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"Others rely upon attitude, a gift of the past.
Here lies what is relevant today - foresight." Asha

YEAR 2010

A thought to ponder, readers:
Somewhere in OurWorldToday 2006 OURWORLDTODAY 2006, Ancients ANCIENTS - THE ONLINE BOOK, or Rippers in America RIPPERS IN AMERICA lies information that someone did not want us to know... but spirit did. Corrupt agents and their illegally paid spies and thieves have spent years and hundreds of millions of tax dollars to try to put the messenger out of business and to silence her. Not possible. The world of spirit is always watching.


"Have you been made aware of the scanners that are being used to hear your thoughts prior to your opening your mouth to speak them or using your hands to type them? I have experienced their use already, as agents attempt to steal more of my work and ideas and inventions... they had gotten caught already stealing (electronically) the contents of two books - nonfiction, competitive material, with specific data in them - as well as numerous applied psi articles, also nonfiction. Because they were copyrighted and had already been presented to the public, they were returned (although the material in them had already been given (sold?) to special interests to use as their own and to distribute (sell). Now thought form scanners are being used to steal this material as I think it and send it to those parts of the brain which deal in sound (auditory and vocal chords) but prior to it being spoken or written. This will allow the thief to steal my work and distribute or sell it before I can gain any credit for it. One can only see where this is heading: thieves will get these devices and steal from everyone and sell the material to the highest bidders or their employers. Artists, inventors, writers, scientists, researchers, stock investors, chefs, musicians, - you name it - will be robbed of their means of making a living. Who will then support their needs? As a society it is time to make decisions: will this be legal or not? We are in a time of a paradigm shift. All is shared or else it is stealing... which will it be? We must decide now because otherwise it is decided for us by our inaction. Either way has its good and bad points. The difference is "choice."

DISCLAIMER: Information comes from the combined energy
of spirits embodied and disembodied alike...
if you do not agree...communicate with source. I am just the messenger!

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