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By Asha Ariel Aleia

Are you being affected by transmissions?
EMF... Electromagnetic Field...

In the past, a telephone call, such as the one actor Richard Gere portrays in a scene from "Mothman Prophesies," would have involved speaking with a supernatural or otherwise otherworldly being. Today's technology brings into our lives apparently "supernatural beings" who are actually human beings/techies. Can you tell the difference? Are you being watched or accessed in some way by persons with technology? Or, if not, if something else, can you tell the difference?

As one who works with applied psi, auras and energy fields - psychic phenomena - as a professional, I find the concept of manipulating the EMF (electromagnetic field) quite normal and even commonplace... when done the "natural way" as a traditional exchange - transmission, reception, blending of EMFs between persons or other beings - without the use of technological devices or equipment. One can certainly argue that all of it - technological or not - is ultimately natural since it is composed of the things of nature; but, for the purposes of this article, this writer chooses to make the distinction between signals, for example, being transmitted using the EMF and senses of the individual versus signals being transmitted or received by technological device, a manufactured, artificially assembled, or created (test tube) piece.

For thousands of years, psychics have been credited with numerous phenomena - telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, psychometry, mental push-style skills, levitation, remote viewing or remote sending (voodoo doll-style, for example). We have arrived again, however, at the time and place in history which vector for the implementation of physical devices which, while mimicking the skills of the psychic, can be used by any thief, killer or greedy individual, the military or any criminally insane person or group. The technology "works" and does not require psychic ability to operate. Nor does it, apparently require an ethics course ("do not harm") to gain permission to use the devices at will.

As you know, the ability to blend and to alter the EMF lends itself to many wonderful applications in healing, communication, and transportation. In the right (and wise) hands, many good things can ensue.

But (remember when "they" split the atom?) once again, the destructive uses of these devices for financial profit, theft, and control are being allowed to occur (and to prosper??) right here in America and on our tax dollar, if information gained is accurate - and it does appear to be so.

EMF devices - technologically driven, along with cousins: push-style, jump-style, thought-image transfer technology-style, thought transference-style, thought transparency-style, thought extension-style, etc. - allow anyone (both with and without eye-wear) to access for the purposes of theft or harm, one hundred percent of a person's proprietary thoughts against their will. Such thoughts include dreams, visions, ideas, inventions, prayers, messages internal and external, intentions, and emotional states as they occur in real time or sooner. Before his thought can be conveyed through his vocal chords and out of his mouth, every piece of what he would explain or draw can already be in physical form in the hands of his competitor or enemy or general public, printed out or spoken on recording device and ready for copyright, patent or trademark. Testimony, using push-style or espionage devices, can be altered before and during the transmission of the thought from its mental to spoken state. Likewise, safety measures, codes, directions, special moves, plans, meetings, hidden accounts/safes/hiding places are revealed to the thief/attackers because you use your brain to access any code or hiding place or to make directional turns - no matter how hard you try to conceal your thoughts from "hackers" or brain/emf invaders.

Beyond reception thievery, another sinister realm of the conscience-deprived involves EMF with push- or jump- or TITT-style devices. Psychic surgery and psychic attack (sonic attack), voodoo dolls and the like have been the realm of psychics forever. But, at least, if one were to abuse her ability, she could be destroyed or banished or frozen. This is the new paradigm: a paradigm shift. Devices can be reproduced.

Today, psi-techno-devices exist and are in the hands of destroyers and unfeeling, greed-motivated persons. Yes, a person can be harmed or killed from a remote location by persons unseen: electrocuted, poisoned, given a heart attack or stroke, tortured, bones, joints, or nerve endings injured, biologically or chemically attacked, driven to harm themselves accidentally because of false images being transmitted to their brain, for example. A person will be hobbled or disabled by remote devices in the form of ZOOT "suits" or "shackles" using EMF and/or push-style technology. Physical pain and restraint of motion inflicted upon random citizens without probable cause and without permission is unacceptable! Persons can be tortured mentally and physically. Psychic attack signals sent to the brain or pressure applied to the optic nerve are just two other simple examples. Over-filled body organs are another example. A person who sees what he is led to believe is an additional six feet of ground or road ahead of himself will step forward - to his death - if the scenery is being falsely transmitted to his visual center, when the reality is that he is located near the edge of a cliff or a bridge. By accessing the brain 24/7/366, teams of persons can be paid to stalk and falsely imprison any American citizen.

This is not the future. It is today. It is yesterday. It is brain-invasion technology. Whether stealing the contents of the mind, denying functionality or harming functionality of the brain cells themselves or "pushing" another person's thoughts (or actions) through the brain and communication centers of a non-willing individual, harm is done to the victim's physical self, his right to privacy and to control his own body, and harm is done to his right to control his own actions and words.

