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"Others rely upon attitude, a gift of the past.
Here lies what is relevant today - foresight." Asha

YEAR 2007


Spirit says, "In time -There will be great peace. Accord. One with the hands will shine light upon the others soon. They will dismiss. Divine will is to bring light, peace. Mother nations must dismiss notions not suited to being. Let it be handled abroad. One dying as aspect of courage. Anatomy of another is circumspect abroad. Will be seen to light the way. Civilized man shall accord its upbringing. Paralymni (Cypress?) (Paralynia?) will swing accord. Jamaica will give rise to substance - sustenance enough for growth. One ill will dwell there soon.(In their way) all countries will shine.

(From space - an object) is coming. When it approaches, will bring deluge in its path. A (debutante) will hear another sing - betrothed. A slot will open up for her soon. She is brunette. Lambert.

That which "squints" (space ship) also seen in mountainous area north (Desolation Peak area...)

To be continued...


Spirit says, "We begin by bringing you a narrative. It begins in the springtime. There are many flocks. One has just "loosed." Hamster. One designates his friend as a bystander to lookout for his things for a minute. Thistle... looking forward... At the twilight, the missile breaks forth. Anglican treaties defined as breeding experiments denied. Derry. Armaments withdrawn. Aggravations persist a while longer. Winslow. We deny the breeding. We remain afixed to position. One will make great strides forward in returns apparently." (Did they fly the missile?-ed.) "Just one. It lands nearby. The remnants are found later. Treaty (Amsterdam). It was the hammer (Hammer? sp?) It lies between them. Drum. 38 degrees north latitude by nine degrees west longitude. Between "arabs" and "goodfellows." (Goodfellows?) A one of launch capabilities apparent in stream. Derelict."


Spirit says, "He is kept away from sunlight. To preserve. There is at hand a preacher of good company normal, but would persuade others to... Edgar.

On "the Conquest." It is a ritual blessing of sorts. We name it after son, murdered.

Aquaduct. Mountain pass (in Spring, likely).

Press Mill (Presmill?) The mill. We can hear the bells. Presbyteri. Montenegro. Brittany. Brussells. Mail route. His soldiers wear blue. Piloting a return. CIA has an "understanding of it."


Spirit says, "Wilmington, Delaware. Crisis Center. Fordhook. River. We will bring disaster victims here. Plenty. Bronco. He sits. Dayton? The problem wells up and the others...freezing tunnels below. Pipe?"


Spirit says, "We are privy to the fact that Britain is leaving the Union. A document (old?) about giving up the colonies despite a plan to give "Grace" a hand." (Does the old document tie into current plans?-ed.)
In other comments, spirit said, "Great Britain will back down on a treaty. Elements exist of old one at hand. Decline in revenue."


Spirit says, "Jacobites (R. Jacob(s) - Jesuit. Mental health gone, he makes war. People use his home....Riyadh...Martin Tower...Twins. Terrain hard. Jeremy (Jeremiah?)" Again...old issues again?


Spirit says, "One of great magnitude will thrust itself upon you. Two lights. Brilliant sight. Extensive damage along the seaboard. Underneath a bit longer. Still there is one greater to behold left. 10. Will impel a region to drought of many years after coming ashore. A native swims to it. The one of great body...Landfall. The region beneath...(Brazil?-unsure, ed.) Underlying factors are present. Guide yourself accordingly. Near Honduras." (Note: Spirit also indicates a great "mother quake" near Honduras. However, this may be a reference to an ancient quake. Geologists? In future, spirit also indicates a quake large enough to result in the "elimination" of France. )


Spirit says, "Hallsberg (sp?) and the Hatties." (Sweden & Turkey/Armenia? or thereabouts?)
5000 years ago there was a great war - "angels" and men with guns from hands foreign. One would be taken away. Is there more conflict today?

 15 NOVEMBER 2007

Spirit says, "Antarctica brings small headlines. One quake begins to spread rapidly near the pole--disjointed.

