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In our time, the English word "thought" no longer can be sloppily or slangly used solely to refer to opinions or beliefs or ideas.

When we form an idea, we are assembling energies for which we have given labels, such as electromagnetic spectrum/radio frequency or EMF and radio frequencies, resonance frequency, or thought waves, for example. We use these and the functional parts of our receptive and transmissional brain in order to express our "ideas" or "reactions" in the form of sound or light or vibration/waves. The parts or elemental ingredients which we use to create the complex form, the molecular form, the idea, if you will, are usually called "thoughts."

Thoughts are, then, part of the composition of ideas, rather like flour is part of the composition of cake.

For that reason, "freedom of thought" should protect these elemental, internal energies and perceptions, the raw materials held and used within our own personal mind, even when we do not express an idea publically.

I find that, by allowing the word to be legally  generalized with words such as idea or plan or opinion, we do not allow for laws to protect our safety against invasive resonance frequency technologies which capture our inner sanctuary and its contents of thought and thoughts' products (ideas) for purposes of theft of concept/design/creative expression-art, writing, music, recipes, trade secrets/formulae/plan of legal defense or physical defense/plan of evidence presentation in legal court cases, stalking or lying-in-wait, torture of mind or body, murder, creation of "symptoms of disease or disorder" (such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, alcoholism, OCD, running legs, unconsciousness, stroke, etc.), or remotely-controlled false imprisonment.

Just having an "idea" about the nature and legal definition of "thought."

How do you "think?" What are your "ideas"?

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