... all good things.

I see a young woman, blonde hair, all radiant smile, round cheeks hair up, braided? or small twists?. She's pretty.

Torn between two loves. Striking example of change. Lady Ann. First complained of pain in her chest beneath the knee (Nee?). She was felled by her own kind. A squabble ensued and one of her own... Her heart weakened because of this turmoil. Brownstone cottage on lake at Pern (Bern?).

What is happening? She looks happy?

All danced plenty. Roundabout they went, swirling and tipping. Regency. They, the men, were royals. "Tippy Toes." She - about 16 - we were 20 ... under fear of righteous torture we endured her presence at the trial.

Whose trial?

The breadwinner in the estate. We are fresh from the field.

Who are you?

Cousins. We are fresh from field. Husbandry. Right Guard. We are meant to to be here. Our purpose is to shut the door on things. The wedding takes place between two piers (biers) and the Guard is up. We bring Prince Michael to the fore. Ball (balzac?) is there.

Did she marry Michael?

Yes. They fell in love. Brocades (draperies)... Does the squabble happen at the wedding?

Juno...Spring (June?). Lord Dewberry remained. We understand him better. He's one of us... The whole thing was rather drawn out to my taste, but was according to tradition. I am the Lord - Falcon. I was rather taken with her you see. We had been paramount friends. A good thing. I wanted her to like me.

We walked for what seems like hours outside her house, her door. I am the one that was between them. The lord said that she was to take a lesson with me. She rode over with me to a turnkey. We broke loose, stumbed once. Struck up a conversation. Scotland wants a nervous reckoning. I am to begin training at once. She will be taken home by another... I was 21, about.

Her mother, Lawrence, was about 15 when she married her father... Her left hand (note: Ann's) was broken by the fall. A journey home was necessary for her and all concerned. We labored with her for an hour, then went home, the lot of us.

Harold spoke first; then me. Token resentment. He squabbled with me over it. We parted, still friends. He went his own direction later. He would become General of the forces, the true regiments of Surrey. Her father (Colin?) had...

Michael beamed at the wedding. He couldn't be held -
couldn't be still. We were brothers. I confess I am a poor storyteller. But wanted to bring you this moment in our lives. We had all fallen down and gotten up again, you see. You... make the best of it.

I became a Stewart (steward?). She died before me. I reckon it at forty years or so - maybe ten more on my part. Her fear of falling never got better.

Can you be found?

We are buried near the abbey.
The cavalry is a way to look for us.... Brighton...Falls.

I hope you enjoyed the memory of an older man reflectng on his cousin Ann as she looked when they were both young.


DISCLAIMER: These are not my words but those of
the spirits themselves. If you do not agree with their version... talk to them... I am just the messenger!

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