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The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now




Setting up a situation in which the "peace-desiring" individual or group or country goes along with something, including forgiveness of intolerable situations or behaviors, becomes the potential setup for an extortion of a sort:

("go along with this intolerable behavior or situation or have no peace")...

one can logically see a potential advantage for the person, place or thing which has no need for peace and is willing to destroy yours...favor goes to the unpeaceful or the unwise. Favor goes to stress junkies... What to do if you prefer peace but do not want "peace at any price"?

While forgiveness is good--we likely all need some forgiveness sometimes--recognizing this type of negative, toxic behavior and releasing one's self from it can be healthful.

Finding a loving, peaceful, even friendship-maintaing way to maintain inner peace...dare even to say outward peace... is masterful.

Alternative thought: If you are of the idea that life on Earth is merely a "game" and that we are the "game pieces" or "avatars," (as well as, perhaps the game's player directing the pieces and avatars,) then reaction on your part in any given situation is a "game move."

What is your strategy? In your personal case, who is directing the strategic moves? Is it you or a controller(s) other than yourself, seen or unseen, remembered by yourself or forgotten? Who provides the emotions, ideas, reactions in such a setup?

When is it "game up" or "tilt"? Does one leave the game when it ends? What is it like outside of the game?

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