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The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now

L O V E   L I F E
L O V E    L I F E

What is the essence of the pearl?

Spirit says, "That it be perfect, a perfection gleaned by experience. One never knows the outcome of it... excelsior... privet. We make our missions, consueted, special, subliminal, by topics unseen.

Body-Soul alliances fail ultimately. We make break... fly... After a while, digested by the whole, we make our new beginning again... shortly after. The course is uncertain.

Avail yourself of the possibilities.

- LIFE - It pours from you... - LIFE - is a breather... a pairing of moments, an EVENT".

Like so many of you, I will miss the incarnations here of they who called themselves humans and have now "moved on...," apparently finished here.

Love Life, Pearls!

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