A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
A d v a n c e d  P S I  S I N C E  1 9 8 8

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now


T H E   N A T U R E   O F   T I M E

"At what HOUR does your gambol end? One with trimpet or flavon? We are acquired. With such good fortune, there is none of the misadventure that ONCE brought the nation to new lows."

The twenty-third year of any adventure must be the beginning of a seven-year return toward the beginnings. At twenty-two-plus years, Asha of Antares reached toward the horizon of that twenty-third year. Now in its twenty-eighth year, no doubt a TIME of rebirth and finality await the NEXT YEAR.

What was the original Asha of Antares of 1988 like? What will 2017-18 bring? Many of you have known Asha since the early days of '88 and '89. What were your experiences in life at that TIME? No doubt altered, as so many are, by the vagueries and vulgarities of the post-2001 years, TIME has reached its HOURGLASS' turning point

since that September many years AGO.

Like Alice reaching for the golden key, 2016 offers entry into worlds larger and smaller than ourselves. TIME IS A CONSTRUCT and, increasingly, humans will come to understand the nature of TIME and its relationship to their personal size. Has TIME been a goose to you? How does it actually work or does it work at all?

I will be helping some of you this year to understand changes in the concept of TIME.

For others of you, newly revealed, but already in use, devices which are electromagnetic/microwave/frequency-based will come to be recognized in the news and seen for their role as both healing devices and, unfortunately, as weapons (yes, already used against the U.S. citizens here in America!). The good news is that what we psychics have been explaining for millenia (auras, EMFs, teleportation, etc.) is now being fabricated in technology. It works! Now that EMF-based technology and espionage frequency-based and speed of light (SL)-based weaponry are a matter of fact here, educating the public to recognize medical "symptoms" of negative use (attack), as well as criminal behavior (thievery, murder, control, false imprisonment) is a practical necessity and the TIME IS NOW. Concerns about health care and new laws and budgets cannot go reasonably forward to real-time solutions without including an educated public concerning these devices. False diagnoses and incorrect determination of "cause of death" will likely occur without understanding the nature and use of these devices. Crime solving for theft of original ideas and plans/property, requires knowledge of how these new devices work. Promising good uses for the technology require swift and on-time delivery of information about these new developments, the persons already in possession of them,(military, police, criminals) and the likely targets for their use (the "sitting duck" public). Don't be a sitting duck!

S w a n s!

With proper education and an aware public, a new horizon is here to be enjoyed and not feared.



SPRING is the welcome return of the sun - the light bringer - warmth... hope for a new turn of events for the year. We are surrounded by beauty as blue-violet wisteria drape over greenery, lending violet waves from above for our visual field, white and yellow blossoms prevailing as the protection and pathway (yellow brick road) in our daily lives - the kundalini which traverses through ourselves. All this reminds us to combine our upper chakra revelations (our larger selves) with the directed activity of our solar plexis and heart chakras and lower chakras (smaller selves) through that golden pathway - the key - finding ourselves to be just the right size at the right moment of TIME, which is ALWAYS and NOW.

In the coming weeks, those other spring/summer colors will appear - pinks, reds, oranges, as we put away our coats and find ourselves under warmer rain showers - liquid sunshine - and longer, warmer, sunnier days.


B e s t  w i s h e s,
A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S

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