Nearby isthmus will eventually yield the decomposed remains of some carriers who once lived there along with some of the quantities of items they brought along with them."

 14 NOVEMBER 2007

Spirit says, "(Another carniverous elephant?) The Hammar Bing (sp?). Emergency. We keep running for cargo. Emergency says we leave. Discover cargo lives. It breathes. Skeletal remains suggest something simple...We think it is small...Carnivore mighty. Junket. Anyway, we take it home. It makes its way to the shore. I feel the remorse. Consequently...it lives among you. Alike on the surface. Dangerous to us all. (The customer?) We don't know. It was coming between ports. We tried to handle it. I was down on my knees. Ernest. It was let out. By its owners. (1976?) Another after this. I think something is going on. I narrowly missed being..."


 12 NOVEMBER 2007

Spirit says, "About a mile directly above. Diameter about 50 miles. Appears white, but not likely to be seen. Blinks. (Round?) Strobule. (strobile-sp?)"

 First week NOVEMBER 2007

Spirit says, "Forces gathering north of you. Delaware. We begin to see difference in defensive positions. Striking hard to begin. One month strategy." (??)

In another item to ponder:   "Padua."

A message from the deceased ones to the kingdoms
 29 OCTOBER 2007

Spirit says, "We make it clear that we remain committed to the one cause of freedom for Iraq. We have at hand ones who continuously form a colony of distinction of united workers and policy hands. United we stand in this...the "Heavenly" fathers. United Front For The Kingdom of Afghanistan and United Iraq.

We form union from which others form, too. On that front, we make place and deliverance to all. Another unites us. (Magyar? Mackiyard?=sp?)

To all the people of the world, we make this united stand for which we fall...a hundred of us, at least.

We have much to share, to offer you. A compromise.

Turn off the forces and we bring it home. The "mighty one." The Prophet (profit-ed?). Revenge comes at the hands of the little ones. It beams. I was in the Union of the Pacific and all fronts apparent. Give this message to the kingdoms.

On TV, mighty, with a Queen. (Myra?Moira?-sp?)"

 29 OCTOBER 2007

Spirit says, "Earth is spinning. The role of spin has determined many things - one of them being the rough design of the planetoid. A quartum (quantum? quarter turn?) faster. It spins randomly faster, caused by the friction of two bodies.

One (body-comet?) comes immediately close to begin in Fall. Then, begins to crumble...a degree of interference. It is of thrust small but bearing off a bit. Thruster begins to (exenerate?)...

What is apparent is the twist. A lot depends on that, you see. Our apparent "twister" is a freeloader to our atmosphere - turning it up a bit. It twice "died" (disintegrated) but apparently remains committed in its approach. (Disintegrated and yet still approaching?) A specter, sure, but the dust makes a sure shot at us, making it turn north a bit. Shadows are likely as it turns. It (the specter) will likely hit. In the field. (Huron? Zoran?). An effect like a bomb will go up, a mild one. A light, maybe a second,...light. A field will be left asunder."

 26 OCTOBER 2007

Spirit says, "Denmark brings a time of remittance scandals abroad.
Read below for more Denmark information. Denmark is also referenced in the article Global Warming. (see index).

Editor's Update: 12/17/2008, Wall Street Journal article details some of it (Stein Bagger).

 20 OCTOBER 2007

Spirit says, "Zabrce (Poland) was in the past. Now is the Alps. Magra (Macra?) Belle. (Bell?)" Here repeats the quote of earlier entry (see below and also 2006: "Finding one who is being moved from place to place by train becomes problematic if one seeks to place his military on every train. Some of the trains are Russia-controlled. (formerly Soviet Union.)"

Is mired down at Abbey - Rennes, France. Could that be connected to old news at Genoa? (scroll to reference)
Going to Antibes? (France). Dbrevnes (Dubrovnik? Croatia, Balkans & Belarus?)(sp?)...Moving soon."

