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The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now



M O T H E R S... R E M E D I E S
For every evil under the sun,
There is a remedy, or there is none.
If there be one, seek till you find it;
If there be none, never mind it.


Many years ago, while speaking at the Grand Opening of the Central Sun Storehouse's second location in Charlotte, North Carolina to a crowd overflowing from the room through the entrance room to the outside, I pointed on a map to Nova Scotia, Labrador, the Arctic, the tundra, taiga and steppes of Russia, the "stans," the Altai, and Mongolia and predicted that important finds would be made in those frozen regions as the ice melted and that explorations for gas, minerals and oil would compete in that region soon. Surely NOT was the general feel of the response. More likely the Carribbean and Bermuda Triangle areas. Who'd want to freeze up north? All that ice! Well, if you've been following the news, you know that the race is on to find artifacts before they disappear into the arctic waters or become otherwise destroyed as they become exposed to the air.
Foresight: Do you listen to your own? Or do you go with the consensus view every time?
Read about the Arctic.

We are now on the response point of events that occurred in the year 1986. And, a full cycle away from those changes begun in 1988-90. Haley's Comet and eclipse cycles: How is space weather affecting you? Read more.

Many of you are at stages in your life in which you are ending one lifestyle or career and beginning another... yes, beginning... because, whether you take deliberate steps toward that new goal or stand there perplexed, grieving, or inert, you are transforming. How will your life evolve from this step forward? Do you find yourself deciding whether to re-embrace the past - old neighborhoods or professions - or venture into new ground? You are dealing with "Time." Read more about Time.

Some of you simply are not the same person who went by your name or walked in the body in the past -- literally. For there are those of you experiencing what is labeled as a "walkin" experience. Do you know who you are? Are you a walkin?

If you enjoy mysteries, you are probably already aware that the Mother Goose rhymes were said to be codes (Hermetic, for example), maps (Hey Diddle Diddle) and other forms of information disguised as rhyme for children. As an adult, have you read Mother Goose lately? Hey Diddle Diddle might, for one example, be paired with the Temple of Dandera in Egypt, with its astronomical ceiling. During May - Taurus - that "cow" jumping over the moon might well be the Goddess Hathor, whose temple is at Dandera. Ancients

As the rhyme above instructs - give it your utmost! And then... let it go. Your ego tries to keep solving until it gets fatigued and then it steps aside... so your intuition and higher consciousness and connection to "allthatis" can help you out once again.

With Spring all around us and Summer's herbs and spices soon to fill the air, it is good to remember, when confronted with the fear of a new bacteria, "virus" or "spore," that the antidote, the remedy, is usually not far from the problem. (I once rid my body of a virulent illness by simply eating peaches, lime, jalapeno, peppermint and echinacea teas - and resting for about 36 hours - I spent less than $10. I watched the television news showing folks at the emergency room spending about $200 for the visit and taking about two weeks to be rid of it!) I have also used light, sound, and other energy blending techniques. We are a rainbow of heat and light - energy in motion. While we are speaking of natural foods, REAL vanilla offers wonderful calming effects, well worth the difference in price from the artificial flavor. And some real lavender in your yogurt is a personal peace plan as well as lemon and poppy seed in your muffins or salad dressings: serenity. Why not plant some herbs?

And - when no remedy can be seen? Relying upon intuition and allowing for the solution (or no solution) to present itself is an exercise in releasing FEAR. Are you holding yourself back because you fear the outcome that change will bring? The past years have shown how expensive fear can be. Liberating one's self from worry can be an economic stimulus plan that works! OVERCOMING FEAR.

Hope all of you enjoy "Happy Mother's Day": Moms, Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers, Great Great Grandmothers, adoptive mothers, stepmoms, Mother Earth!

As May proceeds, we'll find ourselves becoming Gemini - and bring out the Gypsy and Gypsy lifestyle in each of us. Campmobiles are back! (Were they ever really gone?) Mirrors and our own reflections will remind us of... many things and many perspectives. As the Quaker Oats ad says, "Go Humans Go." (And many of you will be "going" in Campmobiles.)

Are you HAPPY?

Again, Thanks for more than twenty-nine years of your support and business. In the eighties we prepared our clients for "contact" (ET, Other Dimensional Beings, Lightbeings, etc.) and helped to bring a more advanced consciousness. In the nineties, we warned about the avoidable war that America was heading toward and the rise of globalization, homelessness and terrorism in America and the world. There is more than one form of terrorism. Putting citizens on "death lists"... We know you know already, but want to remind you. In the next decade, as we ponder the best ways to redirect America and its spending, think about the possibility of reining in all those lists of people. Do you know how many lists there are or who is on them and who (special interests) puts people on these lists? This is not a political position - it is a fork in the road for all humans in our century. At a time when economies are changing and there will be many persons seeking employment or finding themselves "homeless" or otherwise vulnerable; others thrust upward into limelight and power -- Do we take the path of light or of shadow? Certainly fear is not the way and that should be a clue. Just a thought. Target Project

For every evil under the sun,
There is a remedy, or there is none.
If there be one, seek till you find it;
If there be none, never mind it.


In Real-Life Ghosts' Stories, we hear briefly about some of their remembrances of life and death, but the real brilliance is that we are hearing it from them directly, across time and space.

Read about light beings and other beings.


I receive lots of questions about Applied Psi. What is it? How does it work? In applied-psi, psychic abilities are directed toward a practical application: anthropology, archaeology, history, health articles, scientific - in short, any discipline. Where necessary for terminology and reference, combining psi with traditionally taught disciplines gives a perfect blending of both the traditional and psi approaches.

For some examples, read the following: Applied Psi on Alzheimer's, Schizophrenia, Autism, Duodenum and other topics; Applied Psi for mystery solving: Rippers In America or Ancients; Embedded applied psi anthropology projects Target; for information/news, Our World Today Series. These are just some examples.

The U.S. government is not yet ready to acknowledge the existence of psi walkins and this creates dilemmas for those who experience more than one being per apparent physical body lifetime. To read about walkins, go to:Walkins.

In light,

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