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And The Duodenum

By Asha Arial Aleia

There is a direct connection between digesting food and clairaudience. One
who is experienced and well trained as a receiver can still "hear"
but there is a distancing of the sound and a more disjointed or confused approach
to understanding what is being transmitted if one tries to hear
clairaudiently just after eating. Clairaudient listening is not
unlike having a cell phone conversation that is faint and hard to hear, with signals
occasionally breaking up. By allowing the body to finish digestion,
if there are no further disruptions, clairaudient reception becomes easier.
It is best, therefore, to conduct hearing sessions at a time
when the receivers are not digesting food.

Part of the explanation is focus. The physical body and brain
are in a form of attention to assimilating the chemicals that have entered
the body and this will affect the electro-chemical processes in all areas of the
brain. "As above so below" becomes, in this case, "as below so above." The duodenum
is one of numerous important body parts affecting the brain.
The very presence of electrical and chemical alterations change the nature of the body
structures one needs to use for hearing and thinking - all those neurons
and bridges.

A second part of the explanation is sound. Digestion
creates internal brain sound that can act as a sort of "cloud of noise", much
like the noise of "snow" on old televisions when the antenna
or cable is disconnected.

Finally there is a vibrational distance - while the transmission's source may be
physically near to the receiver, the transmitted sound is higher
and fainter than the local ambient sounds (external noises, like
traffic, birds, drawers closing, etc.) By decreasing the
amount of distraction - natural noise filters, internal brain
"noise clouds" caused by digestion, bodily processes used to recycle and reprocess
food into usable chemicals and those again into electromagnetic "you,"
the brain is a quieter environment, more receptive to transmissions.

By aligning the head and neck to correct field positions and quieting the
"babbler," our own inner speaker who seems to never be silent,
placing one's self away from intolerable outer distractions (noise, conversations,
commotion) and simply listening - don't strain! - one begins to hear...clairaudiently.

You are in the fourth and fifth dimensions simultaneously
in the process many times, as well. A dimensional traveler is best to eat at
other times!

Can you be out of range?
The answer to this is, yes. And that is a
topic for discussion as well.

For now, think about eating and hearing
and the role of the duodenum.
Read more about the duodenum
from an applied psi perspective.

What you read here is an applied-psi
perspective to the topic.

Applied PSI allows communication
in the meantime and the
way to structural healing.

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