A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
Advanced PSI SINCE 1988

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now


F R O M   T H E   F I L E S  O F
A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
R e a l   L i f e  G h o s t  S t o r i e s




"Pascal designs formats to begin. Finds nature of it preserved in formats smaller, then smaller - a zip cube.

'Night Dancer' is a program of unique changes. Delimits frames gargantuan in proportion to need for space. Allows outer limits of formatting between frames to begin.

A number of them tried to delimit, but mobile sources begin to prevail. A number of us want to be seen as delimit debuggers. We premise the fact on the notion that "time" has no space at all to begin - a wrap. We preserve the notion of no-space. We want others to preserve the notion for future research to begin outside its present limits.
Then begin again.

We have it. A time lock. A preservative of the limit.
We will begin by displacing the core and letting it slip a bit. Try it on the side some. Let it slip. Stray a bit. Tight. Now we begin to speculate. To design a format for stray. We design a quantum for theory. We portray a design of great magnitude so that others might want to begin formatting a "night flight" - moon, for instance.

We displace onions on the floor, for example (a little mirth there.) We make our designs for gravity on a couch. No kidding. We begin small. Let it rock. I was at my home at the time we begin. I have a Ford, I think, or something. I want to remember. A truck?

Dirk (Durk, Derrick?) wants more than a design to begin. He wants a box, a kite, a swing, or something remnant for us to design for it. We develop methods for the kite flying that use new revenue streams for aggressive movement in other directions (selling "grass.")

Now, I want folks to understand this. We never made it work fast enough for us to begin downloads properly. Another (Troup, Troop (sp?) will deliver hindsight for us to restore power after (black-out? lights out?)

Wrapped. I was wrapped up. They layed me out like a wreath. They said they wanted me to begin again. Something new."

Are you the man for which Pascal computer language is named?

"I didn't bring the language."

Are you famous?

"Not really. We make it a little bit, I think. Not all the way. Others are brighter now."

Anything more?

"Write: Squared notion. Heads of State fall. I am between. Bryan(t) wants me to go again. A bridge: Data stream, linked by bridges to other streams, likened to elephants trudging through water. We begin to make data available at kite speed over an ocean."

Any information for the techies?


You are not sharing with them?

"Never more!"


"Why? They make too much noise. I want space of my own. Notions are fixed. I like change."

If there were a good techie out there, is there something for him/her?

"A data quest format on a digital plane (platform) can make nominal settings for elegant design stream. Blanket it with notions of elegant streams (farming designs.) (Nantucket? nonotech? Nan tuck?) 'Aquitane' (sp?) injurious to streams. Portions of it must be frozen, never to use again, unfortunately, and so we never see design completed. Format changes over time anad attitude - religious - influences design abilities.

Foreman, White Plains, begins to detail changes in formula. We begin to plan ahead a bit to a time when things will be different again. A break in attitude for funding a new revenue stream.

Wright Brothers initially bought a contract into it. Atmospherics.

The revenue will return and an industry spokesman will carry the story that I never developed it on my own.
But I did."

You think that they stole credit for your ideas?

"Almost. We gave it, but we were never..."

What can be done now?

"There are others with ideas like mine - a little ahead of the plan. Make them realize that a door may open soon. Take it. Begin again. Let the others be for a while. Juneau begins. Twin (Peaks?)...Nerves...Give it a chance to begin again."


Applied PSI for inventors.

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