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Awareness and Practice Programs For Children and Teens

Started in the 80's, the Starchild Program for Children and Teens allows them to be their true selves while learning to interact in healthful and loving ways with the environment around them. Learning to overcome fear. Recognizing vibrations and changes in the environment and atmosphere around them. Seeing auras and knowing what they say about the condition of the being they surround.

As they progress, they will learn to recognize their strengths as a receiver, sender or combination of both modalities. Children learn when it is their "imaginary friend" and when it is their friend who is simply not visible to adults at that moment. Reading conditions in buildings and natural settings... Psychometry as a tool... Telepathy, clairaudience and clairvoyance as practice... Recognizing drains and surges and balanced conditions... Telling their PSI experiences to others: ghost stories, faeries or elementals, past-future visions.

Senders will practice healing touch, fire safety, inspiring others, teleportation.

Ethics and the laws of cause and effect are emphasised and, for those who have questions or want to learn spell casting, weather changing, and so forth (these are advanced techniques and not taught in this class. Spell casting is not taught on any level in this program.

Positive, healing and growing practices are taught and lessons are given explaining why we don't "dabble" and what "be careful what you wish for" really means.

Classes are progressive in skills level and students who have mastered skills are encouraged to progress to higher levels if that is their choice. Learning to specialize usually comes after generalizing in the skills area and getting a sense of their strengths and weaknesses and those areas where they have a particular "bent."

Parents or guardians must approve classes for anyone under 18. Small children must be able to participate in practice sessions. Children learn very quickly and often progress more rapidly than adults and classes can be very interesting.

Occasionally, classes are taught in natural outdoor settings and parents will be informed.

Your child will enjoy being a

This page gives a sampling of classes offered in applied psi for adults and starchildren.

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