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The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now




Imaginary Scenario:

WHAT WOULD YOU, an ordinary non-military civilian, DO to solve this dilemma and save a life??

Now, imagine this:

Somewhere INSIDE, an individual in-the-know has gotten into the Nation's Inner Sanctum for vital statistic's supporting biological samples and files. Experienced hands are now on the evidentiary materials -- blood samples, finger or body prints, biological addresses, semen or nose swatch samples and all biometrically matching items necessary -- that are used as THE LAST HOPE for identifying an individual as being the human being specifically that he/she claims to be if there is a question or doubt or claim that disagrees.  The material is then reassigned to another human being. As a precaution, the biometric system is then tweaked so that, when the true identity claimant puts their hand inside the biometric device or places his/her face in front of facial recognition technology anywhere on the globe or gets a retina scan or a blood stick, etc., he/she will fail to match.  Tweaking is do-able.  Now, as soon as the assigned thief steals this individual's REAL ID,  it is finished for that sample's rightful owner.  Last hope is gone. How will the true claimant function now?

Worse...is the true claimant in danger of being "framed" for a crime or situation?  Will the true claimant be eliminated or displaced or replaced?  Will the true claimant need to be murdered simply because of being "extra" now? In the way?

What would you do next if that individual true claimant were you???

Our nation alone has over 300 million of these individual true claimants:   individuals who could easily be that individual.  Most could not even find that Inner Sanctum if tested.  Are those individuals just one successful operation/campaign/mission away from obscurity or death???

That would be the National Security crisis that affects you and you alone, each and every one of you.

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