Commentary on current news:
The next 90 days will determine the future of America.
America is as close to a police state as we dare to go without losing our free country.
Bills are up for vote that will determine our future. Just as there are two kinds of "Christians," there are two kinds of Patriot. Intuition is more important than ever to recognize those who benefit by a loss of the Constitution...and they are citizens. This site is not against any type of religion, but rather cautions those of good intention that they can be fooled by those of selfish intent.

 19 OCTOBER, 2007
Spirit says, "Shutter key. A little object. Brings about changes in dimension. Like a fixed aperture device only smaller. Does not need fuel. It penetrates even the lowest levels of existence to change them in an instant. Aimed at neck, at or above and to the left a little of the spinal cord, more to the point of it, designing a left configuration point. How far distant above are you? One foot. There is one called a defense shield that results a plan of defiance for defense."

 19 OCTOBER, 2007
Spirit says, "The one acquired would be hard to find now, hidden within trunks among objects. The one of foreign means of transport among us - Sydney. He is one of many abroad who seek asylum here. He is alive. From the nations of the Arab. He designs a plan for transport among nations - links - duty (duty-free?) for the goods American.

Overseas. Diligent. Understanding. But a bit corrupt. We make him to see the Standards & Poors. Bahamas. Next week?(vague date)...Reaching.

In amongst trunks...lead...Cylinders...."Brazil". (Marked for Brazil?) The last. But (destination) port is Veracruz. Country of Arab to Bahamas to Veracruz, marked "to Brazil. We are of the belief that shipments go astray all the time and this one had its means. Two below. Smuggling people to Bahamas. A last shipment leaves. Also, (possibly) Port Zaire."

 19 OCTOBER, 2007
Spirit says, "Between those of a nature small - Virgin Islands - and a domino effect (other islands, etc.) and those of revenue larger whose concerns quite naturally were...a treaty...treaties."

 14 OCTOBER, 2007
Spirit says, "Finding one who is being moved from place to place by train becomes problematic if one seeks to place his military on every train. Some of the trains are Russia-controlled. (formerly Soviet Union.)"

Who is mired down at Abbey - Rennes. (France) Could that be connected to old news at Genoa?
Going to Antibes? Dbrevnes (Dubrovnik?)(sp?)...Moving soon.

 04 OCTOBER, 2007
Spirit says, "A bridge (link). He comes to be found many times north. Most sightings not him. Try north."

 04 OCTOBER, 2007
The following represents a year of messages in condensed message form.
Spirit says, "Magma rising entire planet and volcanoes will be seen to erupt in many places. Expect discovery of recent activity in arctic, Pacific Rim, Iowa (U.S.) area, and Antilles, as well as numerous points in Indian Ocean region and others. Mountain building including undersea...note changes in behavior of Arctic fox."

 27 SEPTEMBER, 2007
Spirit says, "Dam. Pretoria."

 18 SEPTEMBER, 2007
Spirit says, "We are abrupt. We spell disaster to United Front. Enemies unite against it finally. We bring it down again as an organization abroad. (Uzbekistan?)Izbekistan delivers more bread to economy. We are hungry. The mighty ones help to retrieve old (saddles?) for us. Nitro helps."

 18 SEPTEMBER, 2007
Spirit says, "We have ideas for putting out fire. Underneath the roof is a cabin pressure device for handling altitudes. If you give it a second, it will go off. At altitude. Given enough pressure this will sound. Make it go off in time to hear it. Cabin pressure changes before fire aboard just enough. Device handles sound wave action. Buried within the device is another with altitude adjustments you can make aboard. This is to regard one another with a system of signals so as to acquaint one with the dangers aboard.

Make it to go up a bit at last so the device fails. Make it break - it goes off. Now, dampen it a bit (soap?) so that others can handle it. Tension builds. Gizmo fails. We make it breathe a little so that others can make it...(oxygen?) Object = to make a fine cabin alarm of quick notice. More time. Devices fail. We bring others aboard and cabin pressure changes. No device on hand...The device is quickened to the results. Others make it to doors quickly."

