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It's about TIME.... waiting...delays... vacation... alcohol.

You've probably heard the expression "pause before leaping" or "You've worked hard.
Why not take a break?" Life certainly dishes out many types of situations in which it
isn't so much what happens that matters, but our reaction to it. 12s can probably
give many examples of this.

12 asks the question, "How do you spend your "down" time? What do you do when
you have to wait. How does that make you feel?

Some common 12 experiences are:

WAITING: (doctor's office, the check is in the mail, sitting in the jail cell,
awaiting the return of someone, periods of unemployment, time in school
in preparation for graduation. Waiting can be as short a time as a momentary pause or breath
or minutes on hold on the phone. It can also be for years, decades - even for a lifetime.

REVERSALS: When the 12 arises, the situation is about to reverse in some manner. At the
following 12, it may reverse itself again. It is an important link
in the cycle of motion. In nature, as the water draws itself back away from shore and mounts
itself up to its full wave size, forming the curl, there is a moment wherein the motion
must reverse in order for the water to change course and return toward shore. Upon
crashing to shore, the water must again reverse course, returning seaward.

The pause before leaping is an indicator that a change is at hand, physically or
mentally, and you benefit by waiting to see the situation more clearly.

How do you react to periods of waiting, pausing? Does your blood pressure
rise, anxiety coming upon you? Do you interpret the pause as a deliberate
attempt to block your forward motion? Do you feel frustrated or militant? In some
cases forced waiting periods can indicate a test of our character or plan or endurance. It can indicate
competition at times, instigated by those who do not want you to succeed at whatever
you were pursuing. A delay can seem to be unfortunate at that moment. If
your nature is to be one who keeps a packed calendar, delays
can be stress-producing time-management topics.

In those instances it is best to look at potentially good reasons for delays in your life.
Were you about to take a dangerous step? Or make a life-altering decision?
Was the situation as you saw it about to reverse itself?

Those who have lengthy years-long lessons of the 12 usually adopt positive uses for it.
Some examples: Going to school or university; working at a resort, a golf course,
a cruise ship or other restful or vacation-oriented profession. Using the creative
aspect of the 12, many will sew, paint, act or pursue sports, cooking, comedy or reading.
If there is ambition (or a 22 in the numbers), this may lead to pro-status, as in the tennis or golf
pro or creative chef.

12 also rules alcoholism and the "dry alcoholic." The person themself may have
a drinking problem or have a childhood with an alcoholic parent. The
issue will present itself. A 12 should be cautious of taking a job at a bar
or other place where alcohol is served, since their 12 karma can
issue from themselves or their customers or employers.

12 is also connected with sex and can indicated delayed pregnancy. It can lead
to relationships where alcohol is a factor in sexual relationships or pregnancy.
It can mean waiting to a much later date to meet the right person.
The dry alcoholic will need to monitor consumption of bread, especially with
yeast, rye, barley and hops.

Are you a wine connoisseur at a golf club? Spending half a day waiting for the
doctor to find out why your pregnancy is delayed? Back in college -- again!

12 is about learning, the constant student. Does a 12 always wait? No. Should they have? That is the lesson...
12 is about rest and recreation - have you practiced your talents today?
How about a nap in the hammock with a book and your favorite CD?

Restful practices, such as meditation and yoga ("Breathe deeply and relax...") are perfectly
suited for a 12. After all, if you must wait, why not RELAX and ENJOY?
A hot stone treatment at the spa? Reading and crafts and all forms of communication
fall under this vibration.

So does hesitation and procrastination. Spirit says "pause" first.

If you're feeling held up, ask yourself, "what's my hurry?" Is something about to change, was your life
about to change or reverse? Breathe deeply and relax. Pause and watch and listen. Soon the
reason will be apparent to you.

For some of you, life is just wanting you to slow down for safety's sake or to wait for others
to catch up.

Those old souls out there may be ready to "take a vacation on
Planet Earth." And there are those of you who love to learn and are still taking
classes at age ninety. Many of you will bring smiles to faces through
your stand-up comic routines, circus feats or waltz moves on board the deck of
a cruise ship.

12 is about attitude and the perception of time passing. Are you racing against a life-clock
ticking away? Are you learning patience or planning? When you're sitting
at the doctor's office waiting, do you keep looking at your watch? Or,
do you enjoy the chance to socialize, read magazines or take a quick nap?

While you're pausing to think about it, while you're waiting to get your chance to leap --
Relax --Smile -- and Breathe Deeply.

Life's a Beach...a mountain stream...a golf course...


Your birthday is on the 12th of the month

You were born in a 12 year.

Your name (one of them or all of
them combined) adds up to an 12.

You were the 12th child.

Your complete birth date (day, month, and four-digit year) adds up to 12

Your address has an 12 in it or
adds up to 12 (this will be an influencing location).


1902, 1911, 1920, 1929, 1938, 1947, 1956, 1965, 1974, 1983, 1992, 2010


If your birthday has more than one 12,
you are a double or triple 12.


Frank Sinatra, Katherine Hepburn, Yogi Berra, George Bush, Luciano Pavoratti,
Cecil B. DeMille, Darryl Strawberry, James Taylor, Jack Kerouac, Kirstie Alley,
Jack London, Rush Limbaugh, Tex Ritter, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin,
Joe Garagiola, Henry David Thoreau, George Washington Carver, Cantinflas,
Tom Clancy, David Letterman, Milton Berle.

REMEMBER: As with all lessons, we are given all that
we need to complete them and abundant help from the other side -
if we seek it.


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