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With 10, one has entered upon a higher level of the base
vibration of 1. (Read 1 for the expanded discussion of the number 1.)
1 stands alone. 1 stands apart. 1 begins or is the last. 1 leads.
It is in this vibration, that the 10 stands "apart and in the lead" as
the teacher, the guide, the mentor, the coach, the trainor,
the tutor.

10 is also "beginning" a new phase for himself. "We teach
what we most need to learn" is an old axiom. Do those principles
and facts learned and those experiences lived during 1-9 bear out to be
as given in the final analysis? Has one become an expert? Somewhat

One of the first lessons the teacher learns
is to recognize his position on the spectrum, the path of progress.
Insecurity often sets in and says, "Who am I to claim
to be the expert at this?" The answer to that is that no one is 100%
expert while they are still human. The teacher is fallible;
the teacher is still learning. And...that is fine...in fact it is a
wonderful thing. By taking the moment to assess his place on the spectrum,
he can come to the point of realization that, no matter where
he is, there will always be someone ahead of him and someone alongside
him and someone behind him.

Those "behind" him are also making progress and are in need
of guides, teachers, mentors and coaches who have learned from the
experiences into which they are now entering. What appears to be "easy" or "not much"
to one person is still a mystery or a challenge to another.

One of the first lessons for the teacher is to remember
the 1's aspect of starting. Begin. If you wait until you are
perfect, until you have all the knowledge in the universe before you
begin to teach, not only will you never get started, but your students
will wait forever for their teacher. Knowledge and wisdom is
progressive. While in human form, you will never know it all. But you
will know enough to share with someone else.

Acknowledging those vulnerabilities allows the teacher to continue learning -
10 is also the lesson (See 8 also for lesson and 12 for student.)

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" is one
of nature's first expressions. When you were a child first trying out
your sense of touch - grabbing or biting or sucking anything you
could find - you learned that things had taste, texture, temperature.
The objects themselves were teachers. The fire burned your hand
and you learned about heat and pain in the same lesson. Someone -
an adult or child - then began to show you what was less painful
to touch and admonished you to be careful with fire.
It works the same way in adult life. As the student becomes
ready, teachers will appear. The key is readiness. Many times, we take courses
because they are required. We feel no need or desire to learn the subject.
We have attended and the teacher is present. It is only an
introduction. When the student is ready, he seeks. He asks
questions. He reads and hears. He picks up the ball or
looks at the water.

The authors of the books he reads become his teachers. The
consultant he calls, the mentor who advises him, the guide who shows
him, the coach who encourages him and spurs him on, the teacher who
explains and tests him - all appear on his path, when he's ready.

Readiness is a state of mind and being. An internal or external
need - a hole to be filled with knowledge, skills, wisdom...
this is the 0 aspect of the 10. Fill the hole - the cup - the mind.
Provide light, enlightenment, for those in the dark.
"You can lead the horse to water, but you cannot make him drink"
is a 10 expression. So is that axiom about not casting our
pearls before swine...Readiness is a thirsty horse.

The spiritual teacher (33) is also a 10. If he
gives lessons or shows by example or answers questions,
he is teaching. Workshop and seminar leaders, meditation coaches, inspirational
motivators are 10s.

The playground coach is as much a teacher - the swimming
instructor is as much a teacher - the clown
is as much a teacher - as the Ph.D. who is called Professor.
Computer class trainers and personal workout coaches are 10s.

Sisters and brothers, relatives and friends can be mentors -
in the moment - or full time mentors. A mentor
is also a teacher. If one is guiding or helping someone to learn, to understand
or to accomplish something, these are 10s in the moment. Has someone
needed your mentoring temporarily? Some, such as "Big Brothers" or "Big Sisters" offer longer-term
mentoring. A person could find himself having a 10 moment -
a moment of mentoring someone coming along behind or alongside him on
the path of life.

Imagine that you are climbing a spiral starcase.
There are others farther up the staircase than you and
there are those behind you. Ultimately, you will all make
it to the top. Occasionally you will pause to
assist someone behind you. At other times, ones
farther ahead will assist you. Everyone at one time or other,
even if just giving driving directions, is a 10 - teaching, explaining
or mentoring. Everyone is learning some lessons and life's lessons
are 10s. 8s teach us about the rules of the physical universe, 0 about cycles;
10s teach everything.

