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The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now

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Another "coulda happened" version:


By Asha Ariel Aleia

The mystery of little green men:

The story of how "Little Green Men" came to be in America is well known in our times. The events told here are real or at least some of them are real.

Back in the days when children ate their peas-and-carrots and played with pea shooters... well, that would be, say a couple of generations ago, there was a boy somewhere who lined up his peas to be launched: an entire army of peas to be launched at passers-by from his pea shooter launch pad. He called them his army of little green men. Since he was growing up to be an engineer and maybe a rocket scientist, he decided that he needed to redesign that pea shooter so that he could send his army of little green men into orbit in an appropriately fitting spaceship. It was around the time of the space age by then.

He decided to take his toy balloon and use it for his spaceship. He dried off the peas because they were heavier when they were wet. (He knew this because he was a genius and because the balloon was weighted down by the heavier wet peas.) He tied it with kite string and flew his space ship in orbit around town. But! Wait! If he was clever and let go of the string that was tied to the spaceship, it might even leave orbit and travel around the solar system just like Hayley's Comet with its tail.

As you know by now, eventually his spaceship came to Earth in Roswell, New Mexico. And, as you are sure to remember, the US military and spies and reporters all came sooner or later to look for evidence that the spaceship with little green men had crashed to Earth. It was a secret for decades.

Finally, the US Air Force admitted that something had, indeed, crashed in the desert. They declared that the spaceship was… (you already know this because it is a famous news item everywhere:) it was a "balloon."

There are clues everywhere now. Didn't the "X Files" movie show the FBI special agents coming out of the agricultural fields? What else besides corn and carrots and honey bees was out there? Must have been a secret group of future astronauts, spacemen, and a crop, a cache of "little green men," sometimes called "outer space aliens," but also sometimes called peas.

Who did they think was flying that ship over Roswell? Not the Japanese. We don't often see them eating peas. Was the ship launched secretly by the Americans? They eat peas. Come to think of it, so do the East Indians. Buryani has peas in it. Were they flying ships carrying little green men inside? Were the little green men from outer space or from secret special agents?

Fast forward in time to the twenty-first century and we hear a woman answering someone's question, "What do you want?" By now, it has become a staple response to reply, "World peace or, at least, world peas." Then, as we see the woman walking down the sidewalk on another day, we notice that she has found a can of peas … for luck? They were called Double Luck. Should she open the can? Remember when they opened up that container that they called a "Trojan Horse" and an entire army of fighters climbed out of it? They tell us that the Trojan Horse event was a true story! What if the woman opened up the can and an entire army of supersized-nano outer space alien creatures, sometimes called "little green men" or occasionally called peas climbed out now?

Or, was it a clue that "Little Green Men" from outer space (or from secret special agents) are ALREADY HERE in a can or bag at the market or in the pantry at home??

Could happen.

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