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The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now


"The duodenum features bridges of an aquatic nature,
best disguised as a function of control.
When developed, a functional return to normalcy brings
delight in fissural resonance.

The duodenum functions as a light resource for
filtering residue of a nature aquatic. This brings around
processes of filtering noise. Duodenum surplus
brings distention and noise fissures. The residue
is such that it returns to normal in hours. Better to slow
digestion a bit. Squandering frequencies leads to better life.

More water needed? Can be helpful. A higher
substance - glycol - would be better functionally to this.
(aqueous solution of glycol?-ed.)
How much? A frequency restrains it.
Better 2-3 times normal amount brought back.
Androgenic remains are filtered through."
Quoted From Spirit.

Note: Asha is neither a medical doctor nor
a pharmacist and does not make
medical diagnosis nor prescribe medications.
What you read here is an applied-psi
perspective to the topic.
Information is given for researchers and
general knowledge purposes and not for
use as a prescription.
Applied PSI allows communication
in the meantime and the
way to structural healing.


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