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The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now




As our planet progresses from a Type 0 civilization to a Type 1 or Type 2 civilization in terms of communication, sports, economics, transportation, education and energy, the question posed is this:�

Do we progress also in integrity and ethics or remain in the lower echelon of progress there? What about personal privacy and freedom of thought? They are automatically lost in such a progressed technology without technological protections in place, an ethos which supports it and the will to protect it.� Should we, in striding forward, simply let it go, forget our concept of privacy and move forward as open slates? Should we insist on maintaining privacy protections in our newly achieved Type 1 or greater tech civilization?

Thoughts?� Include those thoughts involving secrecy, which raise the question about those perceived Types: Do we claim Type 0 publically while using Type 1 or greater in actual fact?� What is the definition of "the laboratory? Is it my EMF or yours? Careful: laboratories are not limited to rooms with white-shirted scientists and pipettes! Ask physicists, such as M. Kaku, about these issues when you are discussing future (and present-day) Earth!

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