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Eleven - one more than you can count on your hands. And that is your first
clue to this special number.

An eleven is born a step beyond: beyond the student, beyond the
teacher. A star, a teacher of teachers, one whose purpose is to be a
beacon, to stand out in the crowd, a special link - the angel
come to Earth - to show, to communicate, to encourage, to demonstrate
that there is more than meets the eye - more than can be counted
the ordinary way. In short, they will be recognized, they are not good
blenders, disappearing into the crowd.

Eleven is talent. Eleven is of the spirit. While Earthlings
learn about outer space and Heaven and other dimensions, the
eleven is visiting Earth again to experience a human life
for a while. Sooner or later though their differentness, their talent, their
charisma, their destiny as a star fallen to Earth begins to show.

Fame, name or face recognition or both are their experience
while here. They belong to the public. They will be remembered
for good or bad. Public speaking or performing, music or
psychic work, being sought out by the masses for their unique mix
of talent or genious or other-worldliness or glamour come with an
awakened eleven. Even the sleeping eleven will find himself the sudden
center of attention, often finding himself on television for more than his fifteen
minutes of fame. 11 works with the spheres of higher consciousness
including music, art, invention, writing, channeling, statesmanship,
teaching and military leadership.

Being offered stardom for one's talent is not unusual
for an 11. If a 17 is also found in their numbers, there may
be fortune to go along with the fame they achieve. Fortune, the monetary
kind, is not guaranteed with the eleven. Many famous 11's end up penniless.

An eleven often attracts government. They often take a
government or military job or find themselves under scrutiny or using
their talents in some way for the government.

Longevity of life is not guaranteed with this vibration.
They are the comet, the meteorite. Special. An opportunity
for Earthlings to learn about the amazing, the scary, the beautiful, the unique,
the brilliant - sometimes in a moment's flash, occasionally in longer

11s are here to be examples of what CAN BE.
Whether they excel at art, music, swimming, quantum physics,
positive thinking, crime and war or peace and compassion, their life
is an example for others. The 11 is meant to soar, to swim, to build or to burn
in the way of the star.

11s have a lesson in the "other." The other side. The other person.
The other side - the spirit world - is an active part of their mind
and dreams. Occasonally this is unconsciously felt, but very much of the time
it is conscious. The poet who says that the piece appeared on paper
or computer screen as if already composed, the genious who said that the formula came
in flashes of insight are typical 11s.

An 11 often has problems with conformity and with accepting mathematical,
scientific or religious dogma. After all, they came here
to teach us! They are either very old souls or so new to
Earthly experience that they came straight in from their lives on
the other side. Their memory from the other side is just under the surface,
making it hard to accept theories that do not jibe with their deeper
level of knowledge. Their minds simply will not accept easily
erroneous thinking.

11s are usually here to teach peace or war (and often it is
peace taught by showing us what war really is!). They may be
pacifists or warriors, the epitome of sainthood or the legendary bad-guy,
larger than life. One thing is certain. Their name or face will
be remembered. Fame or infamy, they will be an example. We will
learn by watching their lives. And when they have completed, they
leave, often suddenly, not being ones to vegetate, except those rare
few who came to gain their recognition through that means.

Cooperation and relationship in the ordinary, down-to-earth sense
and physical survival lessons are often a chsllenge or source of disappointment
for 11s if they seek to emulate their neighbors and friends.
Often too sensitive or talented or other-worldly or kind and loving
or called to greatness in battle or business to function well in the
mundane tasks of ordinary life, it is in these areas that 11s often
find themselves vulnerable. The general who burns a town to the ground
to teach humans that "war is hell" is a good example of an 11 teacher,
as are the stars you wish to emulate as they amaze you before they
seem to disappear or die young, the spiritual teacher who has forsaken
material gain so easily, the language professor who speaks 54
languages, the musician whose message or music or lifestyle is an advanced
life course or a mission statemen for a generation.

A glow, the flash of light that is held in memory
or engraved on plaques or buildings or concert halls
and missed long after the light goes out, heralds
the time of the 11. Recognition and public domain
are keywords of an 11, as is attention. Privacy is the antithesis,
a vacation from their calling.


People recognize you and you do not remember who they are

You often hear, "Your face is so familiar to me."


Your birthday is on the 11th of the month

You were born in an 11 year.

Your name (one of them or all of
them combined) adds up to an 11.

You were the 11th child.

Your address has an 11 in it or
adds up to 11 (this will be an influencing location).


1901, 1910, 1919, 1928, 1937, 1946, 1955, 1964, 1973, 1982, 1991, 2009, 2018, 2027, 2036, 2045


If your birthday has more than one 11,
you are a double or triple 11.


Rod Taylor, Thomas Edison, Jennifer Anniston, Rupert Murdoch,
Lawrence Welk, Oleg Cassini, Irvine Berlin, Louis Farrakhan,
Reverend Jerry Falwell, Jacques Cousteau, Vince Lombardi, John Quincy Adams,
Yul Brynner, Carlo Ponti, Fiorello La Guardia, General George Patton,
Alger Hiss, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. O Henry, D. H. Lawrence, Moby, Ludacris,
Eleanor Roosevelt, Calista Flockhart (a triple 11!)

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

REMEMBER: As with all lessons, we are given all that
we need to complete them and abundant help from the other side -
if we seek it.


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