A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
A d v a n c e d  P S I  S I N C E  1 9 8 8

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now


"A maker lists it as a friend, one who makes liver better. The will.

Pancreatic cancer is an investor. There is great agreement on this part. One twines the fill. It circulates within gravity field.

One would believe distilled nutrients; but, have you the fill of it, one would inquire as to the nature of it when it invests twinage.

A break. One coming to distill it. The makers plan a union of accord (cord?). The twinage exists through motion. A fork. One distills matter usefully. The others inhibit a function within it... the pillar.

They (pale, pail). One issue is apparent. They swing useful tonnage afront (afore). Unit distills it... brings it up(ward).

We make a break to unit. There it matters. We inhibit frail. Useful techniques matter first.

(In another opinion: 'Give it a thirst. Break it in hand. Try a piece of wisdom: lather it.')

Twinage occurs third. Unit must inhabit. The pillars inhabit and must be secured to it. The unit is disguised; its function plans an accord (a cord?) of a nature hidden to the spirit. We make bridge of function, one that makes a brief pass to conjunct one with another. It is useful to function uniquely at present. One functions as seen illustrated above.

We form unit disguised as tree in dagger. One makes accord (a cord?) rhythmically. We remedy. Neuric (nerve) function twined in unit as hands disguise it. The twine starts within, wraps around the form of unit. Evidently the cause: a light burden. Age. A twinge, a burden breaks.

A fundamental unit is repaired within. The repair is instant. Virus? A virus inhabits a unit disrepaired."

What you read here is an applied-psi
perspective to the topic.

Applied PSI allows communication
in the meantime and the
way to structural healing.


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Text copyrighted by Asha Aleia. Image courtesy: www.cap.org