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With the arrival of partnerships comes "give-and-take.
26 is in the relationship series and involves all
partnerships and family/business issues and benefits.

26 asks the questions, "Does my "other"
take care of his health?" Does he have health
situations which drain the partnership's resources?

26 asks, "Do I or my partner have any karma
which causes the partnership's financial and
physical resourcs to be strained or lost? Do we both
give back or put the scales in balance in other ways?

Give-and-take in the physical realm of
relationships generally will have a monetary or labor aspect to it.
Do we both contribute our share of housework or
finances? What do we bring to the partnership
table on a day-to-day basis? If we are not
able to contribute in one way, do we contribute in another?

Often in 26 relationships, there is a karmic
theme of imbalance, finding unique solutions. For example,
one partner may be physically, emotionally,
or mentally ill, alcoholic or addicted, causing financial or other difficulties.
In another situation, one partner may be irresponsible financially,
either because of immaturity or because a special project delays income. That
"project" may be the creation period of writing a book or attending
school or having difficulty keeping steady employment.

26 relationships are karmic learning experiences involving
the concept of sharing and the concept of weighing and balancing
in trade. Is good company a fair trade for a meal? Do both
parties have similar value systems? If not, it is common
to see situations in which both parties each feel that they
are doing the "giving" and that the other does not appreciate what is
received or one party is placed in a situation of guilt for an impossible
imbalance in resources. A typical example is one in which one partner
was raised by a family who showed their love by lavishing many gifts
on special occasions, judging the amount of money spent as a show of affection
while the other partner was raised in an environment in which affection
was weighed by hugs, phone calls, time and attention to partners and expressions
of concern, a situation which was measured in effort and concern and
not in money. A 26 couple in this situation, without communication and understanding,
will find themselves both feeling unappreciated and
ultimately, out of balance.
26 asks, are we comfortable with the give-take
of this partnership?

Usually, there is a hidden "death" factor here.
Did a parent or business partner of the past die early,
leaving a loss of income? Was there neglect
of health or a debilitating addiction?

26 does not indicate failure. Neither
does it guarantee success. 26 is a journey
of discovery in relationships. There will be financial discussions.
There will be deep conversations about health and the concept of responsibility.
Responsible to self? To society? To an ideal or mission?
To the partner's needs? Understanding the No. 1 priority
of the relationship (love, business profit, security, creativity?)
will help in sorting out complications and difficult times
and in determining if, ultimately, the relationship is a
successful one.

In a business partnership, one partner may be
providing "sweat equity" or creativity, while the other
contributes the financial credit. From month to month,
the give-and-take may wax and wane, as one partner may
alternate with the other in strength of giving.

26 requires the "other" and therefore will bring
partners into the life of its holder in the form of family, friends,
spouses and business partners. Even a determined "single" 26 may be
renting out rooms or offices and seeking balance
in the landlord-tenant agreements.

26 is a subset of the number 8 and the
numbers 2,0,6,13and 20. Read about these numbers
for a broader understanding of 26.


Pearl S. Buck, Abner Doubleday, Peter Lorre, Babe Didrikson Zaharias,
Sandra Bullock, Dorothy Hamill, Helen Mirren, Mick Jagger, Stanley Kubrick,
Gracie Allen, Aldous Huxley, Carl Jung, George Bernard Shaw,
George Gershwin, T.S. Eliot, Jack La Lanne, Ivan Pavlov,
Hillary Rodham Clinton, Eric Sevareid, Eugene Ionesco, Mao Tse-Tung,
Charles Schulz, Douglas MacArthur, Paul Newman, Wayne Gretzky,
Anita Baker, Eddie Van Halen, Angela Davis, Victor Hugo,
Levi Strauss, William "Buffalo Bill" Cody, William Frawley, Tony Randall,
Jackie Gleason, Johnny Cash, Fats Domino, Betty Hutton, Robert Frost,
Tennessee Williams, Sandra Day O'Connor, Leonard Nimoy, Bob Wodward,
John James Audubon, I.M. Pei, Bobby Rydell, Sally Ride, Al Jolson,
John Wayne, Jay Silverheels, Stevie Nicks,
Hank Williams, Jr., James Arness, Peggy Lee


1907, 1916, 1925, 1934, 1943, 1952, 1961,
1970, 1979, 1988, 1997, 2006, 2015


Your birth month, day, and year add up to 26.

Your birthday is on the 26th of the month

You were born in a 26 year.

Your name (one of them or all of
them combined) adds up to a 26.

You were the 26th child.

Your address has a 26 in it or
adds up to 26 (this will be an influencing location).


If your birthday has more than one 26,
you are a double or triple 26.
If the 26 is combined with a 9, 5 or 7,
you are specializing in the lessens of this vibration
and will feel "larger than life experiences"
or feel the need to turn to a spiritual/creative
solution for such an intense program.
If a 12 or 15 is combined with the 26,
take good care of your health, especially with
alcohol and sex, speed and timing.

Remember, as with all experiences, spirit is given that
which it can handle and the guardians to assist!


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