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Frequently Asked Questions



This page will be as informative as your questions make it; so please feel free to ask and maybe you'll see
your answer here soon. Some starters:

1. Where are you these days?

I am currently in the southeastern U.S.A. seeing people by appointment and taking requests for classes and presentations and finishing up an anthropology project (see: "Target").

2. Will you be coming to my area?

I do travel. If you would like me to come to your town, send a request.
Do you have a group or business that would like to have me come to speak or work on a project? Let me know.

3. How do I book a session with you?

Sessions are either in person or by telephone. If you are going to have a phone session, email me at asha@ashaofantares.com
I can give you instructions for scheduling or speak with you right then.
Phone Sessions are billed by the minute and you determine the length. Office sessions are fixed lengths of 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes and are payable at the time of your visit. You can email me to set up your session by letting me know your day/time preferences.

4. Do you teach classes?

Yes. See my official site for series' names. Classes are in series and you can attend one class or the entire series. A new series includes "Forward Motion Equatic" or you may want to learn how to become an advanced psychic receiver or how to do remote viewing. There are a number of options.

5. Do you ever come to a location for just one group or individual?

Yes. Depending upon the nature of the project, I would give you a quotation for cost and, of course, my travel expenses would need to be included.

6. You recently were on a project that required a different image. Will we be hearing about it soon?

The project is still in process and is called "Target." The information that can be shared will be presented in various formats
in the future.

7. How do I contact you?

Go to my website:

Do testing results for psychics work?
Yes. But keep in mind that known testing will result in a lower percentage. Why? Because answers are based upon client need and security of the psychic. Your need - your real need - may result in a correct answer. "Testing" is not a need. As for security of the psychic, a high-percentage accuracy rate often leads to unfortunate consequences for the psychic and, therefore, the psychic is usually warned by spirit not to talk. This can be because the person asking is testing her for an undercover reason for which she would normally not wish to participate (like spying); or, the person for which she is reading may be physically dangerous to the psychic. This is a judgment call. Frequently, the psychic will give the correct answer at any rate. But, for example, if the person is highly dangerous and the psychic tells them that she knows it and describes actions already taken by such a client, this can and has, in the past, resulted in the murder of the psychic. Ego versus safety. Very simple. Which is wiser? Take a hit on your accuracy level or show how accurate you are (ego) and be killed or used in ways that are opposed to your wishes and beyond your control? These decisions are made on a daily basis by accurate psychics. Experience brings wisdom.


TO BE CONTINUED...Send your questions to:
asha@ashaofantares.com and you may just see
them here.

Spatial-temporal distance need not hold
you back. Where-when are you going?

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