 18 SEPTEMBER, 2007
Spirit says, "1. Jesuits. Target practice high on a hill. In broad daylight. We've seen them practicing to take out others. We fail to make distinction between real ones (Jesuits) and copies." "2. Echo (ECO, ECCO, EKO?) is a device of the military for underwater use. Transponder unit. Crisis brewing."

 14 SEPTEMBER, 2007
Spirit says, "Dominique. Brilliant diamond-like. Beginning to be transformed. Underwater...bridge...unusual formation.  Gadabout...Flyer....Episodes...Elements...Quite essentially, we are torn. Quantum aspects bring it extraordinary developments. The proportions of it are gigantic. A swarm surrounds it. Propellers(?) give it a distinct clime (climb?). Unusual formation. Atwater.(At water?) arrives. Phenomenal events propel me to write this. We are undertaking a squad union of boys and brethren. It is seen ahead of us - one of unusual nature - can hardly tell what it is. Undergoes unusual formation changes - cylinder moves. We are uniquely unguarded in this. Profound changes are taking place NOW. It will be "shown to the world" when it develops."
Dominica is also a site of UFO activity and launches...

Spirit says, "There are those who would say that their devices (plans?-ed) have failed so far, but that they have yet another one on hand....Florida...IDF...An intrigue. One that displaces people a little. Yellow finger. It is small; capabilities innumerable in results. Under..(basement?) One sweeping...paper field." (Why?-ed) "They want to develop a means of tracking that includes their needs aplenty. Right now, it is developing rapidly a right hemisphere approach too much. They are marginally left hemisphere. They reside on the middle. Very soon. Imminent."

(Prior comments include:)

"We are in the beginning of this. A well thought out plan begins to develop after years of naivete thought to reveal the nature of the design (trinity/triad). We want to make perfectly clear the undying gratitude we have for out mothers. We want to befriend the needy. We have "devices" of usefulness aplenty. We look to pardons and friends. We want to begin anew. We want to develop a likelihood of..."

Spirit says, "This will be the first edition of this book, born of 1000 alliances and fed upon by the lies of a few men, held fast by a bureaucratic maelstrom of magnificent proportion. We are bound by the trivialities of life to a board stream journey of a few men. We are conquered by a few men whose sole intent has been the accomplishment of a prerogative. We are of the concern of the many. We are knowing the way of the known many who establish a port here. Atmospheric devices are planned by a few in advance of the course. Avenues are best seen by development.

We are terrified to behold one of tremendous holdings in a position of prestige, monetarily speaking. One before him was of a different league, a consort. Now behold one before you who will become the center of a much greater fold. A one to come will be seen by the many as one of them come to save them. A one will be seen as lighting...a one will be seen as light. He will be called Dove. He will be of another time and place, restored. Very alive. He will tumble and return alive this time. A nightingale will knock him down. A swan will break his neck. A lighting effect will restore him to good form. A one returns of beings mighty, of times restored. A swing - dates will appear above the head. Between...Borneo...an island. Between will be others of eyes glimpsed. Murders. Another will come to betray his good delight. A shifting storm will lend others a hand. Soon after 2008."

(Is he Bornean?-ed.)  "Maybe. The last."

(Will island be destroyed?-ed.)  "Another takes it."

(Describe "The Dove."-ed.)  "He has two brides - one in hiding. Silver. He represents that which is gone, returned. He has been taken away and returned. He will head a group. Malfour (sp?). Galgothan. He is one who brings strong emanations from (McGill?) for the purpose of designing a plan of retreat. Then summons his friends for another line of attack. He will enslave them some. A revenue such as will never have been attained. He is already known a little in some circles. (Walter? Peacock? Reese/Reed?) may know of him. Plebian encounter - fence - with American leader. Tall. 6' or more. Lives on island. Wajak (alt. spelling: Wadjak). And Curacao. In time will expand beyond Borneo. Malluccas. Rebels know."

