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By the Numbers

The story of Doctor Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde
is another classic. Written by Robert Louis Stevenson, it takes a look at
the darker side of one's self and at changes in one's personality
and behavior. Is it the affects of chemicals?
Truly pertinant today, we see the descent
of Dr. Jeckyl as he experiments with a substance.
Who is Mr. Hyde?

A page by page analysis is possible, but
we will give a brief glimpse below at The Strange Case
of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde in numbers.


Dr. Jeckyl. Or Mr. Hyde when isolated.
Identity. Personality. A -1 is given
as Dr. Jeckyl loses his identity and sense of self.


The alternate personality. Relating
to other story characters and relating to the reader.
-2 is the disquiet of the people and the
attacks upon them.

ruled the expression of each character,
each personality. It is the reading of the diary.
In this story, it is the -12 aspect of the 3 (see below)
that is predominant, the substance abuse.
3 also ruled all attempts at expression on everyone's part,
including flailing of arms and screams (also a 2).


4 rules the brawn and hands of Mr. Hyde.
4 rules the strength and physical changes of
the body. This is the labor of the gathering of
the substance.


5 is the transformation of the Doctor's
personality, thinking, and body back and forth between his
regular self and his alter-self, Mr. Hyde, the two faces.
While the two faces are a 2, it is the process of changing
back and forth and the ultimate transformation in descent
of the doctor and the ascent of Mr. Hyde that are 5s.
5 is also the running and movement of the people.
5 is the transport.
-5 is the feeling of entrapment by the character
within his body and situation and the necessity
for freedom. Changes in outward dress and slovenliness are 5s.


The health aspect of the story is predominant
here: the doctor's changing physical and mental health as
he consumes the substance. The health of those
who are injured or upset by the behavior of Mr. Hyde.


The fear reactions of the neighbors and the
doctor's own horror and amazement at his internal and external
changes. His outlook as he ponders the future
of his condition.


The monetary cost of the experiment.
How much did the doctor earn
and spend for this? Was there financial gain
for him, the medical community or the world
from the results of the experiment with the substance?

Ultimately, karma: reaping what was sewn,
physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially.
What have I done to myself and to my life
and to those around me? Who am I now? Where
did the old "I" go?


Ending, completing, fulfillment and loss.
As the alternate personna grows and the
old personna vies for life, the end asks the reader? Was this
a bad idea? A good one? Can we judge?
Are we wise enough to experiment?
The doctor's loss of friends, career, and financial
standing are 9s.


The story as teacher, the experience as lesson -
we learn from it.


The legend.
The two faces of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde
will not be forgotten.


The substance.
-12 is the number that rules alcoholism and drug addiction.
At the time that this story was written,
narcotics and alcohol were cheaply and easily available.
Many persons over the years have maintained
that the story was a description of the changes
wrought by use of one of these substances and the person's
own perception of the changes brought upon himself
over time after increased and uncontrolled use.


Physical death.

The repair work, the illness of mind and body
described throughout the story. The injuries and
breakages caused by Mr. Hyde.


Sudden transformation and sudden destruction.
Flashes of insight, inspiration, flashes of horror.

Hope you enjoyed looking
at the story of
The Strange Case of
Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde.

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