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It's interesting to watch our very observant local cat - a white and black who prowls the yards and lots at night, sniffing and - a word I got from spirit recently - "perambulating": officially walking the boundaries of territory lest it be lost to another cat.

My normal entourage of ghosts, entities, and muses being in and around my car, said feline apparently clearly saw a "ghost" there one night recently. I was busy inside my car late at night when I heard spirit say, "Look up." Outside my window in the dark parking lot, the white and black cat had stopped, was sitting up with eyes wide open and was focused intently on the upper inside spaces of my car. There could be no doubt that kitty was seeing someone there and was sitting in almost frozen pose. WHO was kitty gazing up to in rapt attention and perhaps no little fear? I got the impression kitty was looking at someone large and uncommon, imposing - no ordinary moth or bird or person-in-flesh.

This reminded me of another occasion when cat-met-ghost. It was back in the late 1980s or early 1990s when I was visiting a friend to watch videos at their house and we'd gone out on the back patio. As we began to descend the stairs to the yard below, one of her cats began to ascend from the bottom step to take advantage of the open door and head inside for food and a nap. Many times I had petted this kitty and we got along well. However, this time had been different. Her cat, a sweet gray, took one wide-open-eyed look at someone apparently large and imposing just over my shoulder. With her forward motion frozen, back arched, kitty had turned and run away to the yard.

We would later realize that she'd likely seen the ghost of the male spirit from "Rippers In America," a story still very early in development in those days, who had been felt or seen by several people.

On the more recent occasion, back to the white and black kitty, I made certain that the cat could see me by moving and waving and shaking the car, but kitty was not going to move the gaze - eyes could not have opened wider; there was no blink.

Eventually, the spirit moved on and the cat relaxed and looked at me, with an expression that clearly said, "Did you see THAT?!"

Days passed and I was sleeping one night when a night vision appeared to me in which a white and black cat said to me, "That is one Haunted Car!" I then awoke. I looked out my window and there was the cat, sniffing and walking slowly nearby.

In a story page for "Ancients" from the year 1170 AD I heard the term "lili-gales" (spelling unknown). Listening and questioning spirit frequently - likely interrupting his responses, spirit had said to me, "Hold on to your liligales!" "What is a lili-gale?" I inquired. "A cat," spirit replied. So, I suppose that "hold on to your liligales" is much like "hold your horses."

I have decided that my nightly visitor, our neighborhood rat-and-squirrel patrolling, feline perambulator, and ghost hunter shall be called "Lili-gales - LG for short should it be male...

Do you have any cat-met-ghost stories?
Or maybe it was your dog?

Can you name a famous cat from the movies who had metaphysical connections? Clue: Think Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart. (Answer below)

You may know that dogs hear "dog whistles," but can you?
At what decibel level does sound have to be before the average human hears it? I once heard that the number was 25 decibels. Cats hear sounds at much lower decibel levels. What are they hearing? Can you hear it?
Have you read about the visual abilities of butterflies and dragonflies? Can you see in those ranges? What would you see? Sharks feel vibrations so sensitively that they can feel the presence of persons in the water long before humans would be aware of the presence of other humans normally. If you could feel vibrations as sensitively as sharks, of what would you be aware?

Answer: PYEWACKET with Gillian (Kim Novak) from "Bell Book and Candle." Its one of my personal favorites.

Are Cats to be found "Somewhere Over The Rainbow?"


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