A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
Advanced PSI SINCE 1988

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now


F R O M   T H E   F I L E S  O F
A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
R e a l   L i f e  G h o s t  S t o r i e s


Some time before 9000 BC...
or 29000 years ago...or more?

What was the area near the Volga like during
the time of the bison? How long did the Angelicas live in the region
before the time when they were conquered and sold into
slavery by the Magyars? What is their connection to
today's "angostura bitters?" What was their special structure and gift?
What were they like as a people?
It was very long ago. Bisons roamed the north.
In this story, we cover different
time periods in the region. First during an
earlier time when the Angelicas were strong
but near the end of their reign. There
were still mammoth, bison in the Volga River
region. There were monkeys in Russia!
In the second, a young man from the region,
born in a later time period, long after the first story,
tells us about his short life, in times after the Angelicas are a
strong group no more.

Angelicas' spirit:
"We were mighty from the start. A race
of men and women. [We used] fruit jars, so to speak. We had
a habit of bringing ourselves out into the streets at
night to begin singing. We were sustained by
the belief in honey - mead. We believed it quite elegant.
'Forests of it" grew. We had swan necks.
Great teeth. Flowery looks. Welcome smiles.
We even began to wander afoot.

Rebels. The likes of which we took to be our friends...

Honey, mead, is the fruit of the nectar of the bee.
We made many makes. We made it up to sell
on the street.

Angelicas were a little bit special. They had
a unique feature, a bridge to paradise, if you will.
Are there many left? A few on the
Volga, the Daneb (dnieper?), the Rhine...we migrated. Perci-percival...

The kingdom? It fell. Magyars.
The divine (dvine?) trio: borscht, belt, booze...we joke.
"The Divine Merciful" were the basis for us.
We were twined for the bounty.
After a time the boat sank. The Magyars
were the bountiful plenty, the herds.
They kept herds and "were" herds themselves...
[There were]mammoth, bison. Angelicas grew honey.
They ate birds mostly from the hunt.

Angelicas are special. Our requirements are the
just treatment of our women, the requirement that
the young be bathed plenty, that the nerves be stilled.
We ate bread, too, in loaves. We baked
plenty. Jealousy exists of our accord, our breed.
(Ed-Tribes of Judah? The Norsemen, Angles?)

The Magyars were a younger group than us.
We were developed first. Did we live with
mammoth? Yes. Buffalo (cave buffalo or cape buffalo?-sp?-ed.)
Travel or migration? The distinction is great.
We never traveled far from the area a
great distance. We migrated when we were near
extinction. The Magyars let us use their
urns to travel. We delighted in them.
To Volga. From the fiord.
The mighty river west of here.
We begin to turn north but begin to turn
south by chance and we feel the breezes.
How far back do we go?
We were the first to light here.
Quartz. We drew it to us.
Trees were light. Forested areas were dim.
We unite to drive away the b..
We "monkeyed" our first homes there. We lived
quite by ourselves. The mighty forest begins to burn,
a consequence of too many fires. The elephant
turns its tusks toward us. We begin
to turn twice before we run away to the brook to find
stones for it.

A finer breed. Musk ox.
Stories begin to unfold about them. Came from
another establishment down the trail. A mighty breed.
Came to be herded. Came to stay a while;
then begin to travel again. We heard them coming.
We slept in bushes under the trees.
Our houses came later. From where
did we originate? The sun guided our travels.
We likeliest began there, under
the firmament. The mighty ones began afoot.
My earliest memories hark to the fiord.
In my childhood we never lacked.
My childhood had the memories of...memories blend...
Britk, Keitk...names."

Another spirit, a young man, wants to tell his remembrance,
likely from a much later time period:

"I will begin again another way.
I was selling apples on the street
(do not know the year). I was
twelve. My mother had told me to begin at nine,
but I was a little taken by his appearance and I
gave a squeeze (a hug or pet?).


We relinquish titles now. We begin
having houses aplenty. A forested area begins
to swell within. Monkey development. The monkeys
are a breed apart from us. They are "chirping"
a lot. We hear them. I am quite cleansed.
My hands are clean. I have no marks.
They begin my dictation. It is
to begin at noon. I make no remarks;
just write it down as normal.
Who taught me to write? Thermos (Thomas?)
We are a determined lot.
We never quite make it, but we give it our all.
"I expect we'll have quite a hand in
this one. We would never navigate your hand.
Only question it a bit. We would rather
bring it good things, to whit." My mother and father
were brokers, dealers in the herds.
We forested products for the herdsmen.
Did I grow up? Fifteen.
When I was fifteen, we had a goat.
Was it a happy time? We never had a time
that was not. Did I become sixteen?
Yes, well I doubt it. I don't remember.
I remember waking up with fruit in my hand
one day, wounded at the hip from falling down.
My neck hurt. Maybe I fell. I broke my knee.
I never recovered. They buried me beside my
(relative). We had a hut built for it.
And they make wine and juice for the occasion.
A little drinking, I suppose. My knee hurt a lot,
I remember. What was I doing when I fell? I was
knocking down some things, some supports. I skinnied up.
The site where I am buried? Remains
unturned, under a "bullit, bulloch?) Old Rheim
(Sounds like reem-ed.) Garrison on the Volga."


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This is a LECTURE SERIES presentation

These are words of the spirits themselves. If you do not agree
with their version...talk to them...
I am just the messenger!
Also, sometimes I hear and see and, at
other times, only hear...and so, I do the
best I can with spelling of names and places...

Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved. Asha of Antares, Asha Ariel Aleia
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