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{Names have been changed.}
They were laughing. Sara had been warning them for some time now that she had passed a critical stage... that things happened beyond that stage... that they should be warned that these "things" that happened had been clamped down, redirected up to this time, but... her tolerance was worn thin, her patience with them long ago expended... and she was, after all, allowed to defend herself. She brought her energy in. This time. Today. She would just distract them with deriding words. They had no idea, after all, how serious her warnings were.

Once, in a mild episode of lost temper, she had released some "energy requests." Well, it could have been worse...

Her mind shifted to another occasion - it made her smile thinking about it now, in a classroom seminar - when a student had asked her, "Can you make something move? Levitate it?" Images of flying trees, sheet metal, houses... "I could cast you to the four winds and put you on the spin cycle," she had thought, but did not say aloud.

"Well, perhaps in another class, we can discuss the possibilities of teleportation or levitation... today, we're focusing on "receiving" skills, such as clairaudience. Have you been practicing?"

Today, Sara pondered "foolish, limited" minds. Humans are limited by their need to appease their egos, she thought. They have an absolute need to imagine that everyone has the same construction, background, and abilities as they themselves do; or, at least, if they must be different, they have fewer abilities, less talent or weaker health. Judging everyone by "appearance" makes it easy for them to classify everything and everyone, as if some contract had been made that everybody on the planet would dress and act according to his abilities, talent, income, and so on. This system took the challenge of thinking out of their daily life. It also disallowed the possibility of there existing those who had additional or "other" abilities or constructions which the human did not obviously himself possess. In this way, the human could feel safe in his world, knowing that competition consisted only in "things acquired." Anyone who did not fit neatly into cubicles was simply labeled as "weird," "odd," or "crazy," which allowed the human and his associates to conspire, if necessary to have the odd one removed or ostracized before they could rise to become a threat to his ego.

And, by some other strange and ancient contract, she realized, those who possessed additional abilities or constructions had been encouraged to "hide it," lest they become a target for elimination, torture, or scorn. On other occasions, they were taught to say that "everyone can do this," so that by saying this, they could attempt to gain the cooperation and acceptance of that human ego. "It's ridiculous," Sara declared. "In this day and age, it's time to wake them up." Patience, patience, she reminded herself.

Well, that last time, a year ago, she'd lost patience. Some...wind.

Sara had decided long ago not to teach this to humans. Nor would she teach them mind clouding/disorientation, in which south becomes north, down is up, signs confuse, thinking and decision-making are untrustworthy, and mistakes are made, like people going the wrong way on a one-way street or flying their plane upside down; decisions which are embarrassing, costly, even deadly. Or... not seeing what is there or hearing what is said...

She had decided that they were not yet ready for that as long as they did not understand how things really worked, as long as they needed their cubicles and appearances. And so, she'd taught classes in reception skills - information gathering, communication, analysis. She'd allowed herself to tell them a little bit about what was out there and the construct that was here. She talked about the nature of time and ancient visitors from afar. She let them see how abilities with hearing, smell, and touch were ancient and far more encompassing than they were currently being taught. But she stopped there usually.

Only a few of the Angelica... here and there... Those emotion centers were real energy ovens! And, as they say, "be careful what you wish for..."

With the ability to summon and the ability to request, the ability to release... come certain consequences, certain responsibilities.

Just the other day, she remembered, her temper had begun to flare. As pent up emotion built, just at the moment of release, she had decided to pull back. "Redirect," she commanded. A block of trees fell, some roofing. Too bad about the trees, she thought. I've always considered them to be my friends. But, at least it had not taken large buildings and human lives this time.

"Don't get too angry over ignorance, corruption, injustice, greed. Continue teaching them to relax and meditate. Encourage them to wake up."


"Relax and breathe," she intoned.

The Story Continues...


"Well, I warned them and I warned them!" declared Sara. And she had warned them each time. That time a little more than a year ago, then again that second time she had warned them and redirected the energy to the tree park, remember? Just recently, she had expressed that she would be moving out of the way for a day since a tree was surely coming down (warning No. 3) and, of course, one did: on top of a truck. Her third warning had been followed by a third event.

"There are some people you just don't mess with," she had fumed yesterday afternoon. Someone snickered...Of course, they're new and don't know yet. The more experienced ones - the ones who had been around for the other warnings, glanced sideways. "Pay attention, children," she thought.

"Why will they not see that they are making their situation worse," she asked later that afternoon. "I have been patient. I've given them many opportunities to do the right thing. Don't they know by now? Haven't they seen the warnings? Well, as I've said, I warned them. This time I placed the warning - a little wind - at their porch: some windows, flying chairs, sheet metal...That's four for four."

She was calm now, of course. Nothing like a little energy release...

"How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Maybe they should be asking how many angels can dance on their heads!" she joked.

Even after the fourth demonstration, there were those who refused to recognize what was happening. Would she need a fifth demonstration? Closer yet? Were they slow learners?

"I've spent years teaching them to love, to bring peace for themselves. Perhaps they needed to see that peace was a choice and not a result of no other options," she mused.

Well, all would be well. Time for meditation. "Breathe. And relax. Love is at hand. And, at heart."

Point to ponder from this story. Do we automatically assume that people who are being "nice" to us are doing so out of weakness? Have you ever taken the time to consider that: the greater the power, the greater the ability to create a balanced experience or to unleash greater imbalance. Wisdom calls for decision making and that often brings those with the greatest abilities or "powers" to comport themselves as meek and mild. An act of love, not weakness.



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