(Good or bad?-ed)  "He will enslave them. Another will attempt rescue twice. Eventually (years?) they will succeed in defeating Dove. Another will dethrone him after a time."

Important reminder for those out there working for the light. We are peaceful, loving and givers of wisdom. There are times when we also teach in other ways. The following is one of those.

Eye-witness: Dark-side psychic senders trying to attack lightworkers under guise of "homeland security." Using transmissions as attack weaponry, they failed to do anything but annoy, but it serves as a cautionary tale to those of you out there. Stay positive and in the light. And know that there are higher-level ones here to assist you. This site is produced by lightworkers. Don't know how to tell the difference? Learn how at our classes. And write your congressmen informing them that you think your tax dollars could be used in more positive ways. Surround the lightworkers with supporting light and be their voices while they are being attacked. Wake up the sleeping and enlighten the ignorant. Fortunately we have the advantage of knowing where this is going! Remember that light-side psychics don't use their ability to attack innocent citizens or work for organizations that lie, cheat and steal for money. If you are under attack yourself, give a call. Children of the Light Unite.

We send our thoughts to those families waiting. We sent information on the first morning that a way could be made to them from mine #7 and that they should use an old fashioned rock hammer and drill and quietly reach them, about one day's work. We warned that using the #1 mine could take a week. We also said that there had been an explosion prior to the collapse, possibly methane and that there might be furnace conditions down there, although there were miners still alive AT THAT TIME. Time was crucial with lungs...Despite the apparent disregard of the information or the inability to locate the site, we still hold a light for them and their families that everything will be as it should be. We hope that the public will remember that information - from any source - should be considered during a life-or-death emergency.

Spirit says, "We are numbering them. Grand strokes of luck - verboten in the past."
(Vision: possibly shrouds or icons or large photo prints of him/banners?)
"The head(s) of one betrayed (betrayer?) will be on display (Afghanistan). The United Front. (For or against U.S.?) At this moment we are undecided." In a place far away, his..." His movements (orchestrated or unreal?) are stolid - corpse like. August or September likely...soon."

Note: Spirit does not want to say yet if alive or dead because they want a delay (April?) while they create something to hope for and give the people something they could not do before - like banners - so they will see that it has not been all for nothing. They do not know yet if U.S. can be trusted and are really unsure of Britain.)"We make a movement designed to appease. Please let it go for now. Name - Bizwar(sp?) Bent(sp?) We are at a hillside retreat. Algenon(sp?) knows. Lieutenant? We try to bring order...stability.
Brazil damages - white sheets - nothing new. Whose heads are on display? Our own. We tried to make it through to you, Genzali(sp?). Tripped up, I guess. Nothing happened. Minister....meeting. Ah, well. Try again. The inhabitants of (Bahrain?) are gone now. We have only each other to do this."

Update to above: Video of Osama Bin Laden released in September.

Old News. Last week spirit said, "Last 'Breakfast of Champions Games' next week" (this week now?). And added that we should "bring it up at Senate meeting."

Spirit says, "Southern U.S.A. and areas near equator...the causeway under(neath) you has a defect. The latent catch(ment?) systems are "dead." We believe a disease is spread by such as butter there. Butter begins the spread of illness within the (drainage?Sewer?). A trend is likely to begin there and spread up...to trees. Drains are needed."

NOTE: This was added one day after. On the morning of 2 August 2007, the information was related to news services.
Spirit says, "Design flaw function of supports was released (existing design flaw.) Someone establishing a program of release for the dam function downstream caused an electrical circuit outlet breakup (switches?). This caused a backup off the reserves - a strain on an already faulty support and old parts." Does "2 Rivers" mean anything? (Not '3 Rivers') Rush hour weight, too?"