Who taught you how to throw a ball? Where to
put your table silver?  Who taught you how to read? Who helped you to
love reading? How did you learn how to dress yourself?
From where came your concept of a creator or that
concept of random acts? Can you add and subtract? What is
the meaning of life? Why are you here? Have
you learned to meditate or to drop and roll? If you
ask a nonagenarian, he'll tell you that he is still
learning. And he is still teaching: when the
student seeks him out. Ask him if he can describe the "Roaring 20s"
or the "Great Depression - he was alive then and a first-hand account
told in retrospect adds layers of knowledge and wisdom to
the original experience - for both student and teacher.

There is an old saying, "Thank your enemy. They are your teacher."
Some of life's greatest lessons are learned by the challenges, taunts,
tests, contests, and competitions, even wars, we endure.
In fact, even the dirty tricks and defeats suffered
at the hands of our enemy teach us. We learn
from it. If we are defeated, we ask: what did they
know, what did they have that we did not? Even loss suffered
because of devious means is enlightening. We are always learning.
1 is ego and 10 does well to remember that -
to remember that ego's defenses, pride for one, can
slow our progress up the spiral staircase. Suffering defeat,
even humiliation, can make us stronger and wiser
and encourages us to learn more, a lesson for which we
can thank our enemies. "That which doesn't
kill me, makes me stronger" was likely said after a
10 lesson from an "enemy."

10 professions include: Professor, teacher, coach, mentor,
motivator, workshop/seminar leader, tutor, "show-and-tell" presenter,
product or sports or dance demonstrator, instructor,
clown (they teach us to laugh and to laugh at our own serious attitudes.)

10 objects: blackboards and whiteboards, pointers

10 says, "Let me show you." Or, "This is how it's done."
Or, "Smile, it's not that bad..."

Analysis of a 10 teacher in the news:

Birthday: 3/10/57
Communicate (3), lead (1), teach (10),
lots of money (double 17),
hard work or endurance and/or overachiever (22 and 4),
huge project (22 and 4), death (triple 13) - karma, power, energy (8).
Born Pisces - spiritual.

Who is this person?
Osama Bin Laden

Our analysis of him by numbers,
says he is a teacher. What is the lesson
the world is learning? Also, he was connected with
"training"(10) camps.

Your birthday is on the 10th of the month

Your month, day and 4-digit year add up to a 10

You were born in a 10 year.

Your name (one of them or all of
them combined) adds up to a 10.

You were the 10th child.

Your address has a 10 in it or
adds up to 10 (this will be an influencing location).


1891, 1900, 1909, 1918, 1927, 1936,
1945, 1954, 1963, 1972, 1981, 1990, 1999, 2008, 2017


If your birthday has more than one 10,
you are a double or triple 10
If the 10 is combined with a 22, 9, 5 or 7,
you are specializing in the lessens of this vibration
and will feel "larger than life experiences"
or feel the need to turn to a spiritual/creative
solution for such an intense program.
If a 12 or 15 is combined with the 10,
take good care of your health, especially with
alcohol and sex, speed and timing.

Remember, as with all experiences, spirit is given that
which it can handle and the guardians to assist!


Grigori Rasputin, Sal Mineo, Rod Stewart, George Foreman,
Ray Bolger, Boris Pasternak, Jimmy Durante, Lon Chney, Jr.,
Greg Norman, George Stephanopoulos, James Earl Ray,
Prince Edward, Commodore Matthew Perry, Joseph Pulitzer,
Chuck Conners, Omar Sharif, John Madden, Fred Astaire,
F. Lee Bailey, Judy Garland, Frederick Loewe, David Brinkley,
Herbert Hoover, Emily Dickinson, Guiseppe Verdi, Helen Hayes,
Thelonious Monk, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Arnold Palmer, Roger Maris,
Charles Kuralt, Martin Luther, and
Osama Bin Laden


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