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L a b r a d o r--C a n a d i a n  S h i e l d

A r t i c  &   T u n d r a

M a g n e t o s p h e r e

U n c o v e r i n g  t h e  A u t h e n t i c

The world did not always look the way it does today. Continents did not sit where they do now.Coastlines were very different. Pole positions were not the same. The atmosphere was denser.


After the earth was driven into this system like the car of a train.... after time passed... They left evidence of themselves. Some of it can still be found.

Presented on different topic levels and in different formats, this is a very engrossing and mind-stimulating adventure in seeing the world of the past as it unfolds again for us today.


According to applied-psi and the ancients who were there,

The ancients left behind their deceased ones and some very interesting and astounding artifacts. Today, some of these remnants are under bays, seas, and tundra regions that have been inaccessible or extremely difficult to explore in the past. Conditions are changing...Continued...

This region contains another clue that is right before our eyes and yet remains a beautiful mystery for most folks. The next time you look at the aurora borealis, think about space weather, or wonder about the ancient past or ancient astronauts, start your reading by understanding our magnetosphere.

For those of you who are reading from "The Ancients" on this site:
Many of the events took place in the arctic/subarctic tundra and boreal locations down to the Islay, Western Isles of Scotland, Altenon Scotland, Finland, Altai, Denmark, the Rhine, the Volga (Russia) and other sites northward. Some good arctic photos and maps can be found at:ARCTIC

For those seeking The Seven it would be advisable to start your research with paleo records and current global studies of the effects of glaciation in reference to--for starters--*****Ellsworth.
The Ellsworth file is one font, but for those without access and who do their own exploration, get started by updating yourself on current investigations
of both Ellesmere Island and Ellsworth Island/the surrounding area. One site that will get you started:

According to scientists: (Compare with information already given by spirit and shown above and on Global Warming page).

The basin development at the opening of the Labrador Sea and Baffin Bay basin currently challenges plate tectonic spreading models, including the Continental Ocean Boundary position in Paleogene Time?
Yes, it appears to represent an earlier date.

The border areas between Greenland and Canada contain possibly VERY DEEP sedimentary basins.

The upper half or less ONLY may be correlated to known sequences of the Cretaceous and Paleogene.

The age and nature of deeper sediments is not known. Microfossils and reworked clasts suggest Lower Paleozoic and Mesozoic sediments.*

Satellite Altimetry gravity data and land-based standard Bouguer gravity data show possibilities of finding Cretaceous and older rocks in the Labrador Sea- Baffin Bay region.**

The Ungava Transform Fault Zone (UTFZ), a major fault system, may have been active since Paleozoic time.***

"Flickering" between preferred states of the atmosphere has been observed during weather periods.****



Yeti/Sasquatch/Bigfoot Explorers

*GHEXIS Newsletter No. 23, GEUS.

**Can.J.Earth Sci.36:75-89 (1999)

***J.C. Olsen, TGS-NOPEC, Norway.



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