FOLLOW-UP: "Bridge Collapse Is Laid to Design Flaw" By MATTHEW L. WALD Published: November 14, 2008 in the New York Times reports that it was a "design flaw" that caused the collapse. This confirms what we said in the above statement in 2007. The Other Side is always watching!

Spirit says, "'ONE:' 1. An organization of returns delivered substantially lower than prime in order to reserve whole quantities. A bridge mechanism for change within corrupt organization. Based at Quantico, (VA, MD?).   2.The likely candidate for President.   3.  President.  The "project" will renew itself this Fall. ONE will bruise his head a bit. Then, the other knows his plans and makes revisions. Tree-like effect. Anniversary of a death. (11/22?) Staffs know about it. The Presidency was decided long ago in a meeting between the two. D.C. never really liked G.B. But this was his one big chance. Ahead...to begin anew once he gets his hands on 'the project.' The project: He is "ONE." (Why not just wait and run for presidency?-ed.) Does not think it would be as likely to succeed. Tragic reappearance of one. Strange after so long gone. Group directed long ago to lose ties. OASIS (0-ACES) begins. A decline in ONE's spirit. Will begin knowingly understanding a plot against him up north. Times are changing. He must decide fast if he wants to step down. (Is this a plan to create a bloodless coup?-ed.) Look for signals, both with colored glasses and gloves, that indicate times when the other is, at the moment, or in the works to be, 'ONE.' (Is ONE going away to mark time?-ed) D.C.'s closest secret keeper is himself and next is a family member. ONE is guarded."*Homeland S.

Follow-up Notes: 1. Scandals in 2007 resulted from "sub-prime" loan industry corruption resulting in loss of homes to borrowers. 2. D.C. entered hospital 11/26/07 for heart-related health issues, 3. Condoleeza Rice coordinated a Peace Summit (see prediction in 2006). 4. White House begins marked change in Fall, 2007.

Spirit says, "There is that seen which divides. A unity government is dissolved. Economy weaker a bit. Coming apart at the seams a little. ONE will be brought to justice as the nation cringes on the brink."

Spirit says, "A Senate sub-committee is forming about last week's debacle in the Senate's (fore-room? antechamber?). Dennis Hastert squaring with another there? On the square? A likelihood of passing reform measures in Senate before the end of the year in order to provide better staples?"

Follow-up: November, 2007 Dennis Hastert announces he will retire and steps down.

Spirit says, "The "Terminator" wants Justice."

A HINT? 30 JULY, 2007
Spirit says, "Chastain... developed beyond belief. Ralph... Cook... envelope. Coming soon. Likely a short stash of cash to be used to develop... Libyan?... One makes good on promises... Justice.

PRIZE...  30 JULY, 2007
Spirit says, "One begins to talk too much. Intrude... Gaylord. We speak of the prize. Speaks many things. Tide is turning in event.

Spirit says, "He allows 'justice' to begin by counting down. Color-coded glasses?   (eyeglasses or drinking glasses?) Left by his side, he remains one. A white pair brings another to him. Vermillion means, 'Justice (Department) talks.'"

Spirit says, "Renewed interest in findings concerning the paleo root of Jamaica. Interest in Dominica... Findings off Labrador and Nova Scotia... a great set of years for explorers."

Spirit says, "Of a nature hidden. We want to be private a while longer. National Bank. Equity deal closing. Supplier of Print Media. Think Times-Mellon holdings."

Spirit says, "We begin to see the dialogue in this. Next spring will bring a conference. Delhi likely for a mass opening of reviews on the topic. One shares light on many things. A bridge to understanding. Dr. D.... A balloon effect."

Spirit says, "Coastline is clear this time. One big storm will be north a bit and turn... near Maryland. Offshore swelling. Tidal turns. A sigh of relief there for a change. Indonesia will suffer a bit from the blight of canned goods."

Spirit says, "We bring good things to you from the Peking Hut trail...McKinsey (Mackenzie?McKensey?)...Waterford...Two adult bikers in helmets, wearing yellow and red."

