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When 5 enters your life or if 5 is one of your birth numbers, you
can be certain that the solid is going to transform sooner or later,
even possibly numerous times. Change is what it's all about.

"Change is the only constant, "Go with the flow," "If
you don't like the weather, hang around. It'll change" -
these are 5 expressions. The area in which you experience changes
will depend upon the point of rigidity that needs to be softened,
molded, or set free.

5 is one of the numbers of freedom. 5 is the free bird,
the flyer. Bricks sink. So does a person who becomes too weighted down.
What is the nature of the weight? Is it mental?
Rigid ideas, limited knowledge? Bias? Is it physical?
Are you overweight? Are you a pack-rat who needs
fourteen suitcases and three trunks just to travel to the next
town? Is it emotional? Are you trapped in a poisonous relationship
or one that is an emotionally barren stalemate? "Don't fence
me in" could be said by a 5. A serial monogamist is having a 5
experience in dating. So is the one who cannot commit, if the
reason is that they are not ready to stop meeting
new people yet. Is it financial? Are you staying too long at the job
that you hate because you have bills to pay or you are addicted to
material things and need more money to go shopping for more, more...
Is it spiritual? Are you caught in a dogmatic quagmire.
Is it societal? Are you living under a repressive regime?

Or, is it just what spirit wanted to experience? To cut loose,
to change scenery, to be flexible, to move about,
to wander, or feel free are all 5 desires.
5 will give many a case of the "traveling Joneses," a love
of travel, the gypsy, the travel writer within us. For others who
might otherwise have stayed in one place, it creates a need to
travel or relocate. If it is your destiny number, it may be
a lifetime of travel or one major life-altering trip.
For some 5s, life is one long "road trip."

For others, there is an accent upon change in the
sense of the word "progress." They innovate, they redesign, they
transform - objects, ideas, societal norms, politics, religion,
scientific theories. Progress is change.

If your spirit is one that stays too long in situations,
then change may seem to be imposed upon you through upheaval.
Some examples of this are the need to remodel, rebuild, move or physically
recover from events such as storms, divorces and breakups,
job layoffs or transfers.

Are you stubborn in your ideas, beliefs or ways? Did your spirit need
to see a different perspective, learn some new ideas or see the error of old ways?
Are you feeling down or ill or bored and depressed? Stuck in
indecision mode? Change is likely the prescription for you and the 5 will
deliver it somehow. If you are not a 5 person by birth, you will
go throug a 5 year once every 9 years. You will
meet a 5 person or group. You will work or live at a 5 location.
Your mate's 5 will mirror through your reaction to their changes.

A stuffy corner in the room needs a burst of fresh
air and an opening up of the energy flow. When we stay too
long in our idea or situation, we become the stuffy corner. 5 is the
breath of fresh air coming to blow us around a bit, to open us up,
to move the energy that we are.

5 does not want imprisonment. However, occasionally
a 5 will be seen to accept a monastic or imprisoned situation as a needed
change from their normal mortal life, a chance to isolate
or meditate for a while.

5 in and of itself is unstable. 5 has been called the
number of man; however, it is not the 4-square solid of the dense physical,
but the blending of energies. It is the spirit-man. It is the handy-man
with opposable thumb, able to use tools, to alter his environment,
to take a thought and to manifest it into a physical reality.

5 in nature is seen everyday - the motion of waves,
erosion, melting or freezing of glaciers, temperature
variations, leaves growing or falling off trees. Humans alter their
appearance, they learn new languages, travel, meet new cultures,
escape from imprisonment or hostage situations, change their
minds, their hearts, their pocketbooks, their status, their health,
their lives. Situations transform.

If there is a 16 present, change can be sudden. More than one
5 can mean constant change or upheaval or a gypsy spirit,
by choice or circumstance. If a 9 is present, change may come through release, endings,
completions or death.

A 5 leans toward freedom. When spirit has reached
a stage of imprisonment, the 5 will bring about the change necessary
to free it, be it a slight alteration (wardrobe change, new car) or life
altering circumstance - a country at war over religion or political systems in the
grip of change and upheaval, altering communities on a minute-to-minute
basis, completely remaking ways of life.

5 rules risk taking and gambling. (14 and 16 share this aspect.)
Usually in this case the person is desirous of change (in finances or
attitude, for instance.) The sky diver, scuba diver, mountain climber, explorer may enjoy
the change of scenery, the alteration of body chemicals as the
adrenaline rush kicks in and the momentary freedom from ties
that bind. Pushed too far, this can result in the ultimate release -
death or bankruptcy - hence, the risk factor that
is inherent in change. The chance taker in romance (the Mile High Club member, for example,)
experiences the same exhilaration or fear aspect of the 5 in risk.
There is no guaranty of anything with a 5 except that you will experience change,
risk or freedom or all of them.

Ready for a road trip? Gypsy spirit? Find that
5 companion. World traveler? A passport and driver's license
are your tools. Getting used to making adjustments?
There's a 5 somewhere in your life. Changing jobs frequently?
The 5 is operating in your work/profession area. Perhaps
you're a temporary employee or moving frequently, working
undercover or sampling companies. Maybe your jobs tie you down too much and you
reach the point where you need to leave...Finding a job
with room to breathe might be the answer for you
or one where you make your own hours. If truth be told,
do you really want a job? Are you content to float about? 5s sometimes get
the reputation for being unreliable to their more stable friends
and relatives.

5 is one of the numbers of playing and sports and staying young at heart.
(32 is a good runer and is a 5.) Change-ups are a 5.

If you are a 5 and reading this, you already have ideas
for change, play or travel in mind and may even be restless
(a 5 emotion) to start now.


Your birthday is on the 5th of the month

Your month, day and 4-digit year add up to a 5

You were born in a 5 year.

Your name (one of them or all of
them combined) adds up to a 5.

You were the 5th child.

Your address has a 5 in it or
adds up to 5 (this will be an influencing location).


1904, 1913, 1922, 1931, 1940, 1949, 1958, 1967, 1976, 1985, 1994, 2003, 2012

If your birthday has more than one 5,
you are a double or triple 5.
If the 5 is combined with a 22, 9, 5 or 7,
you are specializing in the lessens of this vibration
and will feel "larger than life experiences"
or feel the need to turn to a spiritual/creative
solutioin for such an intense program.
If a 12 or 15 is combined with the 5,
take good care of your health, especially with
alcohol and sex, speed and timing.

Remember, as with all experiences, spirit is given that
which it can handle and the guardians to assist!


Walt Disney, Marilyn Manson, George Reeves, Roger Staubach, Hank Aaron,
Rex Harrison, Betty Davis, Spencer Tracy, Booker T. Washington,
Ray Kroc, Raquel Welch, Jesse James, Karl Marx, Tyrone Power,
Kenny G, P.T. Barnum, Jean Cockteau, Warren Oates
Neil Armstrong, Nikki Hilton, George Armstrong Custer, Martin Van Buren,
Strom Thurmond


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