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You knew there was bound to be a number
for money. "Crazy 8s." When you think about money, many of
life's concerns come to mind: the purchase or rent of home and land,
the cost of food and utilities, the price of gasoline and natural
gas, furniture, electronics, cars and toys, travels costs. We also think
about investments, enterprises, gambling and billionaires.

One or two of us think about bills, taxes, school tuition, fees, charity
and philanthropy. Criminals and their victims also think about
bribes, extortion, gifts, and graft. The buying and selling of
merchandise, goods, deeds, services, and favors, legal and illegal, are 8s.
Business and economy for the individual, community, country and world
are 8s.

8 is energy exchange. Energy circulates. One draws in energy
and one expends it. One accumulates money (energy) and spends it.
Oxygen and water are energy.

As one accumulates energy in any form - electricity, gas,
money, physical strength, political clout, social status, powerful alliances
and positions, favors, even psychic "power" - one builds power.
When one is called upon to do a favor, one is being asked
to spend or return some of the energy - the power -
that has been obtained from others or from the Earth or divine assistance.

When we are issued credit or loans, we are being given energy-power
with the expectation of our returning it. As we expect and receive
favors, we are expected to return them.

"What goes around comes around" is an 8 expression.
So is "pass it forward" and "grace" periods...
in life that grace period may be indefinite - can you expect someone to repay you
so soon if they are that disempowered?

Our actions and comments and thoughts are energy
expenditures and as such will call for a return. As one expenditure
enters the world, it multiplies, so that it comes back in larger
form, hence the use so often of the phrase "what goes around comes around..." as a warning. Are
you sending out investment or debt? Are you generating positive or
negative actions, comments, thoughts? Are you creating a corrupt
environment which can only return corruption multiplied.
(Read 0 for cycles and levels of advancement.)
When what has gone out returns, in what state of being will your spirit
and physical body reside?

Are you creating a state of love? Or a state
of bankruptcy? Bankruptcy can be financial, emotional, social,
mental, moral or spiritual and all of the above.

Are you generating positivity so that what is out there
to be returned is positive?

"Never take more than you give" is an 8 expression.
"Give what you can" applies not only to money. Fresh out
of cash? Maybe a shoulder to lean on is what you have
to offer....are you a good listener?

We are all given positives to work with to offset
the negatives. If you are a great tennis player with no cash
and desire money, earning money through tennis is one way to balance your
financial life. What is your talent - look and you will find it.

-8 rules corruption, greed, abuse of power, theft, fraud
(also a -3, lie). -8 karma also returns and increases. One corrupt action
can lead to nationwide corruption, eventually to world-wide corruption. When one
has to live in that world - oneself or his descendents -
it will take a lot of repayment, forgiveness, hard times
and grace to get back to balance. A moment "in" can be lifetimes
back "out."

"Does my one vote count?" is an 8 question.
"It can't happen to me" and "I don't want
to get involved" are blind 8 participants. They will, sooner or later,
receive what they have sent out - amplified.

Have you ever been in a situation where
the unthinkable was happening and you found yourself asking,
"Why me?"
You are in karmic payback mode. It may be for
your ancestors if not for yourself. It may be return on
your own blind 8 thoughts.

Cities and nations have karma (8) as well
as individuals. How long has the world been watching the
karmic return of actions between a few individuals
thousands of years ago in the Middle East? How many lives have
been lost or ruined?

The snowball rolling downhill is an 8.
It gains momentum and may gain snow. Once set
into motion, 8 karma, does not stop until its momentum stops
by achieving balance or encountering something more powerful
which stops it. Does the snowball find level ground? Run into
a wall? Or keep rolling forever until the day that the warm sun melts it?

The "law of grace" says that wisdom erases karma. Many
people who do not pray find themnselves seeking miracles after long
periods of intense karmic return. Many plea for favors from others
(going into karmic debt). Whether others give mercy or forgiveness,
they create positive karma (8), which is empowerment - energy in their bank in return
for the investment. This is the concept behind the saying,
"To give is better than to receive."

Imprisonment and enslavement are forms of karmic
retribution. So is drought or flooding caused by deforestation.
In the U.S., the welfare system was brought about because of
a need to create a financial bridge for those coming out of slavery.
It was funded by the population whose ancestors had enslaved.
Abuse of welfare will result in karma for those who create the
debt. Greed and overbuilding yield large class divisions in nations,
which result in great poverty and crime. This eventually leads to
revolution. Hence revolution is karmic return for those in power.
One example is the French Revolution, in which
the Royals were executed. "Let them eat cake" is purported to have been
the flippant response of royal house members to pleas for help
for the starving masses, who later watched as the Royals were taken
to the guillotine.