Spirit says, "Enjoy tomatoes while they're good... potential for blight of tomatoes and the fruity preserves. Wilber... Unger... field. Disquieting to discover that a breed has gone astray."

Editor's Note 2008: Mystery illness involving possibly tomatoes being investigated in the U.S. as of Summer 2008, one year after this quote.

ANATOLIA'S DROUGHT REGIONS  Received 25 FEB. 2007 Printed 2 JUNE, 2007
Are we speaking about growing fungi and plants in drought stricken regions of Armenia,
and Turkey using tankers to truck water to the crops?
Or is there something else to this story? There is a drought...What dates-past/present?
Is this historic or current? Readers, share your memories...

Spirit says, "We are of the belief that the nature of the mushroom trilogy is begotten of trust. We must take into account the substance of trillium and then the one of thirst. Taken lightly this brings a third substance of tankers. Build a reputation of caring about defense. Make a bridge of the artifactual chemical remains. Use them on gooses. Avenues of descent are lightly distributed along lines of courage to defense. Logic brings us to next step. Phase changes bring loosely together the pilots of a program of volunteer "hemocrats" and philanthropic others. Devise a plan of munitions - use it as defense. Bring the two together. Align the tracks. We return to bring others. We make it light. Harvest a good turn by giving the others a return opposition. Then deny the breeding. After the categories of defense go un-allied for a while, carrier substances are found for remains. Awkward breeding experiments fail. Lines of defense fall short. Armistice planned. Damages to us are slight. We build again. Next time won't matter - had our chance. Agreements are notwithstanding an element of delight for all who remain uncharted, globally speaking. Wilbur (sp?) remains the chief and all remains "under." Chandler. The Hatties (Anatolia?-ed.) Mattingly(sp?)"

Spirit requested help with this one - time/location blending:

Spirit says, "They eat humans. They consume the flesh...their diet primarily consists of the rabbit, but they lie outside hoping for more quality food. A pentacostal bunch. The woods. Of the respect normal; one would even be seen as "clean." Morris or Morphis(sp). Normal birth. Suwanee. Two or more of them. Morris (Morphis?) develops a technique for whistling a tune in their ear. Then he knifes them. Men and women victims. Began in teens once...as a joke. The other one with him? The naked one. He goes by Sam. One victim? Roberta Simms (spelling unsure.) She was soft-spoken and befriended him once. His profession? Swindler. Additional terms, relationship uncertain: Terradyne, Hasbro. Near his 'office.'" He swims. Camping. Does anyone know about this? Spirit has been showing up asking us if we knew that 'they eat humans."

Note: Before reading this one-ask if this is past or present time?

Spirit says, "He will bare markets. He will destroy the many (markets.) He is a maker of wills...of documents. He is a P.....market maker. His name is Agnew, P. He has a desire to gain. He acquires fortunes of others at great expense to them. He brings about their fall. He will stay beneath for a while - telemarketing. Then he will gain the trust of many. After a while, he will overthrow them. A quarter of a century could pass. Then in a lightning move, he destroys them, to bring about a change of order in the markets."

Spirit says, "We should tell them completely everything we know already: that they are geared to devise a beginning code - one that speaks breaths or wheezes chants - unseen...United Kingdom. Dimensionally unseen."

Spirit says, "'They' want the nature of the divine twin. You have it. They can't have it. We must broker it. We have diaphrams (diagrams?) of existant waterways that bring isolation from public view. The grand masters have it. They keep it between themselves.
Between the substances that flow ejaculate, we bring a one of mighty flow prevalent in the east by fork and in tune with the Wellstar Ordinance. We must not give it to them. We begin at 10 and 'unite the colonies' for it must be told that she aligns the brakes."

THE POLES  07 MAY, 2007
Spirit says, "The poles are growing and the envelope is changing quickly."

Editor's Note 2008: Recent news articles by the Associated Press indicate that the ice over the north pole will likely be gone by end of the summer this year. Other large ice melts also noted.

