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By the Numbers

The story of Frankenstein's monster,
as told by Mary Shelley is a classic and one that makes good reading
and pondering in these times of medical research and scientific advancement.
Have we learned anything since the times that
inspired Mary Shelley? For those who like to see how numbers play
out in analysis, a very brief example is shown here. A page by
page breakdown can be done if one has the time.


Frankenstein's monster by himself.
Or Dr. Frankenstein when he was alone, prior to the creation of the monster.


Once Dr. Frankenstein has created the monster,
the dynamic of 2 is in place. 2 is also seen in
the monster himself as he ponders the ones of whose
organs he has been created. When the monster faces the public,
that is a 2 moment. When he thinks about his creator - in this case,
referring to the doctor - he is having a 2 moment.
The transmission of sound and voices are 2s.


The creative idea, and the act of creating or designing
the monster and the experiment in the laboratory. Also,
3 ruled all attempts at expression on everyone's part,
including flailing of arms and screams (also a 2).


This is the labor of the operation, the lifting and
carrying of bodies, the gravedigging.


5 is the transformation of the lifeless body into
its new form and life. 5 is also the running and
movement of the people. 5 is the transport
and communications within the story.

Predominant is the theme of transformation and change
that profoundly affects everyone involved,
including the effect upon the reader
and the obvious changes to the appearance of the monster.


Three aspects of the 6 are here.
The first is the fact that the experiment is seen as a medical
or health related one. The second is the concept of family -
is the doctor the father of the monster? The third is love -
where is the love. Does the monster receive love?
Empathy? Sympathy? Can he give love? Is anyone healed or helped?


The fear reactions of the people and the fear reactions of the
monster to the people. The monster's faith in his doctor-creator.
The doctor's positive anticipation of results in the experiment.


The monetary cost of the experiment. How much did the doctor earn
and spend for this? Was there financial gain for him, the medical
community or the world from the results of the experiment and the
organ harvesting? Ultimately, karma: reaping what was sewn,
physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially.
What have I created? What have you done?


Ending, completing, fulfillment and loss.
As the creation lives, it is the completion,
the fulfillment of the experiment. With death, there is the loss.
When the building is also lost, there is additional
financial loss. There is also loss of innocence.


The story as teacher, the experience as lesson -
we learn from it.


The legend.
The name Frankenstein is immortalized.
The monster cannot be forgotten.


The stories, the students who read about
the experiment are learning. While alive, the monster
is learning too. Waiting: The scientist awaits the results
and learns by observation.


The repair work, the stitching and repairing of the monster's body.


Electricity. The enlivening of the body with electricity.
The SUDDEN destruction
and devastation. Startling if you are disturbed while reading.

Hope you enjoyed looking at the story of Frankenstein's monster by numbers.

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