A S H A   O F  A N T A R E S




"And are you happy?"
"I am content."
"What is the difference?"
"Between happiness and contentment? Ah, there you have me. It is not easy to put into words. Contentment is a state of mind and body when the two work in harmony, and there is no friction. The mind is at peace, and the body also. The two are sufficient to themselves. Happiness is elusive - coming perhaps once in a life-time - and approaching ecstasy."
"Not a continuous thing, like contentment?"
"No, not a continuous thing. But there are, after all, degrees of happiness."
Quote fromFrenchman's Creek  by Daphne Du Maurier, 1941.

Spirit, the Other Side, says:
"Happiness - a willingness to expect. One freezes expectancies once one shines a mirror on one's own concerns a bit.

Happiness - the child. A handle on it would be "the life eternally lived." "Out of" sheer boredom.

Happiness - a sheer delight. One acquires at will an encumbrance of spirit magnitude influential to style. If one be able to sport an indifference to mood or assuasion one avers a course of true renown, an unknown quietude, a study of art or...

We awaken brilliantine in our attitudes of rush. We acquire tastes. We inhabit a version of inequivocal enablances. One studies abroad for the habit.... the "try."

As one wills, one destroys - inequities, distrust, disturbance - pins a quiet brief.

The return of it - happiness - is of a nature "to trust" - to allow - expectation."

Are you ready to experience a return to trust? Are you able to allow expectation? Can you live the child eternally?

Has life led you to decide that this level of trust is foolish and can lead only to hurt or loss? Have you shielded your trust with armour of closed lightways?

Are those others prepared to expect - to allow - surprises or tedium - in your circle of acquaintances?

Have you found the flow of contentment in the flux of delight and denunciation?

What is the highest degree of happiness you have seen in others or experienced yourself? Would you describe yourself as happy? Contented? Are you prepared to be expectant at every moment?

Some people prefer the longer flow of contentment to the risks of high-and-low cycles which often arrive in the quest for happiness. Which describes yourself? Can you remember "wonder?" "Delight?" "Enchantment?" "Pleasure?" "Surprise?" How long did it last? Minutes? Years? Never ended?

Did you know that it is possible to be remorseful and happy at the same time? Have you tried? Would you prefer to cycle those experiences? As you will it.

Suggested Meditation:

Relaxed breathing (yoga) and centered light meditation.

After relaxing COMPLETELY, call upon your higher self to experience the remembrance of happiness - that moment when you have, in the past, or will, in the future, experience happiness. Then do the same for contentment. Happiness and contentment exist. Call them to you. Or send them away. As you choose."As will thou art." Do you will happiness for yourself and others or for yourself or for others...?

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