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What Do You Find Behind The Door That Is One Door Away From Heaven?

Dean Koontz, excellent author and a favorite read of mine when I want to step aside from teaching and writing of my own, asks this question in his book, ONE DOOR AWAY FROM HEAVEN." He takes the quote from The book of Counted Sorrows.

It is an excellent primer question when pursuing self-awareness and growth in any endeavor. Ask yourself the question:

What do you find behind the door that is one door away from Heaven?

I have found over the years, as Dean Koontz and others also have, that answers to that question are as varied as the ones who are queried. What is the right answer? Perhaps it is best to begin by asking yourself a few questions. Take a scrap of paper and pen or pencil (or computer) and begin to write down your replies. First, write the instantaneous response you made to yourself when you first heard the question. Now, write your answers to these:

Where is the door?

Is it "one door to the side" of Heaven? Next door?

Is it the entrance doorway to heaven directly?

At some distance or dimension away from it?

Where are you?

As you see, your perspective enlivens your response. One person will reply that the door is seperate from Heaven and, depending upon framework - scientific, religious, funny or sarcastic - what lies behind the door may range from "nothing, a vacuum" to people, experiences, madness, God, spiritual teachers, monsters - the possibilities are many.

For the one who sees the door as being "connected to" Heaven, one must ask, "Is it an entry or an exit?"

By trusting your first intuitive response - entry, exit, neither, both - you reveal yourself to yourself!

Did you see yourself as opening the doorway and entering Heaven? Or, perhaps you were allowed inside by a gatekeeper or key or bridge. Did you see yourself, instead, as "already being inside" Heaven and so the door was one door away from Heaven - a way out, an exit? If it was both, were you inside or outside the door at the beginning? Where were you at the end? Were you alone? What did you see or feel or hear? What emotions did you experience: Joy? Hope? Expectacy? Radiance? Fear? Darkness? Nothing at all?

Perspective, attitude, preconceptions, inner beliefs - which two persons will give the same answer?

If you answered, "Heaven," were you already inside and see the doorway as an exit? Or were you outside expecting (or not expecting) to be let in? If you saw the door as seperate - where are you?

The next time you have a difficult choice to make in life, ask yourself again:

What do you find behind the door that is one door away from Heaven?

Note: If you prefer, you can substitute "spaceship" or "black hole" for the word "Heaven."

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"Book of Counted Sorrows" is a Dean Koontz title.