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G I V E - A N D - T A K E

A reflective meditation
By Asha Ariel Aleia

"What is valued? What defines "class?" What defines an equal exchange? What happens when that which is valued becomes one-dimensional?

In relationships, personal, business, or that of nations, entities share energy. They make exchanges. What does one have for the purpose of exchange? That question, in a perfect world, would be a "no brainer." We, at this time, as a society, globally and locally, are transitioning and are at the stage in which the value system for exchange is out of balance with nature's system of exchange.

Imbalances lead to unhappiness, divisiveness, predation, death, and loss. That sense that you feel which says that "something is wrong" is a survival and common sense signal.

In relationships, one often hears the complaint, "I do all of the giving." Sooner or later, the one who feels cheated dissolves the relationship. The one accused of "taking" may be left feeling guilty or misused or wasted. Most certainly, what was wasted was opportunity.

Taking a step back for a moment, let's take a look at the concept of "giving." One has the ability to "give" what one has. For some, that resource would be monetary or property based. This person can lend/spend/give or rent/sell/give property. Influence or power (political, religious, social, physical, emotional) can be used to place others in jobs or marriages of convenience or tradition. Those with physical power can build or move or lift or fight to defend or to harm. Emotional power is strength to uphold a struggling spirit or to embrace an open heart. Talent is a resource.

Everyone has resources and deficits while they are embodied. Many have the physical resources - money, job, property - but may suffer from weak health, mentally, emotionally or physically. Others are paupers in the monetary sense, but gifted comediennes, singers, writers, dancers, poets, artists, actors or geniouses of art, science or other pursuit. Mystics - truly rich - are often surviving through financial beggary. Others are socially gifted and blessed and will always be surrounded by family or friends so that they never need to be alone. Still others seek solitude and are gifted at finding sanctuary and grace in aloneness. The love-full have an abundance of love to share with others. The same can be said of the friendly.

Value. Exchange. In a world filled with so many gifts, why is only one accepted as being worthy of use in exchanges? That one resource is money/property. It is no wonder that so many "apparent" mismatches end, not by rebalancing the scales, but with the result of further loss. We are all valueable. We all give. We are not, however, all valued in exchanges.

Let's use some typical examples: The wealthy man who seeks emotional or spiritual love has money to spend but is deficient in love. If he partners with one who has an abundance of love to share but no financial wealth, under the present value system, the partner who has no financial assets is seen as the "taker" and the wealth one as the "giver." But is that reasonable? Is that not an exchange of strengths? Is not each partner giving what they have in exchange for what they need? Nature would say that is so. But our current value system would say that the money "counts" but the love does not!

The barter system has attempted to bring back the concept of trading other things besides money/property. We are all rich in these other "things," yet we are impoverished because we allow only one resource to be considered valuable.

It is interesting that, in our time, the features that define a predator - big teeth and long prominent fingernails - are so valued that men and women spend tens of thousands of dollars to change their smaller teeth or gentler nails for predator size versions. A predator, by nature, seeks the weak or vulnerable to replenish his needs.

Are human beings ready to acknowledge that all relationships are give-and-take to some extent? His love-her money;her talent-his health;his mind-her mind; his strength-her cooking; his creativity-his friendliness; his genious-his influence; his home-her loyalty. These partnerships all involve give-and-take. But what is valued here and thereby appreciated and retained?

Energetically speaking, all interactions have either a sharing or repulsing nature. Within the realm of sharing-type relationships, there are degrees of exchange. The vampiristic, energy draining type leaves one stronger in being and the other weaker. The creational type generates more than the energy expended. One example of this is the creation of a baby: 1+ 1 equals 3, or the development of an empire or product.

Most relationships have varying degrees of interaction within themselves. Recognizing good combinations is a key to happiness and success. Ultimately, it is a key to survival as a being and a nation or world.

The human group which fails to recognize this is doomed to extinction. Physical survival ultimately requires more than money and property.

Individually and in groups it is highly advisable to be aware of strengths of all types. What do you have to share? A kind nature? The ability to balance on your head while juggling? A ready smile and charming nature? Spunk? Great ideas? Creative imagination? A good shoulder to lean on and ears to really hear? Beauty? Health of body or physical strength? Gentleness or fragility? Can you bring a dead situation back to life or cool down an overheated conversation between comrades? Is your strength that of courage? Are you a visionary? Perhaps you prefer preserving the memories of the past and never forget a friend long after they've gone. Is your gift the love of travel or nature or animals or people or the search for life in space or all of the above?

The point is that while humans have an Achille/s heel, they also have abilities, gifts, and strengths. We "spend" these to "buy" what our Achille's heel lacks. Sometimes we exchange these for money or property. Other times we exchange friendship for a travel partner or trade a good listening ear for a good storyteller.

By allowing only one of these assets - the ability to have or to generate money/property - to be the measure of a person or of one's "class" or of one's value in a relationship, we allow those who are actually wealthy in other assets - all equally important in our Earthly lives - to feel impoverished and to be treated by others as such; even to be predated.

What is an exchange? Who is giving and who is getting? In a multi-dimensional, encompassing outlook everyone is giving and receiving and everyone is of value.

Have you reflected on past relationships and encounters? Did you learn courage from a friend? Did you know that your favorite painter died impoverished financially while dealers today make millions of dollars selling his paintings? Where would we be in a world without gardeners? Yet they receive small paychecks on average.

Having financial recources may be yor particular strength in an exchange. For what would you exchange it?

Ironically, most people want more of that in which they are already well endowed - lovers seek love, beauties seek handsomes, wealth seeks wealth, the friendly seek other friendlies. This encourages growth of that strength - like seeks like. But opposites attract for reasons. When those opposites include the melding and exchange of strengths, then spirit flourishes, an exchange of equals, the best of both worlds."

This is a meditation and reflection exercise text. What are your strengths and weaknesses. What do you miss in friends who've gone away? How can we improve our world by adjusting its value system? Can we?

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