ON THE MAP  05 MAY, 2007
Spirit informs: "Two locations for activity:
1. The warehouse of the front nation is located in an incidental port city. Members of Tehran... Pakistan..(Jiwali? Djibouti? Port Said?? More information will clarify at later time.)
2. We are given to believe it is here. Under the tankers. Adjunct Houston."

UPDATE FOR OBL  27 April, 2007
(Note: This next to be confirmed by spirit:)
From spirit: "He is seen to have expired overnight. His relatives know. He will be home soon. He was wounded severely in an attack...brother...by another. A lesson learned. We will see shortly. We will temporarily withhold the nature of the assassin. Arab. Hasim (Haseem?-sp?). We tried to be there. We pray for his spirit."

UPDATE FOR OBL  26 April, 2007
Spirit says, "We are privy to designs on his fortune by heirs and others at this point. He makes a point of bringing it up with others soon. At the train there will be others with designs of their own. He is privy to the fact that his children want a piece of his fortune and others await a ot of it. He will provide in time."

THE MINES  26 April, 2007
Spirit says, "Thomas...Salt agreements...fiduciary claims. The mines."

Did you know that in the future you will be able to travel to "New Hawaii," which will be nowhere geographically near present-day Hawaii. How far in the future? Not long. Think north.

BUSINESS CHANGES?  6 April, 2007
Spirit says that "Bristol-Myers will again lead the field with a new development on hand. Policy makers agree never to reveal the patent.....
A fight in the upper echelons...then a great battle in court later."

CHANGING TIMES  6 April, 2007
Spirit says, "A leading establishment will disappear entirely."

Spirit says, "We are privy to the makers of such devices yet feel compelled to report nothing yet. We see the makers of such devices supportive of changing environments in technology, one bred of respect for others. We feel desirous of effects of the best, on the other hand, to support the labeling functions as radicalism. We must be profoundly grateful for the delicacy of such matters. They want to devise a chemo-system of sorts with radio attachment that implements a drive for (clemency?clementine?clemson?). Marine device, capable of renewing itself. Fortitude lacks. Restraint. Budget cuts likely. Everett(sp?) wants a proto-sphere in place by July of next year. MINAC (spelling unsure- Mineac?). A quantity of burghers (burgers?) would want to refrain from holding meetings about this. We are of the belief that nothing holds it down. One benefits from trust, given freely. For people? Quite. We behold an instance of a sinner in town who belonged to one of those group of parrishioners that worked a device for handling singularities made with consequences built in for abuse of same (stereotyping?). We refrain from understanding because we believe in freshman qualities. (Which people?) The ones proliferating in squandary. The bridgemakers, the Toledo man, the dancers - ones who bring evil to our times. (What does it do?) The whereabouts and doings of such a person. We want to bring it under a ready system. We are in the 5th year of the Appomattox. We are building a way forward. A tamper-proof way to proceed."

WHO?  04 April, 2007
Spirit says, "He is elsewhere, on his own, his own project. UN peacekeeping mission. His own "hire-out." Squire. A minor constabulary. His mission takes him elsewhere. Prairie State."

WHAT?  6 April, 2007
Spirit says, "La Tourneau (sp?) will escape."

BARRELS OF WHAT?10 March, 2007
Spirit says: "On the springs side of...North America. Dominica or Dominion. Calcutta. Springs. Dallas. There are developments
afoot here. Ruther (sp) or Rutherford. Developments. Barrel's worth. Detroit...
under lockers. Quantum. There is that deliverance which comes of being in mighty
chains a while. Goran (Goren?) Inert matter. Mining the substance to put
under our "arms." Development. Thomson. Morris. Look under the heading "Even Loaves" -
key in development under skies and development under keys (key?). We bring
substance to pay for future development of mine and to say that it is bread (bred?)
for others. Delta from Miami to...A development of brothers."


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