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What is ascension?

Themes these months are overcoming obstacles, survival, miracles, hidden helpers and ascension. Passover and Easter both fall in this season, as does Ostara.

While others have spent their life and career emphasizing the suffering of the cross or the martyrdom of victimization, I have been one who has emphasized both the metaphysical and celebratory message of these days: The fact that life can be tough, that there are treacherous predatory folk in abundance in any lifetime certainly has been many times explained in the stories behind these holidays. Even today, we can relate to the Judas character, willing to betray - lie, spy, deny - for a payoff (or paycheck) - domestic spying as racketeering is one example. But the fact is that in these stories there is an element of that which goes beyond the lower animal nature of the physical body to the light being within us who can and DOES resurrect and continue to BE after apparent bodily death. This implies that use of the term "resurrection" of the body, (i.e. genetic engineering and/or light ascension of the spirit), is an indicator of advanced beings with knowledge which so exceeds that of the local populace that deeds appear to be "miraculous:" rising from the dead, healing, walking on water, apparently stretching the quantity of the food supply, changing water to wine,(or stretching a small amount of oil for a week in a different story.) The message always seemed to me to be not about suffering in these cases but about OVERCOMING SUFFERING and succceeding; some beings attempting to teach other ignorant minds and being misunderstood. Rising to the occasion with advanced knowledge and wisdom. The Judas character also represents the fact that there are those ones out there who recognize the presence of advanced or competitive knowledge, product, or skills, and who would use their money (or the taxpayers') to steal the information, design, patent, artifact in order to be able to suppress it or to present it as their own idea. That these groups often employ a thief, spy or other betrayer is common knowledge in our times. Whether it be 30 pieces of silver or a $3K domestic spying contract, the payoff is still for the same purpose.

I've also had a different mindset for the use of nails to attach the hands of Jesus to the cross (as opposed to using rope) than what one often hears. If one reads the stories of Jesus' travels and "miracles," it is apparent that the uneducated would have feared his "miracle" activities were "witchcraft." Superstition tells of placing nails to block or stop a witch. Did they fear his abilities at that level? Were the nails extra guarantee against resurrection of what to their minds could be a witch or warlock?

The story of Passover certainly speaks for endurance, hope, miracles and knowledge, finally overcoming a dark passage with the help of light.

What treachery, ignorance or chicanery are you overcoming? Are you ill and seeking knowledge that will heal you? In financial distress not knowing whom to trust? Feeling used and abused by blind greed?

Celebrate the nature of "overcoming: Success over obstacles or long endurance struggles, feasts after famine. Ascend to your next level in life - new career, new health, new knowledge, new friendships, or love, new wisdom.

Celebrate your ascension and that of others. And remember the light beings. How old is a light being? How long is their life cycle? What is "life after death?" The ultimate ascension? Life after life?

Are you HAPPY?

In Real-Life Ghosts' Stories, we hear briefly about some of their remembrances of life and death, but the real brilliance is that we are hearing it from them directly, across time and space.

Read about light beings and other beings.


I receive lots of questions about Applied Psi. What is it? How does it work? In applied-psi, my psychic abilities are directed toward a practical application: anthropology, archaeology, history, health articles, scientific - in short, any discipline. Where necessary for terminology and reference, combining psi with traditionally taught disciplines on the subject gives a perfect blending of both the traditional and psi approaches.

For some examples, read the following: Applied Psi on Alzheimer's, Schizophrenia, Autism, Duodenum and other topics; Applied Psi for mystery solving: Rippers In America or Ancients; Embedded applied psi anthropology projects Target; for information/news, Our World Today Series. These are just some examples.

The U.S. government is not yet ready to acknowledge the existence of walkins and this creates dilemmas for those who experience more than one being per apparent physical body lifetime. To read about walkins, go to:Walkins.

Cold Air!! With all those astrological signs we've had in Aquarius these months, no wonder we've had extended periods of cold air. Aquarius is the "bringer of cold (or cool) air." In warmer periods, this can bring rain - thus the tag, "the water bearer."


Sending light to those of you who have been experiencing transformative events in Asheville, Charlotte, Matthews, Cary and the surrounding areas!
Happy Ascension, all of you.


B e s t  w i s h e s,
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