8 also rules physical power and its use. How much physical power can
one draw to one's self? How is it used? Is it abused?
If you are diminutive and physically frail, you are also an 8.
How do you use or lose or acquire power? Are you
strong mentally, creatively, socially and find no need for brawn?
Does one use their power to uplift, to get by or to
restrain others? Is there balance?

Garbage in/garbage out - whether in our
physical bodies, our minds or our computers -
is an 8.

Energy. 8. all forms of energy exchange - money for favors,
gasoline to power the car, electricity, coal and natural
gas to warm...the value of minerals and materials are 8s, including
diamonds, gems, gold, silver, platinum...the stock market.

Atomic energy for heating and for destructive weaponry, as well
as all forms of strongarms, and the threats and boasts of power
between men and nations are 8s and create karma. The value for
the sale of weapons is also 8. The black market
and drug trades are 8s. The U.S. Treasury, Fort Knox, and
the Economy are 8s.

As above, so below is the concept of 8.
As we think, we are. Are we
negative or positive? Selfish or generous? Power brokers or
power hungry? 8 also refers to the concept of the world "above us"
being reflected or created in its image here. Do we draw our
original and/or ongoing energy, the light, from above?

Fear is a powerful karma generator. Fear thoughts (7)
generate fear-based actions. This in turn generates
fear-based responses and defenses. These in
turn create responses and the entire cycle repeats eternally.
The same can be said for warm loving thoughts:
they create a cycle of return that
generates eternally.

Some common 8 terms: Reward, punishment, consequences, lesson (we "learn"),
"just desserts," Return-On-Investment (ROI), repossession, imprisonment,
voted "most popular," winning, losing, getting killed,
robbed, rescued or committing these actions,
paycheck, retirement income, degree.

Some 8 professions:

philanthropist (also a 9,) banker, investor, dealer
policeman, fireman, nurse, doctor, loan officer, repo-man,
appraiser, OPEC & NOPEC members, power brokers,
arms dealers, drug lords, nuclear agressors, furniture salesman,
credit card issuers and users, cashier, teller,
counterfeiter, thief, burglar, sex trade.

An 8 advertisement:

Mastercard commercial: "Priceless."

8 Actions:

Every action, decision, thought...ever.

8 Concept:
Einstein's General Theory of Relativity

"Energy can neither be created nor destroyed,
but only transforms."

Special Theory of Relativity

Quotables from Einstein - on living his life

Having a bad day?
It's just a little karma.

Win the lottery?
It's just a little karma.

Lost your planet by nuclear war or setting the ionosphere on fire?.....
It's just a little karma.

Great planet, happy people?


Your birthday is on the 8th of the month

Your month, day and 4-digit year add up to an 8

You were born in an 8 year.

Your name (one of them or all of
them combined) adds up to an 8.

You were the 8th child.

Your address has an 8 in it or
adds up to 8 (this will be an influencing location).


1898, 1907, 1916, 1925, 1934, 1943,
1952, 1961, 1970, 1979, 1988, 1997, 2006, 2015


If your birthday has more than one 8,
you are a double or triple 8
If the 8 is combined with a 22, 9, 5 or 7,
you are specializing in the lessens of this vibration
and will feel "larger than life experiences"
or feel the need to turn to a spiritual/creative
solution for such an intense program.
If a 12 or 15 is combined with the 8,
take good care of your health, especially with
alcohol and sex, speed and timing.

Remember, as with all experiences, spirit is given that
which it can handle and the guardians to assist!


Stephen Hawking, Nelson Rockefeller, John D. Rockefeller,
Barbara Bush, Elvis Pressley, Jules Verne, James Longstreet,
Jose Ferrar, Soupy Sales, William Tecumseh Sherman, James Dean,
Jack Lemmon, Ted Koppel, Lynn Redgrave, Freddie Prinze Jr, Mary Pickford,
Kofi Annan, Julian Lennon, Enrique Iglesius, Bishop Fulton Sheen,
Harry S. Truman, Peter Benchley, Ricky Nelson, Don Rickles,
Frank Lloyd Wright, Jerry Stiller, Dino De Laurentis, Patsy Cline,
Peter Sellers, Sid Caeser, Matt Damon, Juan Peron, Chevy Chase,
Sigourney Weaver, Jessie Jackson, Morley Safer, Patti Page,
Margaret Mitchell, Mary Queen of Scots, James Thurber,
Flip Wilson, Gregg Allman, Jim Morrison


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