When agents attended classes given by myself and others in my field (applied psi) during the '80s and '90s, we tried to impress upon them that not only was the ability real but that it was accessible and, therefore, that understanding the laws of nature and ethics would be a requirement for a conscious practitioner. Once again, however, building on what they learned from psychics, but putting aside the ethics involved, the devices were invented. For the most part, they work. The good news is that this validates what the psychics have said all along: that the phenomena and their skills are real. Unfortunately, there are now real human victims (more?) of the technology created, built, sold, and used.

People can be and are being tortured, harmed, even killed using these style devices. They are not, as would be presented to the taxpayer, serious deviants or terrorists or even foreigners! Nor are they, as presented, even necessarily death penalty persons. Therefore, there could be no legal basis upon which to "qualify" them for torture, destruction, ruination or death. Finally, it is generally not the case that they gave permission to be used as targets, marks, guinea pigs, lab rats... They are crime victims.


As you already know, we promote and teach positive uses for natural sound and audio - learn positive uses also for technological/artificial/virtual reality sound/light/life phenomena. The article at the left speaks about destructive, negative uses for sound technology: used to harm humans and animals, to kill them, to steal from them, or to restrain their movements, drain them of their life force, or enslave their brain. There are opposite style uses for sound: healing of the body and mind, levitation and transport, communications, etc. A couple of easy examples are music performed both for pleasure and healing:

Stephen Halpern's "Chakra Suite" and Aeoliah's "Angel Love."

Other ancient sound techniques:
Chanting or repetition of a mantra
Sound (such as OM)
Chimes or bells
The singing of quartz crystal (Mountains)
Waves crashing (Beach)
Healing Bowls
Tuning forks and Music of the Spheres

Sound can be used to "break up" that which is formed: Will you break glass? Or, open up congestion? It is about choice: Conscious us7e of will.

Military services are currently seen, along with spies, law enforcement, space agencies, R&D, and criminals, as the chief candidates, the culprits, in the use of the technologies ancient and modern. That means that the funding is likely to be generated from tax-dollars (defense contracts?) and investors. It is hoped that a full audit and accountability for warehouses of these devices be brought to bear, requiring a complete inventory of each and every device and its manufacturer and supplier/distributor/purchaser and stockholders. DEACTIVATION of projects, persons, machines and weapons has become necessary. A list of approved users and their "targets" or "marks" or "jobs" must be transparent and frequently double-checked. It has already been shown that records are inaccurate or kept in parallel, (i.e. on-the-record and off-the-record, official and unofficial, open and black, allowing one individual to be targeted for years (soft kill), while being listed as released and other persons' names being the name of the supposed target. These names have been straw dogs, while the transmitted energy, sound, light, etc. continued to pursue the same single individual supposedly already "released." Thus, stalking and false imprisonment of the citizen continues as a black-site rendition in plain site on black technologies (SMART, advanced tech) and/or conventional weapons. Kidnapping, mind-napping, spirit-napping... murder.

Such attacks on innocent citizens using military assets, such as these devices, constitute acts of war upon the USA and all nations through imprisonment, torture and/or death of its citizen/s. We are again, as human beings, arriving where the Ancients once... more than once... stood. Are we repeating ourselves? There is a saying in the computer world: "if you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got." How do we expect to arrive at a happier future than the Ancients had if we make the same mistakes they warned us about?

And while we mention these technological abilities...

Imagine this: You are the type of person who takes relatively good care of your physical health - vitamins, herbs, no smoking or drugs or alcoholism and life-threatening diseases... Now, imagine someone else who has a different profile: addicted, old or sick (or all of the above). Now, imagine that the second person's EMF and yours have become linked using technological devices or other methodology. You did not ask for this and do not want it to happen. Yet, day by day and hour by hour, the other person will see his health improve as he takes from your EMF and your stomach contents, nasal contents and other bodily functions while your health declines as he "returns" his stomach contents and nasal contents and other bodily functions, including breath in a constantly recycling pattern (adjustable so that one may benefit, while one is deprived, if desired, or the reverse). It is as though you have become a victim of a vampire who also dumps his wasted health back upon you! It is not bad science fiction. In addition to the actions listed in the above article, this scenario is also reality. What have you become in this case? A lab specimen? A form of living farm? Remember that "permission" is the key to this. If someone you know requires this type of rescue, then you may be the first to volunteer to help them. On the other hand, being kidnapped and used, against your will, for this type of function, is unacceptable in a free world. Is someone you know being drained or sickened or harmed or even killed in such a manner? Do you know for certain? Think about it. Are we paying for this with tax dollars? Just asking.

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