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Completion...letting go...forgiveness...I love...

That one of complexity of origins foreign and brilliant...the one of the origins little...NINE.
Nine times any number yields a product which upon being reduced to a single digit will give the
number...9. (Example: 9 x 881 = 7929; 7929 = 7+9+2+9 = 27; 27 = 2+7=9).
The 9 person is a thick book which bears the images and tests of many lifetimes
to be completed in memory.

All of the lessons of the previous numbers (1-8): uniqueness, individuality, aloneness,
loneliness, leadership, pioneering, ego, airing, compromising,
diplomacy, partnership, sharing, science, writing, music, male-female, dualities,
friends, peace, war, marriage, choice, opposites, cooperation,
creativity, talent, ability, intellect, drama, sex, art, acting, children,
dancing, triangles, trinity, tripartite, building, square, corners,
solids, home, land, work, change, travel, gambling, risk, chamelean, chimera,
instability, love, family, health, illness, responsibility, healing,
cultivating, fear, caring, concern, faith, hope, miracles, paranormal, business,
bills, profit, physical body, material things, physical karma, loss and gain,
philanthropy, win and lose, love and hate, life on Earth...
combine and complete in the 9's life sooner or later.

It is time to appreciate, remember, mourn, reflect, touch
upon, try again and say goodbye.

9 brings renewed chances to complete that which is seen as incomplete.
Did you ever finish the music lessons, the marriage,
the invention? Did you try once more to "get it right"
in that (or those) relationships (mother, father, siblings, exes?)
Are you still trying to complete something?

By now you no doubt have learned that "forgiveness" and "understanding"
are a large part of the 9's experience...the need to forgive, the ability to forgive grows with the 9
The reason? Understanding. An old soul has already walked
in those shoes and can appreciate the emotional and physical positions that younger
souls are in while here on Earth.

There is a broad base of love in the 9's character. An ever
expanding base of love and appreciation of all that is
and has been.

It is the moment one is standing at the door, preparing to leave...
taking one more look, making one more effort, smiling
one last time, teaching, both through effort and by example, before
stepping through the door finally.

A 9 must be able to "let go" and know that all is well.
"Let go and let God, "If you love 'em, let 'em go,"
"Live and let live," "It's all good," "I understand"
could all be said by an enlightened 9. "I love" is a 9 phrase.
The two words alone say it, since there is no need to add "you,
them, wildflowers, brandy" or other individual targets for affection.
"I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round," John Lennon told us.

As the 9 moves through completions, there can be a great deal
of joy and sadness, perceived loss, pain and suffering, tests of
endurance and all the lessons learned heaped one upon the other.
Many lifetimes in one...the thick Book of Life.

So much to do and so little time it seems. All those persons
past and present with whom we wanted to try again to have wonderful relationships
for the moment, for the years, or for a lifetime, but to whom
sooner or later we must bid farewell. So many places to live
again, so much food and drink to sample once again...If you knew that you were leaving the world tomorrow -
no "future lives" here - and you wanted to make it "complete" before leaving,
how much time do you need? One year? One hundred? What about the needs
of those who need to be with you for a while first, until
they are ready to let you go? Are you staying here for their sake?
Because you love...

A 9 is finally coming into their own. Fulfillment is a keyword
and an opportunity with a 9. Sooner or later, they realize that it is all a memory...

Most 9s are intense and passionate, even if they
have developed calm demeanors. Their inner creativity is at a height
and, as karmic experiences (the fun ones and the painful ones, too) are transformed into wisdom,
the closer they come to their moment of realization.
The closer to the door...

9s have so much to share with the world - they've had so
many moments, places, feelings good and bad, lifestyles and,
for those who remember "past lives," can share those experiences
their high points and their endings, as well.

Efforts to finish things, learning to let go, forgiving (self the most!), understanding and
enjoying Planet Earth and all that dwells here and elsewhere and bridging the gap
for others to begin their pathways, creating and inventing or passing the knowledge
on so that others might do so. 9s often do volunteer projects without credit.

Preparing for what's on the other side of the door,
just as soon as you have the chance to try to create, complete, let go, forgive, enjoy, and love....
one more time.

Some keywords: End, complete, fulfill, forgive, universal love, release, appreciate.


Your birthday is on the 9th of the month

You were born in a 9 year.

Your name (one of them or all of
them combined) adds up to a 9.

You were the 9th child.

Your address has a 9 in it or
adds up to 9 (this will be an influencing location).


1908, 1917, 1926, 1935, 1944, 1953, 1962, 1971, 1980, 1989, 1998, 2007.


If your birthday has more than one 9,
you are a double or triple 9.


John Lennon, Carl Sagan, Kirk Douglas, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., John Milton,
Emmett Kelly, Bobby Fischer, Raul Julia, Yuri Gagarin, Johnny Depp,
Michael J. Fox, Hugh Hefner, Les Paul, Robert Cummings, Jackie Mason,
Cole Porter, Richard Nixon, Bob Denver, Joan Baez, Jimmy Page, Gypsy Rose Lee,
Mia Farrow, William Henry Harrison, Otis Redding, Robin Trower, Howard Carter,
Tony Gwynn, Tom Hanks, Gillian Anderson

REMEMBER: As with all lessons, we are given all that
we need to complete them and abundant help from the other side -
if we seek it.


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