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Route 121, in the 1980's, was a short-cut drive from Gainesville to the Jacksonville area. It wound through the suburbs to the country with its trees and small hills, passed facilities placed away from urban areas. It was on several such journeys fom my home in Alachua to visit friends in Mandarin that I noticed the energy changes that result when an area is "haunted." In this case, it was an uncomfortable set of flashes of vision. One vision was that of a ceremony or rite under trees in the woods off this road. Another was that of a person crossing the road in front of my car: the instinct to apply the brakes was hard to ignore, but the figure appeared as a hologram. At a curve on another occasion, I distinctly saw a car cross the lane and drive straight at me. Head-on collision! Fortunately, we were separated by time. I would read later in the newspaper that a head-on collision happened on that spot on the road a short distance in time later, just days.

Driving at night or at dusk, one can feel the overlapping time periods and those who remained active in spirit there.

As one approached Alachua, there was the distinct feeling that a number of spirits haunted that area. Houses from previous centuries were shown in short flashes. All in all, it was a haunted road and area - one that felt "eternal." Yet not a road that you would feel comfortable to be driving alone on during the night of a full moon.

In researching the area later, I found something that tied in. Apparently in the days of yellow fever, hostile Indians, and pioneers, settlers - a group of men, women and children numbering about one thousand - upon hearing that the Army would place an outpost there and that the railroad would pass through the area - decided to create a settlement. They moved to the area and began to settle it, hoping to grow potatoes and ship the crop to market by train. The outpost would provide protection from attack by Indians and doctors would be present for the military. Their hopes were dashed when a "developer" acquired land further south and used his influence to move the railroad to his land instead. With the removal of the train, the Army outpost followed to guard the railroad, abandoning the settlement to yellow fever and Indians, just as they had feared.

As far as one has heard, all the men, women, and children who hadn't left the settlement soon died of yellow fever or Indian attack. Clearing the brush away in the 1980's revealed a cemetery. The hopes of a town had been buried in this lost cemetery, too full of children. Gone to nature, abandonment, deception, lost dreams and chances at the whim of a business deal or corrupt venture.

Driving further, one finds the town of Alachua not far. The area later became more developed as urban sprawl moved west.

The hidden cemetary - precognitive flashes - a haunted valley and road - the drive along Route 121.

Note: This road may also have been part of the legendary DeSoto trail, on which Native Americans were massacred.

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