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The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now

F R O M   T H E   F I L E S  O F
A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
R e a l   L i f e  G h o s t  S t o r i e s


The clothes were marked for power; his demeanor benign. A scuffle ensued. He was rescued, taken within the structure and died inside later. We took him aside. There were many things he said. Umbrella works fast. We surround him. His ashes are given away safe(ly).

Benign brother, slim. He did not die the way it looked. He was reflected by the light of another upon a roof. We bring him here to safety, our vicinity. Our park place is benign. It is within the sphere of earthly intelligence but remains on top of things. He gave his brethren much. Arrows through the heart. Swelling. Tiahuanaco. Dungeons. Escape methods are ours. He said: "Little ones. I bring within you today a heart filled with compassion for my fellows and friends of good nature and true followers of eventide. We bring a message of sad remains. Tabernacle. We journeyed far below the surface. We wanted to bring back that which was beautiful to see. Oralchus (orachalcus/orachalcum?). Under there. We bring it to the surface for you to see. We hand it to you."

He came from below. We make for him a small porridge - beans (lentils?. We give his remains a plenitude of cleanliness. We brush him. We paint him. We dress him up a bit. We polish him, so to speak. We turn him around to look at. Then we sit him down to speak. He is to be given in support of a new era, a new time. In turn, he will bring us power. He is the king's son; always done so. He will be next. We make him drink.

His father's remains will be better this way, safer from harm. We know about retaliation. We know about surprise. We would be hard pressed to tell of beginnings, but we would find perseverence at the end... another thing of glory to a time educated on values of another kind.


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