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Some places are not to be ventured into without knowledge. There are places where the natural forces of nature combine with the energies and intentions and events of the past and present in a way that has an effect that is many times amplified. What happens if one is unprepared for what can and will transpire... the changing of one's natural mental and emotional states and the simultaneous changing of one's physical health...?

Over time, events that have taken place leave their mark... suspended... spirits that have become attracted and remain... one's "will" impaired or stymied...


Vortices of energy can cover a distance that varies from a small place to many miles. One such vortex, in southern California covers entire neighborhoods, extending inland and outward to sea...

This is a telling of that place... the end of the twentieth century and beginning years of the twenty-first... Southern California...

A place so pretty, at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, with year-long mild weather, so apparently normal. And yet, people are dying there: suicides, deaths by train, drugs, depression, anemias, mental lethargy, "accidents"... And there are presences and forces that became magnetically bound there...

Wanting Life... Living at the other end of the vibrational scale... for them to live, they need energy... Yours...

Some magnetic fields bring out the darkest regions of the subconscious... fear, hatred, unspeakable desires and thoughts, regrets, repentence, vampirism and revenge.

Is this where you want to purchase your home?

1998 - THE HOUSE

In the very last days before urban sprawl completely overtook the Southern California coastline, an eclectic mix of older and newer homes and lifestyles co-existed. The older house faced westward on a dead-end street (cul de sac would be too pretentious a term for this location). It had been one of the earlier houses built when the town of Encinitas was formed. It had distinct advantages, though, despite its smaller size and semi-dilapidated appearance: a roommate here could paint, listen to music, grow plants, and walk a few short blocks, pass a cool seafood restaurant, cross over a railroad track to arrive at Moonlight Beach - the Pacific Ocean! And, at less than $500 per month, really miraculously low rent for the area at the time, a great deal...

The yard was large and, even though the soil was difficult, there were plants and ground cover. I was tired or I would have paid closer attention, caught the signal, noticed that my healthy orchids died almost immediately after the move to the house...But, I was choosing to ignore signals...

It struck me that the other roommate seemed "stuck" or lethargic (some place other than "laid-back"), unable to break out of some hidden inertia. And, under the outer surface of music and poetry, there was something else - an "anti," an anger, a rebellion, a frustration - was it hate, also? - of everything and everyone? Why? Certainly he never displayed any outward signs of negative emotional states. Cool was the thing in California - emotional control and coolness were signs of a successful person.

After settling in to my bedroom, I soon became aware that there was definitely a haunting here - more than one "ghost." My room seemed to be near the center of the activity. Yet these were not my usual assortment of spirits who acompany me. Soon, I became aware that my own emotional state was changing and that I was becoming "tired," even after sleeping. Being a professional in the field of the paranormal, my attention was raised. It was time to address whatever was happening and it needed to be handled quickly, as I might lose too much "power" if I let it proceed.

I began my work on it. First, I realized that I was suffering from a type of psychic attack - vampirism of my energy field and the subsequent lowering of physical forces. Upon checking, I found that my iron level was low. I realized also that either my roommate was entering my locked room in my absence and lifting up the glass cover on my desk so that a sharp object could be used to scratch lines onto the top of it or some other entity was at work. Why? Then the foul odor began emanating. Could it be a sewer backup? After all, I thought to myself, it is an old house. I didn't convince myself. I began energy clearance work in my room. I put up symbols of good spiritual power for protection.

Just outside the door to my room, I removed any questionable objects and took them to the garage-storage area. I called to spirit - "show yourself! I know you are here." The energy shift was palpable. Something was here. In time, I saw a woman crossing the room. Over time, I would see her more than once. The original owner, maybe - could it be? Was she unhappy with the way her house was being used? Was it something else? Another one - another spirit - also has died here - it felt "creepy," I thought. Maybe someone's buried under this house - a murder, maybe? Something was not right here. Finally, I felt another "death," more recent. Had someone recently died who had lived or passed here? It was beginning to take form: anger, violence, illness, death, sadness, remorse, a host of emotions filled this space. In time, these emotions had expanded and transformed into something more in depth, almost "evil" feeling. "Evil is a word for amateurs," I said. "Deeply magnetic, other end of the vibrational scale - let's get to the bottom of it. You are a professional."

I began working the yard, the streets, to seek the edge of the energy field: how large was the vortex or alignment?* (see below) As I walked, I soon discovered that something was following me. Born in the year of the rabbit, I took note of the fact that the pathway, which had been clear on my way out, would have dead rabbits lying in it on my way back. I noted that there were exceptionally high numbers of suicides or other deaths in the neighboring area. Many were being hit by the train on the flat stretch of track nearby. In time, my work would lead me to see the energy field as extending quite a long way, even out into the Pacific floor in one direction and inland in the other direction for miles. This area required deep work. Generations of anger, frustration, and even hatred had been absorbed and magnified until it "lived" their, the ambient energy of the place. Magnetic energy had held onto its unquiet dead; it pulled on the subconscious minds of those present, excavating hidden fears and traumas and provoking negative results in action and thought. No wonder my roommate appeared to be stuck.

