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A D V A N C E M E N T  S E R I E S   A D V A N C E M E N T  S E R I E S  A D V A N C E M E N T S E R I E S  A D V A N C E M E N T  S E R I E S
That which is registered as time is an amalgum of facts notwithstanding the results of fluid retention on slick surfaces. We bring a tight profundity of wearing materials.

Ask youself, what then would be a "Delta Time Lord?"

"When one understands the nature of time differently,
waiting becomes and interesting concept."

Time: Spirit says it is a function of distortion. A cranial element. Time is an element of natural acquaintance. We fortuit. A natural breeding element. Clock of a thousand years? We inhabit spheres. The element co-conjunct of Mars seen as inhabiting elements. Brave new region of brain. Encephalis. It is of a nature transparent to see.

A clock measures sequencing, a function of control, the first light never extinguished.

"Burrows. Lighted nights. Fields aglow. Habits extinguished by then." What is the nature of "history?"

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