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The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now

R E A L   L I F E  G H O S T S'

S    T    O    R   I   E    S


"If one wishes to be a true scientist - an explorer not in search of what one desires to be true but rather in search of whatever truth there is - then one must be willing to accept, to engage, even to pursue further the most unwelcome and confounding data. One must be willing to make discoveries that shatter one's most deeply held beliefs. Maybe it turns out that Earth is not the center of the universe. Or that monkeys are our relatives. Maybe we discover that a man is not an expert on himself, or maybe it turns out that we've been speaking to the dead.

A true scientist knows to explore, not dismiss, these uninvited discoveries." Rivka Galchen, Atmospheric Disturbances

Real-Life Ghosts' Stories are stories told by the entities themselves and are usually memories. I hope you will enjoy reflecting on the tales and conversations within this work. The stories cover a wide range of topics, time periods, and locales. To avoid confusion, a special note here: You will soon come to realize upon reading a few of these stories that the pronoun, "you," as it is often used by spirit, does not always refer to the reader or to Asha. Depending upon the context, the word, "you," can also mean the other spirit or spirits who are present on the other side or who were part of the story, who competed/attacked or shared experiences being remembered. As you progress, you will catch on to the meanings.

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