"Did anyone recently die in that room", I asked my friend. "Yes, my father did," he replied. He explained that his father had become remorseful for the years he felt that he had failed others in his last days. "There's violence here, too," I said. The last roommate had been attacked with a knife in that room at night by someone who had broken in, he answered. My own energy became dangerously debilitated - I was slipping. I was being overwhelmed. Soon I would have no energy to fight whatever was happening. Depressing, sad, remorseful feelings overtook me. I could feel the woman, the deceased father, the "other one" - under the house? Somewhere nearby? These spirits were NOT HAPPY and their intense unhappiness had combined with the magnetic vortex to create a maelstrom of vampiristic negativity.

Meanwhile, my attempts to remove objects from the space had angered the controlling entity of the area. One night, as I left my physical form lie and stepped out of it to go for a walk, that controller granted an interview. "You've disrepected me," it said, as it took the form of a 4'-wide face projecting three-dimensionally through the ceiling. What had I done? Was it something I had removed? Something I had said? Certainly it there is something I know as a psychic it is that one must be certain to respect the power of all entities and energy forms. Whether used for good or ill, it IS powerful and can do great harm or good if it chose to do so. Respect the power. If one cannot work with it or stop it, then get away from it, but do not be so foolish as to "disrespect" it. Good or "evil" it IS power. Had I been disrespectful of someone/something very powerful? I apologized and began to set about determing what needed to be done. Even if the energy would need to be altered or removed, it would be necessary for me to regroup and recharge my own and to come from a more powerful position. One does not take on such an situations lightly. The house was in pitiful state. It needed to be healed or destroyed. Spirit needed to be helped. The magnetic energies of the area were drawing to it all of the hatred, anger, resentments of the world along the energy lines. They were drawing "death." There would be many more deaths in the days and years to come. I had moved into the house in 1998 and by now the negative entities were building to a state of emergence.


Death was here. It was lying in wait. It was following. It was wanting to be put to use. It was wanting to claim. "I can see why I needed to come here. This area will be in a pretty bad energy state for a while and spirits alive and dead are calling for assistance. Death will want to claim me because I can help them. It will stalk me. I will need to help the others because it cannot touch me, but it may get those around me who are not prepared for it. In order to begin, I must leave this area and regroup myself," I thought. This was convenient at that time, since I had travel to do on the east coast. I would be gone for months seeing clients and visiting friends and family. I decided to move. I put my furniture in storage and caught a plane going east.


I was moving back to Encinitas. Over the past year or so I had traveled east and south and gone to power spots in the southwest and northern California to re-energize myself. Then I had lived in hotels and motels for a while, as I awaited a good house sharing position to open in Encinitas again. "It must be at a higher elevation and north of the position of that house in order to give me an energy advantage." Just such a place opened up in 2001. At the time that I was ready to move into the house, a young man in his twenties who was working at the storage facility volunteered to help move my things in order to earn some extra money for himself. I introduced Eric to my new roommate, Hilda. In recent weeks, I had begun working on a small excavation of an ancient Native American site and had unearthed a pipe. Spirit had spoken to me at the time. "Cut your hair. We will grieve for you." Within the next weeks, the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center happened. Then Eric was killed mysteriously in a one-car accident on the highway that passed parallel to the street in front of the old house. His friends made the comment that they did not believe that it was likely that he had fallen asleep at the wheel - not like him, they said. But what then? Altered states can be induced by both natural and technical means. He was not known to do drugs. Very close to the house, in fact. There was no evidence of a cause for the accident. A week or so after this, Hilda died from a heart attack after recovering from illness. She was alone at home at the time and had appeared to be all right that morning when I left the house. I had introduced them to each other... I could still remember them shaking hands. Dead rabbits again appeared on the boulevard that ran in the direction of the old house. I would need to find a new home now that my roommate was dead. Her family would sell the house. I moved further north on the coastline and began to rebuild my plan for helping spirit.

One day, quite by accident, I encountered a friend of my old roommate. "Don't I recognize you?" he asked. "From the house in Encinitas?" "Yes," I said.

"Creepy place," he continued. "Probably bodies buried under it."

"No doubt," I replied.


My former roommate also eventually moved to a city located north of Encinitas. The house itself was being destroyed to make room for a park and history center. In a real estate market that was soaring, the owner of the house had chosen not to preserve it.

Encinitas, California - Atlanta, Georgia - Baghdad, Iraq - all lie at "33 degrees north" latitude.


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