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By Asha Ariel Aleia


The world of prediction and seeing the future

How many times have I, as a professional psychic, been asked, "Can you predict the future?" The answer is, "Almost as many times as I've been asked, "What do you see for me?"
Events removed in time or space would seem only relevant for discussion with terms such as permutation, possible likelihoods, and relevant contributing factors. Of course, if one were discussing the truly unknowable, these would be appropriate for "guess-timating."

While I won't go so far as to reveal my trade secrets, I can give you two scenarios which employ techniques I've used.

In the first scenario, a person may want to know if they "should" take an action. After giving them my standard reply that I would never take away their power by telling them what they "should" do, I ask them to "rephrase the question" so that I might give them answers which will help illuminate the results of choosing among options. "What would be the result if..." asked before Option I and again before Options 2 and 3 and so forth, allows the pathway to open for those events. Having shared the information which becomes available, clients decide for themselves what it is that they "should" do. Experience has often shown, though, that human beings do not often do as they "should," but do as they "want" or "need" to do when the time comes. Their resultant life - their future, then, is not determined by what they "should" choose, but what they actually choose.

"What do you see in my future?" is a different question altogether and is approached in another manner. This scenario presumes that choices and actions have transpired, that apparent "randomness" of nature has dappled the event (what may appear random to the individual may in fact be a normal consequence of prior actions known or unknown) and that what is perceived as "time" has already passed.

There are numerous methods for looking at a future date. The easiest is to remember that the "time" one perceives to be ahead of you has, in actuality, already passed. How difficult is it for you to look at events that happened yesterday? You can read about them in periodicals. You can pull them up in your memory.

By simply remembering or by seeking out sources who recorded the events of that date, one can look at the date in terms of the question the client has asked.

Another method is to create a mind blend or even a visitation with those who have lived during that time period - those for whom this is now a memory. If your question regarded the building of the great pyramid, would it not make sense to ask to speak with its builders? If your question involves the future of your family, one can ask a grandchild or ask one's own self upon the moments before or after death how one's life had proceeded after all.

As we stand on the threshhold of an unrealized future pathway, the Y in the road, we can take the "road less traveled" or take the "path of least resistance"; we can "buck the herd" or "swim upstream." Our sails may fill with wind or we may be stilled "in irons." Our thoughts may inspire or deflate us. It is our actions and the actions of others that will determine which path we end up traveling. Read "Looking Into The Future" for another example in practical terms.

Ask yourself: have you ever awakened pondering the day - what it's like, how "so-and-so" is doing - maybe you "should call," etc.? Did you remember why it came to you to think along these terms? Had someone from the past or the future "visited" and asked you how life and "so-and-so" were going to be on that date? Were you checking for them so that you could answer them in what would seem a very short space of time to them?

"Predicting" the future (probabilities, likelihoods, odds) and "looking at the future" are different actions. When you listen to the weatherman, your stockbroker, odds makers at the racetrack, you are seeking predictions. The same is true when you ask a psychic to predict the future of your love life or wealth. The psychic looks at the paths and probabilities and permutations and lighted avenues of a "future". When you ask a psychic to "look at the future" of these same topics, you ask her to travel or communicate with someone or something (including yourself) that exists at or after the moment in space/time quantum which contains the results of all actions to that moment.

Be careful what you wish for! You may not get the answer for which you hoped or you may get any range of surprise data. Understanding the nature of this, one must remember that holding such information can be empowering. It may also disappoint in that moment, if things do not transpire in the future the way you might have wished.

Most experienced psychics will tell you that there have been occasions in their career, when the client was told, "I'm sorry. I cannot tell you anything today. Come back another time." Or, in one case, the psychic wrote a response, placed it in an envelope, instructed the client that she must not open the envelope until she arrived at home or it would be most unfortunate....

Responsible psychics weigh the affect of information they "see" or "hear" on the well-being of the client. Will they be devastated if the news is bad? What if it involves death or loss of a loved one or of themselves or their fortune? Tell them? Don't tell them? Would they want to know? Would they prefer not to know?

Most psychics will determine this aspect before proceeding, knowing that fortunate news is always welcome.

I know you are wondering what the psychic wrote on that sheet of paper she'd placed in the envelope. The young woman had honored the instruction to wait until arriving home before opening the envelope. Before arriving home, she was in a terrible car crash and was killed. Upon going through her belongings, the envelope was opened. On the sheet of paper the psychic had written, "If you've arrived home, I was mistaken, but I saw NO future for you."

Most people, when asking about the future are really asking for something for which to look forward - to regain hope - to help them navigate difficult times or decisions, knowing that there will be a day ahead - some day ahead - when the current distress will be replaced with joy; that current loss or boredom will be replaced with gain and joie de vivre. Some part of themselves believes that such a day will come. Some others hope to turn around a losing proposition or relationship or find hope in knowing that some day lost love will be replaced with new love. Many want to know how their financial positions can improve and what the results of partnerships or job interviews or investments will be.

Predicting or taking a look at futures is heady responsibility. If the psychic sees that the client is going to be disappointed in the result of their life's choices and options, the experienced psychic will look beyond that future moment for the next opportunity for joy or reward, so that the client is left with something positive and hopeful for which to look forward.

There is an interesting dilemma which occurs in "predictions" that does not occur in "looking at" the future. The concept is this: if one's prediction results in changing the course of events such that they result differently, how does this reflect on the psychic's accuracy ratings? For example: if a psychic sees a bridge falling down tomorrow and in fact it will happen if nothing is done, and by so predicting, affects decisions to be made to check the bridge today, this in turn preventing the disaster, she has saved lives, but created a scenario in which the results will disagree with her prediction. On the other hand, if she does not push for her predictions to be made public in time, then the "bridge does collapse" and there are losses, but her predictive abilities ratings increase - a no win situation if ratings is the goal. Most psychics yield to their conscience over their ratings...

Traveling across time/space is another option and requires an understanding of concepts which will be handled in other articles.

Can you predict/look at the future? Yes. Helping your client to see it and to understand it is another aspect of predicting-seeing the future.


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